Lakehouse weekend

I have to start by saying…thank you to all those who have served our country, those who are currently serving our country, and those who have loved ones in military service.  Thank you for allowing us have to have wonderful weekends like these!

We spent most of Memorial Day weekend at my parent’s lakehouse.  But the weekend got started a little late because on Friday Houston had insane rain (again) and roads were flooded (again).

The weekend started Friday afternoon with a trip to see my friend Jenna and get a tour of their beautiful new home.  Her husband makes really delicious cold brew, so I had some for an afternoon snack.

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I came home and we were planning to head to the lake asap, but the rain was so crazy.  So we headed out for dinner to let the rain die down a bit.

I got a bacon avocado grilled chicken sandwich + sweet potato fries.  I asked for no mayo…but it came with mayo and I actually didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would.  Maybe my tastebuds are changing! 

lakehouse weekend |

After dinner we decided to stay home and just go to the lake Saturday.  My mom and sister had headed up to the lake and what was supposed to be a 1 1/2 hour drive took them 5 1/2 hours! They kept hitting flooded roads.

Saturday morning we got up and I made us a pancake breakfast with Kodiak Cakes mix.  Topped with sautéed brown sugar apples + nut butters. 

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Then we headed out of Houston and made it to the lake by lunchtime for BBQ sandwiches + salad + cherries.

lakehouse weekend |

There was a lot of lounging around in the best chair/hammock thing.

lakehouse weekend |

And then Maggie decided she likes to swim.  She can’t make up her mind about water.

Every snack time and dessert time were these insane M&M cookies that our family friends brought.

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On to dinner! My dad built this crazy grill contraption, which is so fun.  It’s such a statement grill (like a statement necklace…but better).

Salmon was on the menu…

lakehouse weekend | immaEATthat.comlakehouse weekend |

Served with potatoes + corn + wine.

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During dinner we played this game where you thought of your favorite movie and then you had to pretend like you were the character from the movie and people had to guess what movie it was.  It was fun.  My favorite movie is Father of the Bride.  It’s a great one.

The next day started with breakfast tacos!

lakehouse weekend |

Then the girls sat around and took this personality test while to boys went off to golf.

Then we had a cookie snack before heading out for a walk.

lakehouse weekend |

Once back I was hungry for lunch.

BBQ sandwich  + a peach + tomatoes + tea.

lakehouse weekend |

THEN…we made gnocchi.  My sister, Layne, was in charge of cooking dinner that night and the plan was for homemade pasta.  She used this recipe and we all helped make the gnocchi.

lakehouse weekend | lakehouse weekend | lakehouse weekend |

I had a coffee + biscotti break at some point.

lakehouse weekend | lakehouse weekend |

After the gnocchi were made, we headed back out into the sunshine for some swimming.

lakehouse weekend | immaEATthat.comlakehouse weekend | lakehouse weekend | lakehouse weekend |

The boys made it back from golfing and hit the hot tub.

lakehouse weekend |

More sunshine!

lakehouse weekend |

And then…Maggie and another sweet pup got in a fight and I tried to break it up.  My dad ran over and got the water hose and sprayed the pups and that is what actually broke them up. The dogs are fine, but I’ve got a pretty nice 1/2 inch puncture under my middle finger.  My mom is a veterinarian and it has been drilled into my head growing up to never try to break up a dog fight, but when it’s your dog you feel a bit different about the situation.  

I’ve got antibiotics called in and I’m sure it’ll be healed up soon.  But this probably means yoga is not going to be an option for a bit.

Do you follow me on snapchat?  It’s a bit of a hot mess. username = immaEATthat

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After all the commotion, it was dinnertime.  Marco made a delicious sausage pasta sauce and we had two courses of homemade pasta.

lakehouse weekend |

course #1

lakehouse weekend |

course #2.  The gnocchi was insane.  It seriously melted in your mouth. I definitely went back for seconds.

lakehouse weekend |

Then Andrew and I headed back to Houston.  We got home around 10pm and I had some cookie core before bed.

lakehouse weekend |

So far today I’ve slept in and eaten oatmeal.  

lakehouse weekend |

The most exciting news is that our sink is hooked up! It feels so good to have a kitchen sink again after 2 months of being sink-less.

lakehouse weekend |

I’m not sure what’s on the schedule for today.  I’ll be taking it easy though.  Andrew and I are heading to get paint and grab some lunch soon.   I know I want to go grocery shopping at some point + pick up my antibiotics.  And I’m craving a walk + some audiobook listening.  So we’ll see.

Happy Memorial Day to you!


  1. I love your weekend recaps so much! So sorry to hear about your wound— what a sign of valiance. 
    Ughhh I haven’t eaten gnocchi in forever but your fam’s gnocchi is making me crave it. 
    Have a great week, Kylie!

  2. Ooh, Myers-Briggs is my favorite, I could talk about it all day long! I would guess you are an ESFP? Glad you had a fun weekend!

  3. We totally made Gnocchi on the weekend too!! 

  4. That one dinner you had – the grilled chicken bacon avocado sandwich + SP fries – had me drooling and amazed, because that sounds *exactly* like something I would order!  Basically that’s my heaven food.  I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with everything personality and hopefully will be taking an in-depth personality profiler training at the end of the year.  I literally will talk your ear off about it, so it made me smile that other people are into it as well. ?

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