Day in the Life.

Yesterday I slept in until 7:30am and it was glorious.  By the time Thursday rolls around, I’m so tired of waking up at 6am Monday thru Wednesday.  You people who wake up at 6 or earlier every day of the week, I don’t know how you do it.

I rolled out of bed and headed to a Pilates class at Defy.  As a person who sweats a lot, I love that I’m not drenched in sweat after the class and don’t have to immediately go home and shower before I can do anything else that day. 

I’m still really enjoying ClassPass.  I’m actually going to be writing a post for ClassPass on exercise next month.  I will be sure to share it on the blog too.  I’m excited to share my thoughts on exercise :)

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After pilates I headed to Siphon to meet Quinn (my little sis) for breakfast + coffee.  I got their ‘The Big Breakfast Taco’ + a vanilla latte.  The breakfast taco comes with 2 eggs + cheese and I added bacon. 

day in the life 1day in the life 8-18-5

Quinn got their siphon coffee…

day in the life 8-18-6

We hung out for a bit.  Then I headed home. 

day in the life 8-18-7

Made lunch–> salad with blue cheese, chicken, grapes, bell peppers and greek dressing.  Paired with black pepper Triscuits.

day in the life 8-18-8

Then I responded to some blog comments and sent out a pitch to a brand I want to work with.

I was heading out of town for a work trip that night, so I packed my bag + showered.  Then I headed to the office, because I had one new client to meet with. Before I headed out the door I had a snack – chocolate covered almonds + iced vanilla latte.

(pssst. if you are in your eating disorder and you are counting the number of chocolate covered almonds I’m eating here..STOP. You are allowed to determine what your body wants. There is no way I can know what your body needs.)

day in the life 8-18-9

After meeting with my client, I headed to the airport.  Got a little hungry so I had a KIND bar…

day in the life 8-18-10

For dinner, I got a burrito bowl with chips instead of rice.  Filled with beans, chicken, cheese, lettuce, cilantro-ranch sauce, pico de gallo and corn.  I ate this dip-style with chips.

day in the life 8-18-11

Once at the gate I started working on typing this post up.

day in the life 8-18-12

I’ll be in Tulsa, Oklahoma until Friday evening touring Laureate, an eating disorder treatment facility. Laureate is covering my travel and hotel stay.  I enjoy site visits.  They let me understand the facility better and make me sure that my eating disorder clients who do need a high level of care are a good fit for certain facilities.  Plus, these site visits always involve great lectures for me to attend and learn.  

Have a good weekend!


  1. Hi Kylie! I’m a long time blog reader. This is the first time I’ve commented so first I just want to thank you for your daily posts. Your lifestyle is very inspirational in terms of intuitive eating! I’m so glad that you are going to Laureatte in Tulsa. This is a place that is close to my heart. This is the first rehab center that my sister went to for her eating disorder. I visited for family week and was so impressed and touched by the knowledge and kindness of the staff. I hope that you make a post highlighting some of the wonderful things that they do at Laureatte. I think that many  people do not realize that there are treatment centers for women and men who have eating disorders. Again, I am so happy that you will be visiting this weekend. Thanks again for creating such a positive blog!

  2. I hope you have a great weekend at the ED treatment facility Kylie! So awesome and cool you get to do that. Happy Friday :)

  3. I really really wish Tulsa had ClassPass. I would like to ease back into more movement and I really enjoy class environments, but I like variety. I don’t want to pay over $100 for one thing.. Hoping someday! Your latte and breakfast taco look delicious. You’ve inspired to try more lattes in my city. My therapist and I work together to create challenges for me in between each visit, this time is try 1 latte a week from a new coffee shop downtown :) I’m working on it. Hope your trip to Tulsa goes good, and have a great weekend!

  4. I am excited to read your post about exercise and I’m super jealous of people who get to use ClassPlass! it’s such a great idea but it doesn’t look like I can get it in Utah :(

    I also LOVE that kind bar flavor but I cannot find it anywhere anymore..

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