Coconut Banana Pudding with Graham-Nut Butter Crumble

If I were you, I’d eat this for breakfast.

coconut banana pudding with graham-nut butter crumble |

That is what we did.  And oh goodness it was mega super delicious, because this is the most epic yogurt parfait EVER.  

Yogurt parfaits can be such snooze-fests.  Like those ones you see with the runny berries and mushy granola and boring yogurt.  That is not what I want in a parfait.  But this IS what I want in a yogurt parfait.  Actually I think there could be an even epic-er parfait with more color.  I’ll get on that.

Side note: Andrew is using my phone for something and he just said, “why is your phone almost dead?” Does he not know me at all? My phone likes to live on the verge of death at all time.  End side note.

coconut banana pudding with graham-nut butter crumble |

So this recipe is pretty much like a banana pudding that has been coconut-ified and is filled with probiotics.  I don’t think being “filled with probiotics” is a major selling point of a banana pudding, but here we are.  Life takes you on many unexpected turns.  And probiotics are a pretty legit thing to incorporate into your life…so bring on this coconut yogurt banana pudding.

coconut banana pudding with graham-nut butter crumble |

Are you a Noosa fan? I am.  They didn’t pay for this post or anything, I just like their coconut yoghurt SO much and think you should try it.  If you don’t like coconut, that is fine.  Just pick another yogurt flavor.

Hmm.  What should you know about this recipe? You should know that you need pretty much nothing to make it.  We are in a stage of the kitchen remodel where we have no sink and no oven and no patience.  I’m over the house feeling unsettled.  It makes me feel ungrounded and like my head is filled with a mess because the house is such a mess.  I’m so not a tidy person, but this type of messiness is too much.  Ahhhh.  But you don’t need to know that.  You need to know about this recipe.

coconut banana pudding with graham-nut butter crumble |

I’m still very much in love with the graham-nut butter crumble that is adorning the top of this.  I put that crumble on the latte almond butter smoothie last week and I think it’s gonna be the new trendy topping.

It should be put on many things.  But before you get overwhelmed with thinking about all the things you want to put it on, just put it in this parfait.

coconut banana pudding with graham-nut butter crumble |

Coconut Banana Pudding with Graham-Nut Butter Crumble

Yield: serves 2

Total Time: 10 minutes


8 oz Noosa coconut yoghurt
2 ripe bananas

graham-nut butter crumble
7 graham crackers
2-3 tablespoons almond butter (i used Justin's Maple)


Mash one of your bananas.  In a bowl, mix together coconut yogurt and mashed banana.  Set aside.  

In a separate bowl, use your fingers to crush/crumble the graham crackers into a sand-like consistency.  Add in almond butter 1 tablespoon at a time and work it in with your fingers until crumble starts to stick together.  Layer crumble, yogurt and bananas.  EAT!

coconut banana pudding with graham-nut butter crumble |


  1. I love Noosa but have never tried the coconut flavor!  And you have been killing it with these graham cracker crumbles lately… I gotta give it a try!

  2. Oh mah goodness this is genius. That graham crumble is everything!! Gorgeous! 

  3. I tried noosa last week for the first time because it was on sale at my grocery store. Holy moly!! BEST yogurt I’ve ever tasted. I could legitimately eat it for dessert….

  4. Is there any way we to substitute something else for the bananas? love the idea just not a banana person?

  5. I haven’t had noosa yogurt before BUT on a side note we did go to Noosa for a holiday last week- so that count’s for something right ;)

  6. Omg this is genius. I loooove the coconut noosa too. Can’t wait to make this!

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