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YES. (via Food Psych Podcast)above via Christy Harrison (aka that girl with the epic podcast)

Those moments when you start trusting your body and feel yourself starting to tolerate your body’s natural size…those are some of the best moments.   

In other news…

i want overalls so bad.

i want the muffin pan from this photoshoot (and I’d like the muffins as well).

shared this on facebook.  I hate Weight Watchers.  They have a new campaign out where they pretend to be body positive.  Good article.  Weight Watchers is a diet. In my work with eating disorder clients I have only seen it lead to binge eating disorder and make clients feel insane around food and miserable in their body.  Weight Watchers is an excellent way to learn how to NOT trust your body.

i’ve been LOVING Stitch Fix lately.  I just got these boho pants that are like pajamas (super flowy and patterned like crazy), and I wear them to work and pretend it’s appropriate.

pita pesto pizza (the best alliteration)

omg.  All brownies should come labeled according to where it came from in the pan (i’ll take a center piece, pulease.)

i’m very into Audible right now.  Just finished Mere Christianity by CS Lewis.  Now listening to The Anxiety Toolkit.


  1. I despise Weight Watchers. I first learned about it in freshman year of high school when one of my classmates talked about it. She would eat candy, hot dogs, etc. but talk about them like they were great choices because of the points system. It didn’t work for her in the slightest, and it did not help her to accept her body and value nutrition. Thank you for calling them out for what they are – a diet!

    • Yeah. I’m so not a fan. I talk to clients all day who have been pretty much brainwashed by Weight Watchers. BUT, I will say that Weight Watchers is not as bad as Overeaters Anonymous’s HOW program (OA-HOW) . That crap is scary. Very cult-like. All about shaming.

  2. Mere Christianity changed my spiritual life when I read it in high school. I’d love to listen to it because it was so good.
    Also, I want overalls too! I bet you could find a cute (or fun) pair at a thrift store.

  3. I’d love to know what you think of The Anxiety Toolkit! I’m in love with Audible. And I had the same thought about the muffin pan in Jessica’s post! Obviously, the muffins look amazing, too :)

    • I really like it so far! I’m about a 1/4th into it. So far i’ve learned that obsessing over your anxiety tends to make you more anxious lol. A better approach is focusing on goals you want to accomplish, rather than the anxiety you need to fix.

  4. I love that quote picture up the top, so so so true.
    I also want overalls really bad (I call them dungarees ;) ). I have shorts ones but I want some long blue ones, I think they’d look so good! 
    Gonna check out the anxiety toolkit. I have found two podcasts amaaaazing to help with my anxiety…. The Anxiety Podcast by Tim Collins and The Anxiety Coaches by Gina Ryan. Learned some awesome things. Hope you’re having a great week :) 

  5. I just saw that muffin pan on sale at Anthropologie this weekend!

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