Evening in the life + easy dinner idea.


Today I thought I’d share a Tuesday evening at our house.  I got off work at 4:30pm that night and had signed up for a ClassPass pilates class.  I’m really liking ClassPass.  I love getting variety in the classes I can take.  I’m planning to write a post on activity/movement soon, I’m just trying to figure out what I want to say.  

That evening I tried out BodyRock Pilates.

an evening in the life

The class was right before dinner, but I knew I needed something to eat.  So I grabbed a handful of chocolate covered almonds.

an evening in the life-5

I loved the instructor of the pilates class.  She kept making jokes about how pilates is so great because you don’t have to sweat.  Then she said that if any of the ladies had a date after class she’d be happy to turn up the fan intensity to make sure no one sweat.  I like exercise instructors who don’t take exercise/their body too seriously. 

This was only my second time using the reformer machine.  They’re so different for me! I really enjoy it.  

an evening in the life-2

AND the studio had this chair in it, which was awesome.

an evening in the life-4

Once home, I prepped dinner.  That night we had burrito bowls of sorts.

When I grocery shopped for the week I felt so tired of rotisserie chicken, so I ended up getting these chicken meatballs.  They were a fun change.  I think they’d be good on pizza.

an evening in the life-6

The meatballs came fully cooked, so I just had to sauté them until hot.  I cooked some farro (aka the fluffiest brown rice…I’m still a huge farro fan) and chopped up some veggies.  Veggies included: radishes, orange bell peppers, and cilantro.

an evening in the life-9

Served with a side of tortilla chips.  Topped with cheese, guac and salsa.  I ended up going back for seconds because I decided I didn’t get enough meatballs or guac the first time.

an evening in the life-10

To drink I had my favorite summer drink of lemonade + sparkling water.

an evening in the life-11

After dinner, Maggie and I hung out outside for awhile.

an evening in the life-12

I played on my phone and found this lovely positive affirmation that the donuteatingdietitian shared.  I screenshot A TON of positive affirmations like this and save them in a file on my phone to share with clients as needed.  And they’re great positivity for me too.  

an evening in the life-7

Later that evening Andrew and I watched TV while I put together Wednesday’s blog post.  Then I made us a cookie snack from this recipe.  Enjoyed with a glass of ice cold milk.

an evening in the life-13

I hope your week had been filled with food and movement you enjoy! I would love to hear about it.


  1. Ahhh I tried reformer pilates once and I swear it is one of the toughest workouts I have ever done. I woke up the next day and I literally could not sit down… ha. I have been loving making burrito bowl things too lately, we call them mexi bowls and just shove everything in a bowl like roast potatoes, beans, rice, salsa, guacamole, coriander etc, and sometimes hummus, even though that is not even Mexican… As I type, I have a thai curry on the stove simmering and it smells so good! Enjoy the rest of your week :) 

    • LOL to “even though that is not even Mexican.” Sounds delicious to me! I’m all for non-mexican mexi bowls (my computer just auto-corrected mexi to maxi…so there’s that.) The reformer pilates class I took was pretty gentle, which was a good intro into the reformer. I was telling a friend that I feel like I could do pilates when I’m an old lady, so why not start now.

  2. That pilates class sounds like so much fun! This week I went to hot yoga and really enjoyed it. Yoga is always something I will genuinely love to do! 

    • Glad you found movement you enjoy:)) I accidentally went to a hot yoga class this weekend. I’m NOT a fan of hot yoga lol. The class description confused me because I thought it was supposed to be a pilates class AND the instructor totally sucked. I don’t think she even wanted to be there. I’m all for warm yoga, but hot yoga doesn’t do it for me. The eating disorder doctor that works in our office likes to joke that hot yoga was invented in Beverly Hills, not in India. He’s a funny guy. Not to discount you finding movement you enjoy! To each their own;)

  3. I really want to try Pilates and those meatballs! I don’t like when people take working out too seriously either..I had to stop going with a friend because the gym became almost like a chore.

    • Yeahhhh. I was going to a gym that is very focused on “sculpting your body for summer.” Every time the trainer said that line my mind was like, “SHUT UP. We’re all allowed to be content with the size our bodies want to be.” So I cancelled. The pilates reformers are fun tho! I’d highly recommend them.

  4. Aidell’s is awesome! I love their chicken and apple sausages :)

  5. I’m so with you on farro. Farro>Quinoa anyday. It’s got such a great, nutty flavor!

  6. I used to do Pilates reformer as part of my cross training workouts when I was in junior high/ high school when I wasn’t playing tennis :) I miss is so much! My favorite is the board that you can jump on when you’re lying on the apparatus :D Felt like I was jumping on a trampoline but horizontal! I haven’t been on a reformer since then but now I am a certified Pop Pilates Instructor which is equally as fun! :)

  7. Thanks for the shout out!!! So honored. And I think that it is SUCH a profound truth to remember…I’m still loving my morning walks/podcast sessions. Super therapeutic and makes me feel so good! I’m needing to find other movement options because most group fitness classes are so focused on changing our bodies. A few weeks ago I tried out one and almost asked the fitness instructor “why are you telling me I’m not good enough? Why are you telling me my body needs to change?!” I was pretty ticked… ;-)

  8. Would love to hear about your philosophy and take on exercise/movement, it’s something I am really trying to work on at the moment.

  9. Farro FTW!!! So good.
    Not too many outstanding eats over the past week. My life’s been all work. Definitely excited for my mini-trip to Austin this weekend. There are always delicious meals there.

  10. I had an amazing passion fruit muffin this week.  Normally I find muffins a bit dry / uninspiring but this was super moist, had the most delicious streusel topping and a yummy curd in the middle.  I definitely enjoyed eating that!  In terms of movement I had a super fun afternoon skiing at the indoor slop near my house.  The mountain is going to be opening soon and I am trying to brush up on my skills before I head down there.

  11. I love your intuitive approach to… LIFE! It’s one of the biggest blessings to be able to tune into your body, and decide what it wants (exercise, food, sleep, fun activities etc), in that moment. I truly enjoy reading this posts, because they are nice reminders that we are in control of what we do. No one is forcing us to “go to the gym,” or eat “chicken and broccoli” for dinner. THANK YOU!

  12. I didn’t know your IG is @donuteatingdietician—I LOVE this!

    And, you gained a new follower :)

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