Friday started with a date night to Conservatory, which is an underground food hall & beer garden in downtown Houston.  We don’t venture downtown too much…mainly because I hate having to pay to park.  But our friends were going there for dinner and I invited me and Andrew along.

Conservatory food hall Houston |

Conservatory was pretty cool (i shared some of the atmosphere on Stories), but since it is located underground the lighting was awful.  I ended up getting pulled pork tacos + beans + mac ‘n cheese.  I do wanna try the crepe place, Melange, so I’m sure I’ll be back!

Conservatory food hall Houston |

Saturday morning I went to an exercise class and made breakfast tacos + a couple iced lattes for breakfast.

weekend 8-14-3

Later Andrew was staring to do lawn work, so I decided to help out.  I mowed and he edged right before rain started.

weekend 8-14-4

Morning snack was nutella + some fruit :)


I am doing a collaboration with World Market (will be sharing next week!), so we spent the rest of the morning getting some final pieces from them.  

We got a small rug for our backdoor to catch all the mud Maggie tries to bring in.

weekend 8-14-16

Finally found a pouf I like!

weekend 8-14-9

Did you know World Market has clothes?! I’ve been totally missing this.  Their clothes are so my style – colorful + pattern-filled + boho + flowy (…clothes have nothing to do with the collaboration I’m doing with them.  I just really liked them!)

weekend 8-14-17

I ended up getting two tops…
 weekend 8-14-19

For lunch we stopped by Zoe’s Kitchen. 

weekend 8-14-7

I’ve had good and bad experiences at Zoe’s, but I REALLY liked my meal this time.  It was their rosemary ham & mozzarella piadina.  Holy crap though.  I didn’t know a ‘piadina’ was a thing I should have in my life.  It was SO GOOD.  The bread was like a cross between a thin crust pizza and a pita.  Love it.  I got their feta slaw for a side.  Also really great.

lunch at zoe's kitchen |

We later popped into a couple antique shops/used office furniture shops and I found this painting that I LOVED.  It has a lot of texture to it.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing a better photo of it at some point.  It was only $20!

painting find |

That afternoon I was craving soft serve so we met a friend at Fat Cat.  Their soft serve flavors that week were English breakfast tea and lemon peel.  I got the two swirled together for a lemon iced tea of sorts.  

soft serve + painted nails at Fat Cat Creamery in Houston |

Later that evening I grocery shopped for the week and made an easy nacho dinner for us.  Topped with cheese, beans, bell pepper, tomatoes and salsa.

nachos |

After dinner we watched the Olympics and I made some recipes for the week.  These were peanut butter graham cracker sandwiches dipped in chocolate and then froze.  They’ve been making a fun dessert to have throughout the week.  I also made a version of those brookies for snacking.
 Maggie <3 |

And I cut up some veggies + fruit for the week.

food prep |

Oh.  And I came across this, which I think can be so true in terms of weight.

weekend 8-14-14

Sunday morning we eased into our day.

weekend 8-14-21

Well.  Not really.  I wanted to go to Morningstar for breakfast before church, but I didn’t communicate that very well to Andrew.  So I just got super moody when he ate breakfast at home.  I need to use my words and remember that people can’t read my mind.  There was really something else bothering me that we ended up discussing.  

I think marriage is the coolest thing.  It is the closest I’ve ever been to another person.  I’m a very guarded person and having someone know me and see me on such an in-depth level has let me access my feelings more than ever before and has helped me start working through some lingering anxiety and helped me stop bottling things up.  I love being married.  It is the only thing in my life that has felt 100% right.  I question everything else in life, but marriage is great…even when it’s frustrating.  Andrew’s grandma always said she didn’t feel like she started living until she got married.  I feel the same.  This is the happiest I’ve ever been.

I ended up eating breakfast at church.  I had a Sinfull Bakery Everything Bar + an iced vanilla latte.  Those bars are SO good.  Super doughy and are the size of your entire hand.  My only issue with them is the bakery’s tagline is something about, “food you don’t have to feel guilty about.”  I don’t like that, since the only food you should feel guilty about is food that you steal.  Regardless, their bars are delish.

weekend 8-14-15

After church I had a meeting to learn about volunteering with the children’s ministry.  I’m excited. 

For lunch I had cheesy eggs that had more cheese that egg lol + bell peppers + triscuits (i LOVE the cracked pepper flavor) + another latte + some chocolate covered almonds.

weekend 8-14-18

Then I made + photographed 3 recipes for the blog for this week.

