weekend snooze.

Our weekend started with meeting some friends at Axelrad (a new fun Houston bar) for some drinks. 

axelrad bar in Houston |

I had texted my friend Amanda earlier in the week that Axelrad had frosé (aka frozen rosé) and that we needed to try it.  Sooo…

axelrad bar in Houston | immaEATthat.comaxelrad bar in Houston |

This was my first time at Axelrad and I’d definitely go back.  I loved the atmosphere.  They had a huge outdoor space filled with picnic tables and hammocks.

axelrad bar in Houston |

Plus they had these cute water dispensers.

axelrad bar in Houston |

AND there’s a pizza place next door, so Andrew and I ended up ordering a meat heavy pizza for dinner.

axelrad bar in Houston |

Saturday I slept in and woke up to Andrew making us breakfast.  We had breakfast tacos…pretty typical for us.  We love breakfast tacos<3  Served with a latte (also very typical for me).

saturday morning breakfast tacos |

I’m starting to plan an anniversary trip for Andrew and I for our 3rd wedding anniversary at the end of December.  So I spent the morning researching our options:)  I love planning trips.

Later for lunch I was going to order something from UberEats, but decided to just throw together everything we had in our fridge.  It ended up being pretty delicious.  

I sautéed together yellow bell pepper and corn.  Then added in finely chopped kale + cilantro and some beans.  

farro bowl for lunch |

Then I put some leftover farro in bowls and topped it with the sautéed mixture.  And then topped that with some fresh mango, basil, cilantro and extra sharp cheddar cheese.

farro bowl for lunch |

After lunch I went to a class at Orange Theory.  Their class structure is…~20 minutes of cardio + ~20 minutes of strength training.

orange theory | immaEATthat.comorange theory |

I came home and made a protein smoothie + snacked on some banana split bark

banana, milk, vanilla protein powder, ice smoothie |  snacks |

We had a busy Sunday planned, so I decided to get grocery shopping done on Saturday.  I meal planned, but we already diverted from this plan (which always tend to happen when I try and meal plan lol).

meal planning for the week |

Grocery store haul favorites =
pumpkin puree:)
chocolate milk
toaster waffles
goat cheese
crab meat for crab cakes

grocery shopping for the week |

Then I did boring housework like washing our sheets and cleaning our kitchen.  I’m sharing our kitchen remodel this week (finally.), so I also took photos of our (rarely clean) kitchen.

Then for dinner I prepped a kale salad.  It’s kale massaged with this dressing…

kale salad with dried cherries, goat cheese and sunflower seeds |

Then I added goat cheese, dried cherries and sunflower seeds.  So good.

kale salad with dried cherries, goat cheese and sunflower seeds |

Served with chicken, sweet potato fries and BBQ sauce + ketchup.

weekend dinner = kale salad + chicken + sweet potato fries + two dipping sauces |

Then we watched the Olympics for the rest of the night.  I also ate a snack I’ll be sharing with you later this week!

The next day we headed to Snooze for breakfast! We had heard this place got super crowded, so Andrew insisted we got there right when they opened (at 6:30am!).  He was more excited than me to go here…that never happens!

snooze for breakfast! |

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest pancake fan.  Like, I like making them at home, but I don’t typically order them out because something else on the menu always looks better than pancakes.  BUT! Snooze has such fun pancakes that I totally was excited to try them.

I got the cinnamon roll pancake + an egg + a piece of bacon + a latte.

snooze for breakfast! | snooze for breakfast! |

Andrew ordered the pancake flight, which came with 3 different pancakes.  I was PUMPED he got the sweet potato pancake because I was debating between ordering the sweet potato or the cinnamon roll.  I ate several bites of Andrew’s sweet potato pancake.  When I go back I’d order the sweet potato pancake over the cinnamon roll one.  IT WAS SO GOOD.

After breakfast we headed to church.  Then home for lunch.

Leftover kale salad + egg + basil galore + cherries.

lunch = kale salad + fried egg + cherries |

Andrew parents were coming over to hang out that afternoon/evening so I prepped some roasted vegetables that were going into a pasta dish.

roasted summer veggies |

The veggies were for a cold pasta salad.  It was just zucchini + asparagus + eggplant that were tossed in olive oil, salt & pepper.  Then roasted at 400ºF until the eggplant was golden brown (the asparagus needed less time to roast).  I boiled some pasta and added the roasted veggies + Greek dressing (same as above) + cheddar cheese + goat cheese + basil + rosemary.  I’m glad we have leftovers! It turned out delicious and I’m excited to have it for lunch this week.

roasted summer veggie pasta salad |

I also made two recipes that’ll be on the blog this week and taste tested them + took photos.  And then Andrew helped me shoot a recipe video.

Andrew’s parents came over and we snacked on beer, wine and chocolate covered almonds.

beer |

For dinner we had the above pasta salad + salmon.

That evening I did some hip opening yoga poses while watching the Olympics. 

night time stretching |

At one point I took most of the pillows off our couch and just laid in comfy stretching positions for several minutes.  It was so relaxing.  I should end more Sunday evenings like this.

night time stretching | 

I’m about to go have a nighttime snack and then off to bed.  I hope everyone has a great Monday!

What was the best part of your weekend?!


  1. Please oh please give us a recipe for crab cakes. My husband and I LOVE crab cakes, but haven’t found a recipe that works for us. Would love to know how you make them!!

  2. Yay for leftover roasted veggies!
    I tried Snooze last month in Austin and tried one of their bajillion eggs benedicts. DELISH. The sweet potato pancake was def. calling my name too so glad to hear it was good!

    Best part of my weekend: seriously the whole weekend was awesome–spent time with both family and friends :)

  3. I stayed up way too late last night to see the rest of the gymnastics! I feel inspired to go looking for adult gymnastics classes. Maybe I still have it somewhere ;)
    I love the sounds of that kale salad. Goat cheese is my absolute favorite for salads. Especially with walnuts or pecans!

  4. My husband and I ate at Snooze for the first time this weekend too! I had the pancake flight and my faves were the pineapple pancake (so differentI) and the sweet potato. =)

  5. We have a Snooze restaurant here in Austin as well, but I haven’t been yet. I tried sweet potato pancakes when I was in New Orleans a while back and fell in love! Sounds like I have to try Snooze sweet potato pancakes.

  6. I glanced over their menu, and my gosh I’m jealous! I want to try one of ev-er-y-thing. Those water dispensers are super cute. Wish I had one just for fun to use at home. :) Can’t wait for your recipes!

  7. So…. How was the frozen rosé? You have to tell us! Good luck with the trip planning! I read an article, I think it was from New York Magazine, about the feeling one gets when planning a trip, and how it can be so much better than going on the trip itself because just thinking about all of the possibilities and feeling that anticipation is one of the most important ways we experience happiness. I’m sure they worded it better in the article, but it was so relatable because travel planning is definitely my happy place. 

  8. I wish we had orange theory around where I live! Seems like a fun workout :) cinnamon roll pancakes sound divine- and that pasta dish looks great! the girls gymnastics team is doing amazing in the olympics. I can’t wait to watch the team finals tonight!!

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