This weekend

The weekend started with a dinner date night to Grub on Friday.

I got a bun-less burger + sweet potato fries. (I put this on IG, but I feel compelled to share…I went bun-less not because buns are ‘bad’, but because I didn’t feel like eating a bun.  Your body knows what it wants if you listen and my body was saying, “i’m not really feeling a bun.”)  

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Saturday morning I woke up and made a light breakfast of a toaster waffle + two nut butters.  Chocolate + peanut butter is always fun.

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Then I headed to an Orange Theory class.  I had a busy week with clients and not a lot of movement happened, so I was well rested for this class.  If you’re familiar with Orange Theory, I use the stationary bike instead of the treadmill due to some back issues…love that they have modifications. 

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Then I headed home and prepped some breakfast tacos for Andrew and me.

The best way to warm up a tortilla (and almost set your house on fire)…

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Andrew made the coffee while I made the tacos.

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Bacon + eggs + cheese + cilantro.  We had bought this black pepper bacon at the grocery store last week that Andrew and I both hated! Too peppery! I’m glad it’s gone now.

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After breakfast we went to pick up our kitchen backsplash tile.  The below tile is not our backsplash tile (THIS IS.), but how fun would that hexagon tile be in a half bathroom?  I think way fun.

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Then we drove around to a zillion light fixture places trying to find a light for above our kitchen table.  I couldn’t believe how expensive lights could be! Like $900 for a light fixture ahhhh crazy.  

We stopped at World Market, didn’t find a light fixture but did find wine for a party gift and some AWESOME gold flatware.  If you’re a gold flatware lover, you MUST get to World Market.

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Also found the below marble topped table that I’m in love with.  We didn’t buy it, but may be back for it.  I usually don’t care much about decorating or the style in my house, Andrew is more stylish than I am and has a better eye for how things will look.

But there is a little nook off the kitchen that will be showing up in a lot of future blog photos since it is just to the left of our main prep area in the kitchen.  And I do care what that space looks like.  I wanna go “elegant boho” with it.

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I’ve been looking on UO to get inspiration for the space.  The below collage is what I’m going for (does anyone even use the word ‘collage’ anymore.  It feels dated to say lol.).  

Anyways, Andrew has already vetoed the hanging table.  And since I have no idea how to hang it, I guess it won’t be happening.  So neat tho!

boho inspiration | immaEATthat.comI hope the nook off the kitchen will come together by the end of summer…no rush.  That’ll give me time to find stuff that isn’t crazy expensive.

After World Market we popped into Best Buy to fridge shop.  We found a Kitchen Aid one that we like and was in our price range.

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After searching 4 stores for light fixtures, but just ended up ordering this one online from West Elm and got 15% off.  The plan is to paint it gold.

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Oh.  And in the midst of shopping we found this fun wall…

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 By this time is was lunchtime and we stopped at Chick-fila.

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Then we got home and I changed and we were off again.

We had two parties to go to that afternoon.

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Party gifts!

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One was a 90’s themed birthday party with kickball!  

I hadn’t played kickball in ages.  So fun.

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The other party was a house warming party for one of my grad school friends.

Games were played.  

This game was just like Jenga, but made creepy with a cat.

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And then…

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Cards Against Humanity is always a fun one to play with people you don’t know too well lol.  But it was okay because…

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And then they had the most epic party favors…little succulents you got to plant in a cute pot.  

I loved this idea!

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After the parties, Andrew and I swung by El Tiempo, a local Mexican place, for dinner.

weekend in the life | weekend in the life | weekend in the life |

We split fajitas + chips + guacamole + salsa.  

I read somewhere that no one has ever said when leaving a Mexican food restaurant, “I wish I would have eaten more tortilla chips.” LOL.  I can definitely say I had a generous amount of tortilla chips:)

Then we watched TV while I made dessert/tested a recipe for the blog this week.  

Our favorite show on TV right now is Million Dollar Listing New York.  I love all the relator’s personalities + the drama and Andrew likes real estate…so it just works for us.

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Recipe testing…it’s gonna be a sweet something! Coming your way Friday!

