Some fun from the weekend…

Friday’s are my day to myself to get blog work done, so I have a lot of flexibility of what Friday looks like.  This Friday my friend Morgan came over at 6:30am.  She’s a morning person like me, which has really just worked for our friendship haha.

We started the day with a walk around my neighborhood.  And popped into starbucks along the way.  I got the vanilla sweet cream cold brew…and I hated it lol.  I don’t like the sweet cream taste.  I look happy in the picture below because I was with Morgan…not because my drink was delish.  When we got back to my house I poured some of the cold brew into a glass and added milk.  That helped balance out the flavor a bit!

weekend fun |

Then I prepped pancakes for us for breakfast.  Kodiak Cakes were on the menu!

weekend fun |

With toppings galore.  When I was pulling out the toppings I realized we were out of maple syrup.  Pancake fail, but there was a plethora of other toppings to choose from.

weekend fun |

I topped mine with nutella, peanut butter, bananas, blueberries and I think that’s it.  Morgan and I are really good at spending time together, but still getting work done.  I spent the morning catching up on emails, responding to blog comments and finishing charting on clients from earlier in the week.  Our typical time together goes – work for 20 minutes, get distracted for 10 minutes.  Repeat.  It’s great.  

weekend fun |

Around 10am I had a phone call with my fave intuitive/mindful eating RD bloggers (anne, rachael, alex, robyn).  There are so many dietitians out there who still have a strong diet mentality, so it’s nice to surround myself with RD’s that are spreading a message about food, health and body image that I believe in.

Shortly after our call I made lunch.  I sautéed together tofu, black beans, red bell peppers, red onions and arugula.  Then I added in some grated cheese until melted.  I ate this dip-style with tortilla chips.  Was a good one!

weekend fun |

After lunch I needed to get a recipe shoot done for next week, but I decided to instead paint our entertainment center.  Procrastination win.  

I’m tired of having so much brown wood in our house, so I painted this chest that is under our TV gray and white.  I’ll have to show the finished product soon!

weekend fun |

Snack time.  Couple handfuls of walnuts + chocolate chips.

weekend fun |

Later that evening, an old friend came over for dinner.  I made a cheesy chicken pasta + roasted balsamic brussels sprouts.  Then I drank too much wine.  It was a fabulous night.  I also made these brownies.  But they came out SO cakey.  I think it was because we were out of butter and I had to use coconut oil in them instead.  We still ate them, but I was a bit disappointed in them.  I only have stomach space for fudgy brownies!

weekend fun |

Saturday we had ZERO plans.  So I slept in until 9am.  GLORIOUS.  We were in need of a grocery shopping trip BAD, but I managed to scrounge together this breakfast of a vanilla latte + banana topped with nutella, peanut butter, granola, nature’s path cereal.  

Eaten while watching the Pioneer Woman, it’s become a Saturday morning tradition!

weekend fun |

Later I was craving some movement, so I checked to see if there was any space in an Orange Theory class.  There was, so I went.  I’m a bit over Orange Theory, so I’m cancelling my membership.  I wanna try Class Pass!

Nice sports bra sweat…

weekend fun |

For lunch I stopped by Chipotle and grabbed a chicken bowl (with double chicken) for Andrew and I to split.

(i took this picture and then tried to go in this door and THEN saw the “service entrance” note and then to myself I was like, “OMG. stop taking pictures of things and pay attention to life.”)

weekend fun |

I went with – brown rice, black beans, chicken, pico de gallo, sour cream, lettuce.  Served with one of my favorite drinks – limeade mixed with sparkling water.

weekend fun |

An hour or so after lunch I was hungry again so I had some leftover pasta…

weekend fun |

And then I made a mocha (coffee + milk + pour of cream + chocolate chunks + cocoa powder).  Enjoyed while doing some online shopping for a rug and large glass jars for kitchen storage.  Excited to share what I ended up getting soon. 

weekend fun |

The rest of the weekend was pretty casual.  Saturday evening we watched Pulp Fiction for the first time and I made us pupusas for dinner.  Sunday we did breakfast out, then church and grocery shopping.  

