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I did something different! 

HelloFresh fun! | #sponsored

Last week we tried HelloFresh for dinners and it was like a mind massage for me.  Does that make sense? What I’m trying to say is it was a break for my brain from meal planning, which was so nice.  With the kitchen remodel going on (we still have an oven to cook with), having food delivered in pretty, organized boxes made my life 8278 times easier.  Even without the kitchen remodel, having someone else take over the meal planning for a week was a much welcomed break.

Also, because I like to support my own, I like HelloFresh because they have a registered dietitian on staff who gives their meals a thumbs up before they ship them out.

So here’s how it worked.  The box above got delivered to our doorstep last Monday.  I opened the box to find 3 recipes for the week.  Paprika-Rubbed Chicken, Shrimp and Chorizo Paella, and Pan-Seared Steak.

HelloFresh fun! | #sponsored

It’s really easy for me to get stuck making the same dinner/lunch meals over and over again.  For instance, like how I’ve been making these spring rolls for lunches for the last 3 weeks.  I’m such a broken record.  BUT with HelloFresh I was able to step out of my dinner cooking rut and try some recipes that were different for us.

Now.  The small-ish part of my brain that enjoys organization loved HelloFresh.  I’m quite a messy person (my car, my closet, my pantry…all a mess), but I’m all inspired to be more organized now because the neatness of the boxes was on point.

The organization made me feel calm.  I wonder what would happen if I organized my car/closet/pantry.  Perhaps I’d feel calm all the time! We’ll never know.  For now I’m just going to soak up the organized vibes of these boxes. 

changing it up with HelloFresh | #sponsored

So the produce/grains for the three different recipes come packaged in those above boxes, while the proteins are kept separate.

Switching up meals with HelloFresh! | #sponsored

When you get home from work and feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to make for dinner you’ll open your fridge and go, “OH! HelloFresh.  Dinner is going to be so easy.”  Or that’s what I said.

Each meal comes together in about 30 minutes and comes with a recipe guide with pictures.  If you are reading a food blog, then I’m sure you like pictures and are a visual person…so bonus point to HelloFresh for including process shots of the food prep.  

I’m all about pictures.

changing it up with HelloFresh | #sponsored

Follow the steps and before you know it VOILA!

Dinner is ready to go.

Switching up meals with HelloFresh! | #sponsored

Mine and Andrew’s favorite recipe was the pan-seared steak that was served with roasted potatoes + garlic green beans + herby butter to pair with the steak.  I feel like I’m not too talented at cooking steak, so I typically avoid it.  

It’s nice to be encouraged to branch out and not be so boring with dinner recipes.

 changing it up with HelloFresh | #sponsored

So to recap.  I think HelloFresh is perfect for:

when you are lacking inspiration in the kitchen and want to feel inspired.

many weeknights, but especially if you get back from vacation – are totally over eating out – and want something easy and low stress for dinners that week.  

when you wanna practice some self care and give your brain a break from meal planning.

people who like yummy food.

if you like cooking. (gives you new ideas.)

if you don’t like cooking. (it’s so quick.)

changing it up with HelloFresh | #sponsoredHelloFresh fun! | #sponsored

So let’s move on to the exciting news…if you want to try HelloFresh, click that link for $35 off your meals.


  1. I love it, it really makes putting meals together a no brainer! and it looks delicious too! 

    • I just liked that it had me cooking different foods. It’s easy to buy the same-ish things at the grocery store each week. Good to switch it up!

  2. I have always wanted to try a meal delivery program. I will have to check and see if they have vegetarian options! :)

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