Thick & Creamy Latte Almond Butter Smoothie.


latte smoothie (in a unicorn mug) |

Yesterday was a doozy of a day, which is why this post is going up so late.  I started getting a migraine while I was meeting with a client.  Complete with slurred words, not being able to form sentences, double vision, and then partial vision loss.  AND then the head pain came with so much nausea.  The migraine lasted about 4 hours and I was slowly able to feel a bit more like myself around 3pm.  I spent 2 of the most painful hours sitting outside in our backyard leaning against a pole trying to watch butterflies/listen to the birds and relax myself.  I know the best thing for me when a migraine is starting is to try to fall asleep ASAP.  But I couldn’t get comfortable ANYWHERE and the sunshine outside was the next best option to sleep.  

I have taken migraine medication in the past to help, but the meds my neurologist and I have tried really don’t make me feel great.  If I take the meds I feel like crap.  If I don’t take the meds I feel like crap.  But I really hate how my current migraine medication tastes, so I try to avoid it at all costs and just ride out the pain.  Just lovely.

latte smoothie (in a unicorn mug) |

I do know two triggers I have for migraines are: periods and stress.  And both of those were currently going on.  Stress is going on because I was on a podcast Tuesday night to share my eating story.  Vulnerability is hard for me.  I’m still learning how much is helpful to share and the podcast did not go how I wanted it to.  And I know I’m being too hard on myself.  AND I’m all about being gentle with myself…BUT SOMETIMES IT’S HARD TO BE.  Andrew is great at helping me with everything tho.

I am proud of myself for doing my first podcast.  I have another one scheduled for June and I know that one will be easier since I have some experience behind me now.

Phew.  Such a heavy topic for a post with a unicorn mug.  Anyways.  That’s me.  Moving on.

This smoothie has been in my smoothie rotation for a while now and it was time to share.

latte smoothie (in a unicorn mug) |

If you don’t have a unicorn bowl, fear not.  

You can totally just use a clear glass and make your smoothie still look very dreamy.  The bottom of that smoothie glass is lined with graham crackers mashed together with almond butter.  You can put it on the bottom of your smoothie, the top of your smoothie, or just straight in your mouth.

OR you can put the yummy graham-nut butter crumble on the bottom AND the top.

latte smoothie (in a unicorn mug) |

But if you do have a unicorn bowl, your smoothie can look like a bowl of fun.  And I like fun smoothies.  Like how magical and fairytale-like would a acai bowl be in a unicorn bowl?

I really think all acai bowls should come with a unicorn bowl option.  Especially if they like sold an acai bowl at Disneyland.

latte smoothie (in a unicorn mug) |

BUT the smoothie.  Let’s talk about that.  I call it a latte smoothie because it has milk, coffee and creamer.  All the latte things in smoothie form.  But it’s great because it’s a latte you add toppings to.  Delish.

We already discussed the graham-nut butter crumble goodness topping, but some chocolate chunks and raspberries could also be delightful additions.

latte smoothie (in a unicorn mug) |

Now.  Before I go back to feeling very woe-is-me (just one of those days), I’m going to end this post.  I just ate the world’s earliest lunch (10 am).  Then I had the ears off a chocolate bunny left over from Easter.  And now I’m off to a yoga session, before a call with some of my fave RD bloggers (these ladies right here) and then I have some clients this afternoon.  I feel kinda like a mess today.

I’m ready for the weekend.  We are tiling the kitchen floor this weekend and for some reason that really sounds relaxing.  There’s something therapeutic about manual labor.

Unicorn dreams and hugs and rainbows to YOU.

latte smoothie (in a unicorn mug) |

Thick & Creamy Latte Almond Butter Smoothie.

Yield: serves 1 (easily doubled, tripled, etc.)

Total Time: 10 minutes


latte almond butter smoothie
1 1/2 large-ish frozen banana
1-2 tablespoon almond butter (mine was sweetened)
2 ice cubes
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup coffee
couple splashes vanilla coffee creamer

crushed graham crackers mixed with some almond butter
coconut flakes


In a blender, blend together all the smoothie ingredients until smooth and creamy.  Add a bit more milk if necessary to get things blending.  Top with toppings.  Done.

latte smoothie (in a unicorn mug) |



  1. The almond butter graham cracker crumbles?! Straight into my mouth with those. 

    So sorry to hear about the migraine.  Hopefully you made yourself another smoothie to ease you through the pain!  

  2. This looks sooo good! 

    You had mentioned that vulnerability is a weak spot for you, it is for me as well. Have you read Rising Strong or I Thought It Was Just Me by Brene Brown? If not, I’d recommend them both a thousand times! The books talk about leaning into your vulnerability and addressing shame head on. Anywho, thank you for another awesome post!

  3. Wow, this smoothie looks yummy, satisfying and fancy! AND THAT BOWL. It’s the cutest. It looks unique, like something you’d find at a store only in your own town…but on the off chance it’s not, where oh where did you get it?! <3

    Sharing personal & vulnerable stories is scary! It's tough to know how much to share – I know for me it can leave me feeling worse if I share too much in a vulnerable situation. No matter how it went, good job doing your first podcast! I bet you'll rock the June one! ^_^

  4. I hope you feel better! What podcast were you on, I’d love to hear it!

  5. This coffee smoothie is just what I need right about now! Dying over your unicorn bowl. Sorry for your migraine yuckiness – booooooo! Keep doing your thing and being you – you inspire me and so many others!

  6. Amazing! And that unicorn bowl!!! Where did you get it?

  7. Where can we listen to your podcast appearance?!?

  8. This looks so so delicious!!! AND… I absolutely love that unicorn mug :)

  9. Oh my gosh this sounds heavenly! This will be in my belly tomorrow :) 

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