Jun 15

immaEATthat and That and THAT

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Here’s a past post to help you start unlearning everything society has taught you.

Things around the internet that look brilliant:

a simple dinner (i’d add a slice of sourdough).

i want an off-the-shoulder shirt, which is big for me because I rarely care about clothes.  However, lately the idea of a capsule closet has REALLY appealed to me.  I feel like every morning I think, “omg my closet is a mess and I don’t have anything to wear.”  A less cluttered closet could help this stress in my life.  (example of a capsule closet).

green falafel.

these mini pizzas.

i want to make a table like this, but round!

my favorite food.

if you’re craving donuts + coffee.

3 comments on “immaEATthat and That and THAT”

  1. Absolutely loved the post you wrote on are you doing it because you love or hate your body. I think its so important this is discussed more and more. So many people pursue “health” as a disguise to just manipulate their bodies. 
    I had a similar happy moment when I started to really love my body when I was doing yoga in my lounge and saw the rolls on my belly and I was like I am beautiful just as I am. Like you said “I have fat on my body and I am healthy.  Those two things can exist at the same time” – NAILED it! 
    P.s. you have set of a falafel wrap craving – I LOVE FALAFEL <3 

  2. I went and read the post about unlearning what society has taught you. You nailed it again, your posts are so amazing!!

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