How to eat tacos for every meal in Houston.

I have no idea how this post idea popped into my head, but last Friday I set out on a mission to eat tacos for every meal. 

First up was a place I had been wanting to try: La Guadalupana.  I hear this hole-in-the-wall place gets crazy crowded for weekend brunch, but on a Friday morning it was just like I like my restaurants…empty with no line.

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I went with two breakfast tacos:

1) taco especial – eggs, potatoes, chorizo, chile, onion (not the biggest chorizo fan, but I really liked it in this!)

2) taco homestyle – eggs, sausage, potatoes (LOVED this one.)

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I wanted an iced latte (because I am me), but they didn’t have one on the menu.  So I ordered a glass of their horchata and a mug of coffee and tried to make my own iced latte. Yeahhhh didn’t really turn out so great.

I so want to go back to Guadalupana soon to try their chilaquiles.  I hear they’re legit.

Later that day I met my little sister at Laredo Taqueria for taco outing numero dos.  I had also heard good things about this place.  There was a line for this one AND it was like 96+ degrees out.  We were melting a bit.  Once we got inside I was sure we would be better, but the AC inside was a bit non-existent.  If I went back here for tacos I would either get them to-go or wait until a cooler time of year.

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I went with the beef fajita taco, which was just beef + refried beans.  So simple.  So great.  I also got a sweet chicken taco, which was chicken tossed in a sweet tomato mole sauce + refried beans.  I got both on flour tortillas.  The tortillas were doughy and fresh.

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The final taco adventure of the day was to Tacos-a-Go-Go.  I’m not a very complex person when it comes to food.  I just want simple delicious food that isn’t expensive.  I think that’s why tacos appeal to me.  Anyways…taco place #3.

I love this place! They are opening a new location closer to our house and I’m pumped about it.

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Here I got a frozen margarita, which everybody knows is the ideal pairing for tacos.  Wine goes with cheese.  Margaritas go with tacos.  That is just how the world works.

I got my tacos “puffy”, which I think just means they deep fry the shell until crispy.  So delish.  I got a shrimp taco and a chicken taco.  Both had guacamole or avocado, such an essential taco component.

best Houston tacos |

I hope you enjoyed this taco adventure.  I’d love to hear about the best taco places in your town!


  1. Love this! I live in Austin and eat tacos for every meal on waaaay too regular a basis. But, if you weren’t meant to eat tacos for every meal, why would they make tacos for every meal!?

    Also, COMPLETELY agree about a cold margarita with tacos. Perfect!

    • Love this wisdom–>”if you weren’t meant to eat tacos for every meal, why would they make tacos for every meal!?”

      Austin tacos are pretty fantastic.

  2. Okay, this is a delicious idea. Sadly we don’t have any great tacos near me, but I am moving to a city that does next month!
    Refried beans and beef sounds like such a simple, yummy taco. For me a stack of crunchy iceberg lettuce is essential!

    • I have such mixed feelings about iceberg lettuce on tacos…I feel like it can water down the taco! But then sometimes I think it’s crunchy and fresh and fabulous.

      AND congrats on the upcoming move! I’m glad it’ll mean more tacos in your life:)

  3. So fun! I live in Denver and I finally tried out the famous taco place here called Tacos Tequila Whiskey. And it was incredible, of course. This post is inspiring me to take it to the next level though :) Three meals of tacos sounds amazing!

  4. I live in Seattle but I was born in the South, we don’t have tacos like this up here. I mean, some places CLAIM they do, but they’re just not the same.

    Super JEALOUS.

  5. I love it! If you’re ever in the suburban Detroit area, check out El Charro. They have the puffy shells and they are the BEST. Their fish tacos are the best to get them with. I crave them on the reg!

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  7. If you ever come to Atlanta, visit Taqueria del Sol for cheap tacos, El Progreso for super authentic, Superica for $$ ones, or Bar Taco for a little bit nicer place!

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  9. I absolutely love how you live in Houston, and I live in Houston. Know why? Because tacos are important to us both. Food is important to us both. Lattes are important to us both. And when you mention a place in Houston that sells really, really, good tacos, you can bet your iced vanilla lattes that I’m payin’ attention. ;) Thanks for being a fellow Houstonian/taco lover/latte enthusiast!!

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