weekend in the life {+ a video}

Hi guys! It was another great summer weekend.  

Friday morning I got to meet up with a blog reader turned friend at Sweet Paris.  Hi, Ashley!  She’s an anti-diet dietitian as well.  I had such a great time getting to meet her and hang out for a couple hours.

crepe date! |

For breakfast, I got The Houstonian crepe (minus jalapeños, because jalapeños + a latte don’t do it for me).  This crepe had eggs, bacon, sausage, mozzarella cheese, and potatoes.  I would for sure get this again.

crepe date! |

close up!

crepe date! |

After breakfast I spent the rest of the day replying to client emails and pitching brands collaboration ideas.  When lunch time rolled around nothing sounded better than froyo.  So Menchie’s it was.  They have the best froyo in my opinion.  I got cake batter froyo topped with cookie dough, kiwi, bananas and strawberries.

a froyo lunch |

After this unusual lunch, I ended up needing a substantial snack later.  I went with a taco + latte.  

Once Andrew got home, we headed to my parent’s lakehouse for the weekend.  We drove thru Chick-fil-a and parked in the parking lot while we ate.  I went with a fried chicken sandwich + the kale salad.  I’m such a fan of Chick-fil-a’s kale salad!! I LOVE the dried cherries in it! 

Then to the lake.

lakehouse weekend |

I woke up early Saturday morning because my parents recently got some stand-up paddle boards! So fun!  They insisted I wear a life jacket.  I argued that I didn’t spend 13 summers swimming on our neighborhood swim team to have to wear a lifejacket every time I go into the water.  BUT they made the argument that I could be paddling along and fall off the board and hit my head on a dock and be knocked unconscious and drown.  Geez.  Parents.  Always caring about your wellbeing;)

So I put on the lifejacket.   (Thanks for the picture, Mom!)

stand-up paddle boarding |

I kept my paddle boarding really quick because I was ready for breakfast! I came back to the house and my dad had cooked up some delicious breakfast tacos.  I went with bacon + egg + cheese + a TINY touch of habanero salsa.

bacon + cheese + egg breakfast tacos |

I ended up eating every meal this day in my swimsuit.  We were in and out of the water all day so it seemed like a waste of time to take it off and put on real clothes.  How summer should be!

bathing suit + lake + breakfast tacos = perfect summer day. |

After breakfast we hung out in the lake for a bit.  I had asked my dad if we could help him with any projects and he mentioned power washing the house.  So Andrew and I tag teamed that for a bit.  If you have ever power washed before, you know it is super gratifying seeing all the grime being blown off the house.  I do have to say, this reminded me that Andrew’s work ethic is so much better than mine haha.  After we finished just two sides of the garage, I was so over power washing.  Andrew was a machine and kept going while I went back to float in the lake.

power washing | power washing |

Then lunch. 

My dad grilled hot dogs.  I topped mine with feta, relish and BBQ sauce.  I started with one, but ended up going back for a second hotdog with the same fixings.  Served with a LIVE kombucha.  I am not a kombucha fan, however I tried LIVE and it was so good.  So I am partnering with LIVE on a instagram post + a giveaway.  Giveaway will be posted to IG at some point today! 

This flavor was called, “Pure Doctor,” and it tasted JUST like Dr. Pepper.  Pretty neat.

lakehouse lunch of hotdogs + kombucha |

Then we hung out inside for several hours to let the heat die down a bit.  

And we, umm, painted rocks.  My little sister’s friend, Isabel, had found these cacti rocks on pinterest and I thought they were cute.

lakehouse weekend | lakehouse weekend |

Then we watched the end of Matilda (gosh, that movie creeps me out) and then watched Hunger Games.

At some point my lil sis, Quinn, and her friend baked up some insane scones. They were cinnamon scones with a coffee glaze.

cinnamon scones + coffee glaze |

Paired with an iced latte (served in a whiskey glass lol).

iced latte + painted nails |

The rest of the afternoon was spent floating in the water + watching Maggie jump like a maniac into the water.

lakehouse weekend |

Dinner was parmesan fried zucchini, chicken and salad.  AND another kombucha.  How many kombuchas are too many in one day lol? I imagine my GI tract doesn’t need TOO much good bacteria:)

lakehouse weekend |

After dinner snacking involved ice cream.  It was Bluebell’s new flavor, Cookie Two Step! It’s cookies ‘n cream ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough balls.  So great.

Eaten while sitting outside on the dock.  And then we watched Pitch Perfect (aka how every great day ends!).

Cookies 'n Cream Ice Cream with cookie dough. |

Sunday morning Andrew and I got up a bit before 7am.  We said goodbye to my parents and headed home to Houston to make it back in time for church.

At church we grabbed some breakfast tacos + lattes.

breakfast tacos, latte, church. |

Then grocery shopping, yard work and working on blog content for the week.  Tomorrow (Monday) I don’t start seeing clients until 10am, so I get to have a slow morning.  YAY! And then I have a Mexican food lunch date with a therapist friend.

I hope your weekend was just fabulous.  As always, I’d love to hear about it.

(psst.  if you’re more of a video than photo person, here is a video of some of our weekend fun.)


  1. I love summer days when I can wear my swimsuit all day long, getting in and out of the lake. :) Speaking of which, your suit is adorable! You have me craving a breakfast taco now. I’ll need to make these with Matt soon. I had a lovely weekend, which included meeting with a wonderful friend on Saturday at one of our unique coffee shops. Yesterday, I was able to address and put the majority of our wedding invitations into the mail! Have a great Monday!

    • Phew. Mailing wedding invitation was not a fun experience for me! I’m not an organized person so I struggled with the entire wedding planning process haha

  2. Agreed that the best summer days are spent in a bathing suit! I love that your dad is such a cook. Neither my dad nor husband have culinary skills. I would have never thought of those toppings for a hot dog, but I don’t hate it. As they say, feta makes it bettah!

  3. Those scones! And the iced latte. And the ice cream! My tummy is growling! That looks so good. And way to go on the paddle board. I’d need the life jacket for sure!

  4. I am so jealous of that lake house, it looks like it’s in the cutest spot!! I haven’t been able to get into kombucha yet, maybe I need to give this brand a try!

  5. What a fun weekend! Always super jel when I see chic fil a pics- I wish we had one where I lived! Love spending summer days in a bathing suit- that’s how you know it’s the perfect summer day!! I love those LIVE kombuchas. I’m a sucker for any kind of booch! have a great start to your week Kylie!

  6. Love everything about this!! The video is lovely :)
    I’ve never tried Kombucha, but if I do, I’ll look out for LIVE. Also, that ice cream looks bomb. 
    This weekend’s highlights: Bareburger with some old high school dance friends (I had a bison burger with queso fresco, pickled jalapeños, guac, pico de gallo on a sprout bun! + we shared brussels sprouts with sriracha, blue cheese, butternut squash and pork belly ➔ WHAT), dinner al fresco with the fam, and a bunch of video chat dates with friends and family!

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