Day 1 of our San Francisco Trip.

Holy crap you guys.  I get why everyone talks so highly of San Francisco.  IT IS SO DREAMY! 

I’m going to be recapping our trip adventures for the next 3 days with diary-style posts.  I don’t think diary-style post get the most traffic from search engines (aka people don’t google “day 1 of our san fran trip”, they google “top places to eat in san fran”)…but I don’t care because diary-style trip recaps are my favorite posts to read from other bloggers!  

Before I jump into the trip recap, I wanna disclose that for our first two nights lodging was complimentary.  Thanks to The Westin St. Francis for hosting us free of charge.  Anytime we received something for free I will let ya know.  I get so freaking annoyed when bloggers don’t disclose.  End rant.

San Francisco day one |

We left Houston around 7am Friday, which meant a 4:30am wake up call.  BUT that meant we made it to SF by 11am.  PERFECT timing for brunch.

We dropped our bags off at the hotel and walked to Mission Beach Cafe for some food + coffee.

This is what I look like after waking up at 4:30am, not doing my hair/make-up, sitting on a flight for 4 hours and walking to brunch.  BUT AT LEAST ANDREW’S HAIR LOOKS EPIC!

San Francisco day one | immaEATthat.comSan Francisco day one |

The meal started with a latte.  I loved this mug.  It was so basic (not in the basic bitch sense of the word, but in the classic sense of the word).

San Francisco day one |

I ordered an egg sandwich that came with a runny egg + bacon that tasted like it was coated in brown sugar (<3) + arugula + cheese.  Breakfast potatoes were on the side.

San Francisco day one |

I’m still a bit perplexed as to how to eat a fried egg sandwich, because when you bite into it.  This is what happens…

San Francisco day one |

Andrew went with the brioche french toast.  I assume he liked it because it was gone before I could get a bite.

San Francisco day one |

Post food happiness.  (i don’t know why he’s not smiling.  In Andrew’s defense, I’m doing some weird half-smile thing).

San Francisco day one |

After eating, I decided it was the perfect time to try and find the Seward Street Slides.  Here’s what the entrance looked like…

They would’ve been easy to miss.

San Francisco day one |

Found them! I had seen these on pinterest or something and I really wanted to try them.  There was a sign when we got there that said “no adults unless accompanied by children.”  So we asked the one other family there if it would be okay if we slide once and they said, “yes!”

So we followed 75% of the Seward Mini Park rules;)

San Francisco day one |

The slides! There are pieces of cardboard laying around the bottom of the slides that you sit on to slide down.

San Francisco day one | 

Here’s a video of me sliding down.  And geez I tried not to yell, but that’s like asking someone to not say “awwwwww” when they see a puppy.

After the slides, we walked around and popped in and out of some shops.

I kept seeing these dense oat puck things. I wanna recreate them at home for breakfast/snacks!

San Francisco day one | San Francisco day one |

Then I decided that I’d like this tile somewhere in my house…

San Francisco day one |

…and I would like THIS to be my house.  And I would like to paint the door a ridiculously bright color.

San Francisco day one |

Then we Uber’d back to The Westin (we were tired of walking).  By that time it was 4pm and our room was ready. 

San Francisco day one |

We checked out our room.

San Francisco day one |

And I pretty much died over the view.

San Francisco day one | immaEATthat.comSan Francisco day one | immaEATthat.comSan Francisco day one |

After resting for an hour, we headed down to the hotel bar for drinks.

Andrew had an Old Fashioned and I went with a fun fluffy cocktail…hello, egg white!

San Francisco day one |

After drinks, one of Andrew’s high school friends met us and we all headed to dinner at Pica Pica! I had seen this place on Yelp and it look like EVERYTHING I like (i.e. thick corn tortilla/arepa goodness).

San Francisco day one |

I went with the chicken + queso fresco arepa.  It was a dream.

San Francisco day one |

After dinner we headed for dessert at CREAM!

San Francisco day one |

My only complaint was that the cookie wasn’t doughy enough.  I liked the concept- ice cream + cookies -but the cookies so needed to be doughier.

OH.  And I feel the need to mention this…I don’t own blush.  I’ve always just had ridiculously rosy cheeks! My middle name is Rose, so the rosy cheeks are fitting.

San Francisco day one | San Francisco day one |

Then I headed back up to the room to call it a night and Andrew + his friend headed to a bar.  The hotel looked so pretty at night.

San Francisco day one |

That was our first day! More to come tomorrow.


  1. SF is sooo beautiful and we brunched at that cafe guys got lucky with the view, mine was terrible but i was never in my room, so didnt matter much. and beautiful houses, colorful doors – too adorable. cant wait to read more on day 2 :) 

  2. Kylie you are adorbs. That ice cream looks so delicious too!! And same with that latte. Those views are absolutely beautiful. I am so glad you had fun!

  3. Never heard of the steward street slides!! Gotta check those out ha!

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  5. Do you know, this is so funny!
    I’ve been following your blog for years now, and it’s such a coincidence your publishing these blog posts the DAY I’m leaving for San Francisco (from Norway)!
    Thanks for posting these, I’ll make sure to read them all!

    Eli :)

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