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There’s a new breakfast/brunch place in Houston called Morningstar that I was pumped to try out yesterday morning.

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I met my friend Morgan there.

The best way to describe Morgan is that she is a ray of sunshine.   When I spend time with her I always end up feeling happier and like my stresses are lightened.  She’s moving two hours away from me in about a month (NOOOOO), so I’m trying to soak up all the time I can get with her.

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We got to Morningstar around 9am.  I’d done soaked oats for an early breakfast and was looking forward to some donut + latte action for a snack.

I’ve been complaining for at least a year that Houston doesn’t have a donut + latte place…and donuts + coffee is what Morningstar is ALL ABOUT.  And it’s supa cute inside.

morningstar + podcast club |

For my donut I went with the “cop donut,” which was a cake donut coated in cinnamon + palm sugar.  I honestly did not love this donut.  It was too bready and not sweet enough in my opinion.  I read some reviews that said you were supposed to dip it in coffee…I totally missed this memo tho lol.  I will definitely be back to try a different donut because I loved the atmosphere, the staff and my latte.  AND they have breakfast biscuit sandwiches that look insane.

For my latte I got an iced demerara latte that was delish.

The guy in the photo below…his name was Ian and he was the nicest.

morningstar + podcast club |

I don’t start seeing clients on Thursdays until 3pm, so my mornings are filled with whatever I feel like doing.  

A lot of time I get blog work done or read for work.  A new occurrence is that Morgan and I started a “podcast club.”  I mentioned this on IG last week, but a podcast club is the same thing as a book club except we listen to a podcast and discuss it, instead of reading a book.  

The podcast we choose to discuss yesterday was from Jess Lively with the author of Eat, Pray, Love.

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Things I connected with in the podcast:

  • Joy in your life starts when you say to yourself “I don’t want you to suffer anymore.”  You are entitled to have empathy for yourself and to love yourself.  Not in a Kanye way, but in the you-have-a-right-to-be-gentle-with-yourself way.
  • Always be child-like.  Not child-ish.
  • Stop falling into shame spirals. You handled that situation you feel guilty about as well as you could.  When you mess up write “student” on your hand to remind yourself that you are a student in life and will always be learning.  Just keep showing up and trying.
  • The perfect way to destroy and resent your creativity is to quit your day job.  Don’t put demands and anxiety on your creativity by expecting it to provide you with an income.

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And that was a little piece of my morning!

Today we’re finally getting kitchen countertops installed, I’m attending a cooking demo and I’m hoping to get some blog work done.  But kitchen countertop excitement has me like…

morningstar + podcast club |  

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh my gosh donuts dipped in a latte sound pretty wonderful right now. I love your takeaways from Joy”s podcast. They definitely resonate with me so I’ll need to go check it out!

  2. Oh man, I ADORE those lessons from Elizabeth Gilbert. I definitely need to listen to this full podcast.


  4. I’ve never commented before, Kylie, but I love your blog and especially your refreshing perspective on all things food and body image!  You are definitely one of my heroes. ?

    I had to comment and say I lovelovelove the idea of a podcast club!!  I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with podcasts and I’m sure my family is sick of hearing me talk about them, lol!  Is it a real thing other places, or you and your friend just decided to start one?  If it is, I have to see if anyone is doing it in my area!  That sounds so cool!

    • Hi Hannah! Thanks for the sweet comment<3<3<3 As far as the podcast club, I think podcasts are such a cool place to learn...I've never liked reading much! I'm in a book club with some other dietitians and I was like "why aren't there podcast clubs?!!" Not sure if podcast clubs are a thing elsewhere, but my friend and I are enjoying the idea so far:)

  5. A place for donuts and lattes sound awesome! And that podcast club sounds amazing! I have been loving listening to them and would love an opportunity to discuss them with others!

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  8. A PODCAST CLUB?!!! BRI-LLI-ANT!! I sort of do that with my mother-in-law. Since my hubby is into everything, but podcasts…I mean, poor thing! about 80-85% of things I tell him or things I want to talk about are the podcasts I listen to!!! Anyways, I love listening to podcasts… and donuts are growing into me…Not 100% sold yet! May be I should try more to see if I really like them=)

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