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I wanted to share some things I’ve been eating lately that didn’t make it onto instagram!  I’m currently sitting at a Starbucks that I guess is near a high school because there are so many dramatic teenagers here and I’m very nearly about to lose my mind.  Gonna get out of here ASAP.  High school teachers…I will pray for you! And I so hope you are getting a break this summer!! I don’t know how you do it!

Here we go with some meal inspiration for you…

breakfast 1

My absolute favorite breakfast lately has been soaked oats.  I do about 2/3 cups rolled oats + enough milk to cover them and then soak overnight in the fridge.  Then I add fruit and nut butter in the morning.  Currently in my fridge I have a Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter open and a peanut butter open.  So both nut butters went on this.

dinners and snacks lately-16

Here’s to crummy picture quality, but another favorite has been a pile of fruit + a toaster waffle with nut butter + a homemade iced vanilla latte + an almost finished kitchen remodel…we are in the homestretch! 

dinners and snacks lately-2

Another day I was meeting my little sister, Quinn, for a brunch at Tout Suite.  So that morning I had a banana topped with nut butter right after I woke up to hold me until brunch time.  Brunch was a latte + 2 breakfast tacos.  My first breakfast taco ended up being smaller than I expected…so I had to go and order another one.

breakfast idea |

lunch ideas |

I don’t have too many pictures of my lunches.  Many lunches are eaten in meal therapy with eating disorder clients and it won’t be appropriate for me to be snapping pictures of my food!  

This week I prepped the mexican brunch salad for some lunches!

dinner ideas | Oh this was THE BEST.  I took an Amy’s frozen burrito, microwaved it until warmed throughout, and then I chopped it up and put it in a skillet.  Then I cracked in 5 eggs and scrambled it all together for dinner for Andrew and me.  Served with two salsas leftover from a Mexican restaurant + tortilla chips.

dinner ideas |

I work late Thursday nights, so a Chipotle run happened one night.  I’m such a Freebirds fan now tho! If there was a Freebirds nearby I probably would’ve gone there.  This bowl was still good tho.

dinner ideas |

Another night we had salad + salmon + buttered sourdough.

dinner ideas |

Another night was naan pizza with turkey, parmesan, tomatoes, pizza sauce + sautéed brussels sprouts.

dinner ideas |

salmon + roasted carrots (that got a little too roasted) + some naan pizza + half lemonade/half La Croix to drink.

dinner ideas |

snack & dessert ideas |

One night before bed I had a Fage.  My store only had 0% fat yogurt.  I probably would’ve gone for the 2% version if they would’ve had it…but I enjoy both so it doesn’t really matter to me.

dinners and snacks lately-15

Yesterday afternoon I grabbed an iced latte while I worked on this post before a book club meeting.

 dinners and snacks lately-17

omg.  This photo is so bad ahhhh.  But this was a recipe test for this recipe.  The cookies came out a bit darker…I think because I used brown sugar.  But I really have no idea because I didn’t go to culinary school and really have no idea what I’m doing in the kitchen.  Regardless they were so good!

dinners and snacks lately

Chocolate covered almonds are a constant snack option in our house.  So satisfying.  The varieties were: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and coconut + milk chocolate.

dinners and snacks lately-14

Another before bed snack was a Noosa yogurt + chocolate chips.

dinners and snacks lately-7

lara bar + apple slices.

dinners and snacks lately-5

my favorite KIND bar.

dinners and snacks lately-3

Hope that gives you some meal inspiration!  I’d love to hear about your favorite meals/snacks/desserts!



  1. I want to get back into the habit of soaking oats but I keep forgetting each night. 
    My current favorite breakfast: a smoothie made with 1 1/2 frozen bananas, 1 big spoonful of peanut butter, a dash of cinnamon and vanilla, and just enough almond milk to blend it.  Then I have a piece of toast (on homemade bread) with coconut oil. 

  2. Loooove this post! Thanks for sharing. It’s definitely challenging to come up with something original every night.
    Last night I made skillet bbq chicken breasts that turned it so good and I didn’t even dry them out like I usually do.

  3. Latte game is strong! I would love to hear more about meal therapy- sounds really interesting (does everyone bring their own lunch and you just eat together?) I love posts like this- my favorite breakfast lately is oats soaked overnight with milk, chia seeds, PB, and maple syrup- strangely I heat them up to eat them but its so creamy and delicious!

    • That breakfast sounds delish! I should try heating mine and see what I think!

      For meal therapy it just depends. In the beginning the client will bring their own lunch and I will bring my lunch. Then we will progress to me bringing in more challenging foods for us to eat together (burgers + fries, pasta, enchiladas, tamales, sandwiches, cookies, ice cream, etc.). Then we progress to eating at restaurants together (and I challenge them to not order a salad or any of their “safe” foods).

  4. This definitely gives me some great meal inspiration! I want to try cooking up some overnight oats. Great dinner idea with the amy’s burrito too! One of  my fav snack bars lately have been vega ones! So good. Also those latte’s look delicious! 

  5. I love seeing what fellow RD’s eat! It does give inspiration, and you have quite the spread of awesome food. Also, I love visiting your blog. It provides a wonderful view of nutrition that is fun, attainable, and reminds us (and me at times) to be less concerned with ev-er-y-thing and just to enjoy life. Thanks, Kylie!

    • I love seeing other people’s eats too:) Back in my eating disorder days it used to be so I could compare and despair…I’d see what other people ate and then judge myself for not eating ______ enough. Clean enough, healthy enough, vegetable-y enough. Now it’s so fun to be able to see what other people eat as a source of inspiration to spur creativity in the kitchen…rather than something to value my worth by. Yay for being less concerned with EVERYTHING. Life is hard enough. Everyone needs to give themselves a massive break. Thanks for the comment! Hugs to you, Kori!

  6. That Amy’s burrito idea is perfect! Definitely trying that! I have been loving Kodak cakes pancakes for breakfast!

  7. I always love seeing your instagram photos which give me meal inspiration so this post is perfect! I’ve been loving overnight oats too, so easy and delicious, and of course toped with ALL the nut butter :) Also I love this coconut and almond kind bars, they are so satisfying!

  8. Yum yum yum! I don’t understand how I still haven’t tried your naan pizza idea. 
    And I’ll join you in praying for high school teachers! Teenagers are the worst hahah

  9. Breakfasts are:
    Pancakes and over easy eggs + homemade latte
    Banana bread with almond butter + scrambled egg
    Strawberry rhubarb crumble with walnuts + scrambled egg

    Supper favorites:
    Homemade single serve Mac and cheese + kale chips
    Indian spiced tofu + oven fries dipped in Tahini + steamed carrots

  10. Those coconut and milk chocolate almonds look so good – can I ask what brand they are?

  11. I’ve been into hardboiled eggs + hot sauce for breakfast lately.  And watermelon!!!!

  12. I’ve currently been loving this salad I can grab down the block from the office – it has spinach/romaine/avocado/chicken/green apples/carrots/honey mustard. Give it a try!

  13. Breakfast: smoothie bowls all the time…yum!
    Lunch: usually veggies or a roasted potato grabbed on the go…
    Dinner: lately I’ve been loving spaghetti squash cooked with enchilada toppings like black beans, vegan cheese sauce and spices. Serve with avocado, chips and salsa! :D

  14. That burrito-egg situation looks SO good!!! I’m definitely adding that to my plan for next week! :)

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