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And here’s your reminder that everyone should have a dog.  I don’t think Andrew usually read this far down into my posts, so I should be safe to say this to you…

So I really want another dog.  Maggie needs a best friend and she’d be the best big sister.  Andrew for the last two years has been anti-getting another dog for a zillion reasons that are completely rational and logical, but are also lame because they mean we stay a one dog family.  So lately I’ve been coming up with all these reasons we shouldn’t get a second dog and he is totally taking the other side.  Like I’ll say, “we can’t get another dog because remember how Maggie ate the corners off all our furniture when she was a puppy? I don’t want that to happen again.”  And then he’ll go, “we would be better about putting the new puppy in the kennel while we’re out and that wouldn’t happen again.”  My plan is working.  We should have a second dog my the end of the year.  Wife wins.

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Sunday started with me sleeping in until 9am.  Glorious.

Soaked oats + 2 types of nut butter was breakfast.  Not sure why that photo quality totally sucks ha!

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Then an iced latte a little later.

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Andrew and I spent all Sunday putting in our backsplash.

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Morning snack…

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This is my favorite picture so far from the remodel!  It’s only 33% staged because Maggie and Andrew didn’t know I was taking it.   weekend in the life |

Soon after this picture was taken, random tiles started falling off the wall and we had a minor blow up out of frustration…so I left to go get us lunch. By the time I got back and we ate, we were both feeling a bit more rational.

Turkey Club on a croissant for me.  At some point throughout the afternoon another latte + a handful of chocolate chips were eaten.

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We were feeling a bit more rational and calm until Andrew let me put in a section of backsplash by myself and I put it in crooked.  And then we ended up having to take 20 pieces of tile off the wall and start again.  It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it was so frustrating after working all day.  

I’m so not made to lay tile! I’m not a perfectionist.  I like to procrastinate and exert the least amount of energy necessary to get projects done! Unless it’s something I’m really interested in, like blogging.  Then I care a bit more.

I would like to say the backsplash is done…but it’s not.  It should be finished by Tuesday tho.

We worked on the backsplash until 8pm, so dinner was delivery pizza.  Gosh.  It’s so nice having people bring food to your house when you are exhausted.

 weekend in the life | immaEATthat.comweekend in the life | immaEATthat.comweekend in the life | 

And that was our weekend! I’m excited to share the completed kitchen with you guys soon, probably in two more weeks.

Would love to hear about the high of your weekend/what you’re most excited about for this week!



  1. Frame the picture of you and Maggie and give to to Andrew- he can’t say no to another dog if he looks at that pic every day-it’s seriously the cutest! Can’t wait to see the finished kitchen, I’m so impressed with you guys doing so much hardwork on your own, it’ll be so great to be done soon!

    • oh. That’s a good idea! Andrew keeps saying “we can’t let the kitchen remodel break us”- 85% as a joke and 15% as FOR REAL. Cannot wait to be done!

  2. Everyone should have a dog!  My landlord doesn’t agree.  I should probably move.

  3. We have that hexagon tile on our master bathroom floor – it’s awesome!  Our contractor did say that it “sucked up grout” which means he had to grout it like 3 times I guess.  But I love the way it looks!

  4. How do you make soaked oats? Are they like overnight oats? 

    • For the soaked oats I just soak oats in milk overnight. I don’t like the yogurt taste in my overnight oats…I like them tasting like oats! Then add nut butter in the morning! I usually do 2/3ish cup if I’m gonna add fruit and closer to a cup-ish if no fruit:)

  5. Your weekend sounded so productive with your kitchen remodel! It looks like it’s coming around so well! A high for the weekend for me was playing disc golf for the first time! And what I’m most excited about is a beach trip this weekend!

  6. Isaac and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary, so we headed to the city for a fancy dinner and night at a cool hotel downtown. Our dinner ended up being more expensive than we thought and we have leftovers, so we took them and ate them for breakfast on our hotel bed with coffee stirers as chopsticks the next morning. We totally didn’t belong there, but it was really fun and such a funny memory!…super excited about your kitchen remodel being so close to being done!!!

  7. Isn’t delivery pizza the best thing since sliced bread? So excited to see your reno! I watch first time flippers on HGTV all the time.

  8. I have to know how you make your iced lattes and oats! They look so delicious ??

    • For the soaked oats I just soak oats in milk overnight. Then add nut butter in the morning! I usually do 2/3ish cup if I’m gonna add fruit and closer to a cup-ish if no fruit:)

      For the latte it’s just cooled coffee + ice + milk + a pour of creamer!

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