Make ya some pupusas!

That man I live with likes to say that my pupusas taste like a hot brick.  

make some pupusas |

He is also the individual who thinks cookie dough tastes like a ball of wet sand.  So clearly we can not trust him.  But I just played this song and he was into it.  So I’ll keep him.

Seriously tho.  He actually liked these. And I loved them because I’m such a masa lover.  I have every intention of googling “every dish you can possibly make with masa” and then working my way through that list.  Or perhaps ordering a masa cookbook.  I love the stuff.

make some pupusas |

So a couple weeks ago, I went with a friend for breakfast and ordered pupusas.  If you love thick & doughy corn tortillas, then you’ll love pupusas.  They are doughy corn tortilla purses filled with any fillings that you would normally put in a taco.  It’s like a more portable taco, which is fabulous.

make some pupusas |

The life stages of a pupusa…

make some pupusas |

You can totally fill the pupusas with whatever your heart desires.  I went with black beans, sautéed zucchini, cheese and cilantro.  And just know that these babies are totally perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time.  ALL THE TIME.

make some pupusas |


Yield: makes 5 pupusas

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes


2 cups masa harina
pinch of salt
1 1/2 cup warm water

sautéed zucchini
black beans
sharp cheddar (i used a mix of Monterey jack + sharp cheddar)



In a bowl, mix together masa, salt and warm water.  Dough should be play-doh consistency.  If too dry, add more water.  If too wet, add more masa.  Cover and allow to sit for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, prep your fillings: grate cheese, sauté zucchini in a bit of olive oil, rinse/dry black bean.

Now, roll a bit of the dough into a ball.  Press the dough into a cup shape.  Fill cup with filling and cover with a flat disk of dough.  Press dough together to seal and then roll dough into a ball.  Press dough with filling inside into a flat disk.  Repeat with remaining dough and filling.  Heat some olive oil over medium heat.  Add pupusa disks and cook until golden brown and crispy on both sides (~3 minutes/side). ENJOY!

make some pupusas |