What was the high of your weekend?!!!!! Tell me. 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend Kylie! I need to try Kodiac cakes. I see them everywhere and they look so good! I’m excited too that an orange theory fitness is opening up around me. Everyone seems to love it! Hope you have a great start to your week :)

  2. I love our intuitive eating RD mastermind calls too! xo

  3. Here are the three things that will turn that brownie recipe fudgy: (1) use canola oil instead of butter, (2) add 1/2 a bag of chocolate chips, and (3) bake for only 24 minutes. Better yet, double the recipe (including using a whole bag of chocolate chips) for a 13×9 and bake for 38 minutes. (I make that exact recipe, minus the frosting, and people freak over them every time. I am very anti cake-like brownies. :) )

  4. Your weekend sounds so relaxing! I am totally with ya about being a morning person I don’t even remember the last time I even slept past 8!

  5. HAHA okay so right after you said you made Kodiak Cakes, I scrolled down to see the photo but it ended up being an advertisement (above the pancake photo) for Nathan’s Hot Dogs so I was like hmm okay hotdogs for breakfast…I can dig it. 

    • hahahaha. Oh, ads. Thanks for making this a funny story and not yelling at me for having ads on the site! Thanks for your support!!!!!!!

  6. I love your weekend recaps! :)

    You ate some delicious food – I always get such great ideas from your posts. I definitely want to make that banana with peanut butter and granola breakfast some time this week.

    I totally agree with Starbucks drinks. Every time I’ve gotten one, they’re wayyyy to sweet for me, so I end up adding more coffee to water it down.

    LOVE these posts!!!

  7. Did you use chalk paint to paint the entertainment center? I have been planning to use it to paint some of our furniture so I’m curious to know how it turned out/how easy it was!

    • Well. I know nothing about painting. Andrew got home from work and saw what I had painted and immediately asked me what paint I used. To which I replied, “oh that random can of paint we had in the garage.”

      I guess it was the wrong paint to use to paint furniture. But whatev because I think it looks great.

      All this to say, I didn’t use chalk paint. I used random paint from our garage. And I know nothing about paint:)

  8. Such a nice weekend filled with good friends, good eats (minus the cake-like brownies of course…tragic ;), and some relaxation! Def my kind of weekend! 

    Hope your week is off to a great start!

  9. I really need to have more people over for dinners. Your Fridays sound fun! Friday is the one day I get to work from home so I do get more flexibility to make lunch at home or grab lunch out with friends. This weekend my fiance, our good friend, and I went bouldering again for the third time. I’m hooked! If you’ve never tried bouldering I recommend it. Apparently Austin has the largest indoor bouldering gym in the country so if you’re in town and want a fun exercise to try, give it a go!

    • Oh so fun! I’m awful at rock climbing and bouldering. It’s fun though! Andrew and I did rock climbing together for day dates before we got married. I’m glad to hear you have flexible Fridays as well. It is so nice!

  10. I love how you and Morgan had a morning walk/work/coffee date! That’s the dream. 
    Highlight of my weekend was going to NYC to meet up with one friend from college and then one friend from high school! I also went to Levain Bakery finally and got their famous chocolate chip, which, if you haven’t heard of/tried it yet…KYLIE. You would flip out over this thing. Best freaking cookie in the whole wide universe.

  11. I love the way your new kitchen is turning out from the sneak peeks you’ve given us! And I think that we have the same counter tops – they are the best!!

  12. How on earth did you make your pancakes so fluffy?? Every time I cook Kodiak cakes they’re so flat and sad ☹️

    • Really!? Do you live at a higher altitude? Mine always come out fluffy. I usually use milk, not water. Don’t know if that impacts the fluffiness.

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