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Perhaps these types of posts are moving from Wednesday to Saturday. Or perhaps not. I never really know what I’m doing. It can be disconcerting at times, but I’m really just at peace with it. Real life: just to continue being vulnerable about my struggle with grammar/vocab/all things that are the English language…I thought the word was “disconcerning”, not “disconcerting.” Oh the things you learn as an adult.

Things around the internet that look fabulous:

{post + video} getting rid of clothes that don’t fit.

acai waffle sundae.

i love when bloggers let us know they’re pregnant: here & here

that taco life.

i’m always down for a crumble bar.

pretty guest house (in love with the rug…but it cost $2000 haha).

are you pro team savory oatmeal?

a mega creative video.


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