The best breakfast tacos.

I’ve been living in a breakfast taco dreamworld lately.

da best breakfast tacos |

While I’m normally a sweet breakfast person, lately breakfast tacos have been all I’ve wanted.  I’ve had them 3 times for breakfast in the last 4 days.  So I figured I’d share my breakfast taco recipe here, but be warned…there isn’t anything special about this recipe, but then there is everything special about this recipe.  Does that make sense? I mean, the simplicity of them makes them special.

da best breakfast tacos |

To make the best breakfast tacos, you need 6 ingredients.  

bacon (Whole Foods Black Forest Bacon is what you should use)

We’ll start with the eggs.

da best breakfast tacos |

Eggs have got to be cooked low and slow.  My dad taught me the low and slow egg cooking method and it is the way to make super creamy eggs.  Whisk your eggs together in a bowl.  Put a bit of olive oil into your sauté pan and heat over medium.  Pour in eggs and use a wooden spatula to scrap the bottom of the pan CONSTANTLY.  The instant the eggs start cooking, reduce heat to low and continue to constantly stir the eggs until they are fully cooked.  This can take 10 minutes depending on how many eggs you’re cooking.  The slower the better.  The eggs will be SO creamy.  This method works best when you have 4+ eggs.  It’s a bit hard to do the low and slow method with just one or two eggs.

Now let’s go on to the tortilla.

da best breakfast tacos |

You must find the best most doughy tortillas in your city.  My local grocery store (HEB) has a corn + wheat flour blend tortilla.  It is insanely yummy and I don’t like buying any other tortilla because other tortillas are snooze-fests.  Like those thin, bland corn tortilla that come with fish tacos and taste like rubber…I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THOSE.  Sooo I recommend that you start buying a different tortilla brand every time you go to the grocery store until you end up with a delicious one.

THEN (if you have a gas burner), you put the tortilla right on to the flame to warm it up and crisp it up a bit.  Use tongs to flip the tortilla to the other side so you don’t burn your fingers off.  And be like me and don’t clean your stove prior to taking food photos.

So let’s recap.  So far we have tortilla, eggs and bacon.

da best breakfast tacos |

Now all you need is salsa, sharp cheddar cheese and some cilantro sprigs.  For the salsa, I don’t like chunky salsa on my breakfast taco, so I go for a more pureed option.

da best breakfast tacos |

Then BOOM.  You have the best, most simple, breakfast tacos to win friends and influence people with.

da best breakfast tacos |


  1. I am the worst at cooking eggs! I don’t want to cook them low and slow because I want them NOW! I need to try the slow method so they are pretty like yours!

  2. Lately I have been obsessed with Amy’s burritos for breakfast (actually ever since you posted about them last week). It’s getting expensive ;)

  3. YUM!! To this day, I still use your dad’s slow cooked eggs method when making scrambles! I feel like he and I are BFFs even though I’ve never met him, lol. :)

  4. What brand of tortillas do you use? I need recommendations because all I ever see at the store are dry, bland flour or corn tortillas!

  5. What is your favorite type of shredded cheese to use?

  6. Man, should’ve waited a little longer before checking this post. I am craving those tacos now! #cilantrolife Haha. Have a great day!

  7. Great breakfast, I add 1 tblsp of milk to the eggs and some cumin (dash of salt and ground pepper) and this really makes it kick. The milk keeps the eggs creamy even if you don’t cook slow.

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