The best coconut flour pancakes.

Hey, you guys.

 the best coconut flour pancakes |

I bring you coconut flour pancakes. I will now say that I think coconut flour is a fun ingredient. I do not think it is healthier or more satisfying than white flour, I just think it is a fun ingredient. If you have a fear of white flour or carbs in general, it may be worthwhile to make a list of your “bad” foods and think “am I in control of the way I am eating?” “Or is the way I am eating controlling me?”

There is nothing wrong with fluffy, all-purpose flour pancakes stuffed with chocolate chips.  If the idea of eating those makes you lose your shit, it may be time to reflect on your eating style and reflect on if it is ruining your life.  <End PSA that I feel compelled to say every time I use a grain-free flour.>

Moving on.

the best coconut flour pancakes |

I’m typing this post up from my bed.  I hear it’s bad to have your computer/phone in bed at night for sleep and a whole host of other reasons, but tonight when I got home from work, instead of going on a relaxing walk and then blogging, I went to eat pizza with friends.  It was 100% the right choice.  And now I’m laying here and Maggie has her head laying on my left arm and I would like to give my weekly reminder that EVERYONE needs a dog.  She is such a wonderful part of my day.

I am still working on getting more sleep.  That is one self-care practice I am not good at.

But that little tidbit really has nothing to do with this recipe.

the best coconut flour pancakes |

The recipe.  Holy cannolis this recipe is so easy.  I use a latte style mug to whip up this batter.  I mean, like, you don’t even have to dirty a bowl to make these pancakes.  You only have to dirty ONE mug and a skillet of some sort.  Your life just got easy!

So my main issue with coconut flour pancakes is they are hella dry.  With the addition of brown sugar and milk, these pancakes are not hella dry.  Which, ya know, is fabulous if you want to enjoy your pancakes.

I usually eat these with fruit and a latte.  Alone, these pancakes aren’t quite enough to fill me up.  You figure out what works best for your body.  ENJOY.

the best coconut flour pancakes |

The best coconut flour pancakes.

Yield: (makes 4, small 3" pancakes; serves 1, BUT perhaps your body needs more food in the morning, you are allowed to nourish your body with what feels best to it)

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 2 minutes

Total Time: 7 minutes


2 eggs
2 tablespoons coconut flour, packed
1 tablespoon brown sugar, packed
1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted
pinch baking powder
tiny pinch salt
tiny pinch cinnamon
2-3 tablespoons milk

epic toppings/sides
a latte


In a mug, melt coconut oil.  Vigorously whisk in coconut flour, brown sugar, baking powder, salt and cinnamon.  Add in 2 eggs and whisk until most of the lumps are gone.  Add milk in 1 tablespoon at a time until a pancake consistency is reached.  If you add too much milk, the pancakes will come out crepe thin, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! They are still delicious!

Pour batter onto a greased, hot skillet.  I cooked mine over medium heat.

the best coconut flour pancakes |


  1. I remember the first few times I experimented with coconut flour I was choking it down. So dry! I’ve found recipes that work much better, but I still get plenty of water when I eat it.
    These look great- love the use of coconut oil!

    • Some recipes out there are awful. And I feel like it’s tricky to get the right measurement of coconut flour. Like some coconut flour recipes I’ve tried from others end up overly watery or overly dry. I feel like I’m measuring the coconut flour wrong somehow. It’s a tricky ingredient!

  2. I love playing with coconut flour! It’s tricky, but it lends such great texture when you get it right. These look great, Kylie! I’m excited to try them :)

  3. i love using coconut flour in fiancees, makes them soon fluffy! these certainly do look fluffy and delicious!

  4. So many of the coconut flour recipes I’ve tried have been disappointing because it is so dry, or they have called for too much baking soda or whatnot. These sound super easy, and I would most certainly pair them with a latte and nut butter!

  5.  I have never cooked with coconut flour before. These look so fluffy and good! Would be perfect with nut butter too I bet :) 

  6. What do you recommend for syrup?

  7. I applaud your grain-free flour PSA! For real. And these pancakes look so fluffy and yummy. I’m bummed that coconut flour doesn’t sit well in my stomach – I’ll just admire them through the screen XD

  8. I LOVE experimenting with coconut flour because it’s so hard to figure out and it has a unique flavor/texture thing going on.  These look wonderful!! :) And your PSA was on point!

  9. I LOVE your comment in the yields section, I wish more people wrote this everywhere!!

  10. I love your comment in the yields section as well!  Also I was wondering do you think you could add mashed banana to the mix or do you think it would change the texture too much?  I love the idea of banana pancakes but don’t want a wet mess!

  11. I agree they can often be too dry, so I am so excited to try these! Also, that yield section. AMAZING.

  12. Love your PSA! I will be making Erin’s (of Well Plated) Blender Banana Muffins this evening, and one reader comment I saw was from a lady asking how many she should eat. It’s so sad how far removed people are that rather than listening to their hunger, they need another person to tell them. Anyway, these look scrumptious! As always, I LOVE your posts!

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  14. I just finished a plate of flax pancakes w/ almond butter that were quite tasty, but now want to rewind & make these instead! Tomorrow…

    Also, your “yield” is perfection – thank you for always being such a great reminder of that!

  15. Hi! I am Bella from Korea. I made these pancakes with my English tutor. We made this for baking and recipe review class. I love the coconut flour because the smell is so sweet! the pancake was kind of… thin, which I liked. It was a little bit hard to make but it was fun. I put vanilla, honey, and chocolate chips, too! It was really sweet and tasty and I liked the coconut smell. I think these are much more delicious than other pancakes. I would like to make these again. Thank you for the great recipe!

    • Hi Bella! The pancakes can turn out crepe-like in thinness. The flour ratio can be tricky! I’m glad you tried them and reported back on how the recipe went!

      In other news, your English is excellent. Far better than my Korean;)

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  19. I just made these. They were very good. Not disappointing in the slightest. I substituted the sugar with maple syrup though. And I used almond milk. They are definitely going to be a part of my breakfast rotation.

  20. These are delicious! But I used 1tbsp yogurt and 1 tbsp whey to substitute the milk. The batter seemed runny at first, but it turned out to create a awesome consistency that was not too dry!

  21. Hello! 

    Is there a good substitute for the milk and the oil? 


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