Our kitchen remodel!

Big thanks to Delta for providing us with a gorgeous faucet for our kitchen in exchange for this post.

It’s taken me a while to get this post up.  We started the kitchen remodel in March and finished it, ummm like, last Sunday (August!).  Andrew is a harder worker than I will ever be and he did the majority of the kitchen remodel himself.  I was always there to supervise and get him lunch.  A big thanks to Andrew’s dad for helping us lay tile and letting us borrow this fancy tile saws and whatnot.  We did hire people to take out some walls and redo the electrical + plumbing.  Everything else Andrew did.

Our house is ~1,500 sq.ft. and was built in the 1950s.  We love the area we are in and want to stay here for a while, but the kitchen had to go.  Well.  It didn’t HAVE to go, but having a more open kitchen/living space is something we really wanted in a house and saves me a lot of time when photographing recipes.

When we started, the kitchen looked like this…

 kitchen remodel BEFORE | immaEATthat.comkitchen remodel BEFORE | kitchen remodel BEFORE |

The wall in the above picture is one of the walls we took out.  Stay tuned.

 Andrew and I did all the demo work together.  I actually did help with that part.  We rented a massive dumpster for 10 days and got to work ripping out tile, cabinets, backsplash, etc.

kitchen remodel DURING | immaEATthat.comkitchen remodel DURING | kitchen remodel DURING |    kitchen remodel DURING | kitchen remodel DURING | immaEATthat.comkitchen remodel DURING |

After demo was done and 2 walls were removed + support beams put in, plumbing and electrical were finished in about two weeks.  Then the sheetrock was put up.

kitchen remodel DURING | kitchen remodel DURING | kitchen remodel DURING | 

Then tile. (thank you again to Andrew’s dad for all the help with tiling!)

kitchen remodel DURING |

Then Andrew put together all the cabinets like a bad ass.

kitchen remodel DURING |

Cabinets in!

kitchen remodel DURING | immaEATthat.comkitchen remodel DURING |

Countertops went in shortly after that (we hired someone for that!).  And then we installed the subway tile backsplash, which was rather time consuming.  Especially when I did an entire section crooked and we had to take it all down.  Not ideal.

kitchen remodel DURING | kitchen remodel DURING |

But it was all worth it because now we have this…

white & gold kitchen | immaEATthat.comwhite & gold kitchen | immaEATthat.comwhite & gold kitchen | white & gold kitchen |

Our house is super open and 1000% more enjoyable now.  I love that our kitchen now gets adequate light so I can actually take shoot food photos in the kitchen rather than having to setup a mock kitchen setup in the front of our house.  After a year of rigging up this board for food photoshoots, I am so pumped to have zero setup that I have to do before shooting recipes for the blog.

The inspiration for the kitchen was as much white and gold as possible.  I’m so happy with how it turned out.  And now we never want to move.

kitchen remodel AFTER |

There are a lot of things I love about the kitchen, but two of my favorite things are the under-mount apron front sink…

white & gold kitchen with apron front sink |

AND…the faucet! I didn’t think I would like this faucet as much as I do.  It’s from Delta and it has the touch technology to turn it on and off.  It’s fun and really does come in handy when your hands are dirty.  More on the faucet later.

kitchen remodel - super fun touch faucet |

The details on our kitchen: 

faucet – Delta kitchen faucet with Touch2O technology (in champagne bronze) 
cabinets & brass handles – IKEA
tile – 12″x24″ floor tiles (we went with a color called ‘Diamond’)
sink – Belle Foret Apron Front
counter tops – LG Minuet
fridge – KitchenAid Counter-Depth 
gas range – Frigidaire
light fixture above kitchen table – West Elm

Now it’s time to invite people over and start having dinner parties!


  1. If I’m ever in the area I’m definitely stopping by for a dinner party! The kitchen looks gorgeous- so white and pristine :) I’m impressed with Andrews handywork, and your decorating skills. Pinning this for future house inspiration!

  2. Your kitchen in one word is gorgeous!! It’s so clean, bright, and inviting. You both did a kickass job! ;)

  3. That is my dream kitchen! White marble and gold is perfection. Thanks for doing a post on the remodel. Your blog is one of my favorites because your life seems so ‘normal’ compared to others :) 

  4. It’s GORGEOUS!! I’m loving all of the gold!

  5. That looks absolutely gorgeous! Great work!

    (It’s so white, though! I would never dare have a kitchen like that, being afraid to make a mess every time I cook…) :P

  6. Can I come cook in your kitchen with you!? I have kitchen envy right now. I LOVE it!!!!

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  8. So late to the party – but this looks amazing!! We have a similar kitchen situation (old version) in our home. We live in a 1955 house in the Oak Forest area of Houston and are about to renovate. This gave me so many good ideas! Thank you, love reading your blog.

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  10. Can i ask how you manage without a draining rack for hand wash only items?

    • Hi Debra! This is a fabulous idea. Perhaps me not having a draining rack is why my kitchen floor always ends up with water all over after doing dishes haha!

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