Then we headed to my parents house for an early dinner.  I had texted them that I missed them earlier that week, so I’m glad I got to see them.

weekend 8-14-20

In to the week we go!  I have a dinner date planned with my sister’s today (i think we’re doing pizzahhhh), typical seeing clients Monday-Wednesday, and then Thursday-Friday I’m heading to Oklahoma for work.

Would love to hear what you’re looking forward to this week (or about any other thoughts you have). :)


  1. Oh man I really relate to the miscommunication about a meal. It’s funny how marriage works. It really is the best thing ever, but it takes a lot of forgiving oneself and forgiving the other person. My friend described it as the closest human thing to God’s lovE and I completely agree.
    The graham cracker peanut butter sandwich idea is genius. I’m totally making those for our dessert next week. This week we will be focusing on moving and I’ll be getting ready for my dietetic internship- very excited!
    Have fun on your work trip!

  2. World Market is so much fun. I would happily move in to the stores.

    I was missing my home this week too so I drove down to Atlanta to spend the weekend with my mom for her birthday! I’m here until Tuesday, so I’m looking forward to more time with my mom. And then this weekend I’m going to stay at a revamped airstream trailer near Charlottesville, VA with my boyfriend! And then my second year of my RD/MS coursework starts… Where did summer go?!

    Hope you have a great week! With those PB/chocolate goodies, how can you not?!

  3. Thank you for being so real and genuine. I love that you share so much positivity, but you also do a wonderful job of being down-to-earth and so relatable. Not everything turns out perfectly nor is anyone’s relationship all happiness and fairytale-like. I appreciate you adding your thoughts on marriage. I’m beyond excited to get married, but I know it takes work. My fiance and I have actually date for 11 yrs now. I know we’re extremely atypical, but I love that we’ve been able to learn so much about each other. I too have made the mistake of failing to communicate then became grumpy. ;) Anywho, your eats look phenomenal as always, and I’m really excited to read about your work with World Market! I didn’t know they had clothes – I want some so bad now!

  4. When you said the only food you should feel guilty about is food you steal…I LOL! The best statement I’ve ever heard and I will be quoting you to family/friends/clients when appropiate hah. I loved what you said about marriage-being newly married I know we have lots to learn about our relationship, but marriage and having that person to be totally real and vulnerable in front of is amazing. Thank you for being real and showing we are all only human! 

  5. Your breakfast tacos always look so good, same with your lattes! Love what you said in regards to not feeling guilty about food unless you steal it- so spot on. And so awesome too you’re going to volunteer with the children at your church! Happy Monday <3

  6. those bars are EVERYTHING. i keep mine in the fridge bc they are extra delicious when chilled. :)

  7. Your thoughts on marriage are spot on… I also hold on to my feelings/thoughts and being married definitely forces you to analyze your behavior and how it affects those around you. And lol to the miscommunication thing. That totally sounds like something that would happen at our house. There have been a lot of similar instances in my marriage, but I have realized that my husband wants to listen. In fact, he often feels guilty because we end up doing what he wants just because I don’t voice my desires.

    Also, my husband’s name is Andrew. That is all.

  8. We celebrated one year of marriage today actually and totally agree about how great (and weird) it is at the same time. We still have miscommunication about food. I love that frozen graham cracker idea!

  9. I am working a bit extra M-Th this week so we can take off early on Friday for lake tahoe! we have a work retreat up there this weekend and everyone is bringing their families/spouses. i can’t wait.

  10. You should just totally move to Australia, I feel like we would make couple BFF’S!!

    P.S. Marriage is the best right :)

  11. I love these weekend posts! So fun. And I think you should put “The only food you should feel guilty about is food that you steal.” on tshirts, stickers etc.! I LOVE that and it made me laugh. Speak the truth, girl! But I do think it’s funny that you ate a SINFUL bar at church ;) Your paragraph about marriage made me feel warm and fuzzy.

    I already had 2 choir rehearsals this week that I was looking forward to, and another later in the week. Also looking forward to watching more Olympics :D

  12. Hey, I just found your blog today and I’m really enjoying it. I think the best thing about it is that you just lay out the food you eat. No caveats, no qualifiers. So many “healthy living” blogs I read obviously have food issues but avoid them under the guise of being healthy. (Actually, that’s how I found your blog. A link from one of *those* kinds of blogs.) None of your meals had any BS statements like “Don’t worry–I had a salad too!” or “I only ate half. I was so full!”, which many blogs do, like they’re justifying to themselves that they ate a cookie or whatever. Food is just food, and, like you eloquently stated, the only food you should feel guilty about is the food that you steal.
    Gonna peruse your blog some more. Thanks for the new read!

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