5 breakfast recipes I’ve been meaning to try…

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In case you are in need of some breakfast inspiration, here are 5 breakfast recipes I’ve been wanting to try:

peanut butter acai bowls

ultimate blueberry pancakes

turmeric tofu scramble

i still must make this oatmeal latte

cake batter chia pudding


  1. OMG Ultimate Blueberry Pancakes?! Yes please, I love Joanne’s blog!!! You’re so cute in that pic! Have a lovely day <3

  2. The cake batter chia pudding is one of my favorites! You will love it.

  3. ummm pb acai bowls?! YAS! Need to try that one asap!

    • There is a restaurant outside of Houston, like a 40 minute drive from my house, that has epic pb acai bowls and I so wanna make the drive to get one!

  4. Cake batter chia pudding sounds like amazing way to start the day — and this is coming from a chia pudding hater!

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