May 04

immaEATthat and That and THAT

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Cuddling puppies will always be more fulfilling than receiving your value from a number on a scale.  If you still own a scale, I highly encourage you to smash it into smithereens and focus on healthful behaviors instead.  Healthful behaviors like finding joyful movement, having curiosity about any emotional eating you’re engaging in, eating consistently throughout the day, getting adequate sleep, and eating some fruits and veggies most days (unless you’re obsessed with having to eat fruits and veggies…then it may be best to take a break from eating fruits and vegetables).  

Let’s move on to things around the internet that I’m loving.  Gosh I love the internet.

i’m awful at dressing myself.  This makes it easy.

psst.  the background image of the lead photo is this rug.  I LOVE that rug.

white pizza with eggs.

for the professional snacker.

i wanna go eat soft serve.

it’s like an omelet sandwich.  LOOK.

this has me thinking about what else we could top tater tots with.

i NEED a kitchen again so i can make these.

someone made a very extensive brunch list.

this deserves an award.

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  1. 100% agree! Cuddling puppies is the best! Love the messages you bring every morning ?

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