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good graphic for mindful eating.  Helpful for recognizing when hunger has ended and you are eating for a reason other than hunger.  (compliments my post from a while ago –> You Have Two Kinds of Hunger.)

i would like to eat…pretty avocado croissant & S’Morffle.  Gonna try and recreate at home.

i’m planning a date for Andrew and me here.  But I really think it’s more like me planning a date for me because I’m the super excited one.

i volunteered on Sunday at church with the 3-5 yr old’s ministry.  They did a painting activity. I think my job was to keep them from getting paint on their clothes…i failed.  Everyone had paint on them by the time they left.

i’m still really loving that jumpsuit I got on sale from Anthro.  I tell you, it’s improving my quality of life because i’m less stressed because when i wear it i only have to choose one item of clothing instead of 2+.  Now I want this one.  LOVING the capri length!  Gonna wait and see if that one goes on sale.

i’m planning a 3 yr anniversary trip for Andrew and me.  LA is really high on my list of places to go.  So many food places I’d like to visit –> fonut + magpies softserve + egg slut. In a vacation i want 1) fun food places/restaurants with an epic atmosphere, 2) things to do outside and 3) a body of water (ocean > mountains…in my opinion.).  Do you have a favorite city to visit on vacation? Would love to hear about your favorite places! We loved San Fran.

i’m wanting to switch up my makeup routine, but then again I don’t.  I actually just want someone to come over and teach me fun makeup techniques and bring me fancy products to try.  I’ve thought about signing up for ipsy.  Has anyone tried it?


  1. If you DO go to LA, go to Diddy Riese! You can pick your cookie and ice cream flavors for delicious (enormous) ice cream sandwiches :D

  2. My favorite city to visit is Charleston, SC. My family actually used to live there but we try to go back and visit whenever we can. It checks off all the boxes you want in a good vacation!

    • Thanks, Kristin! I’ve never been to Charleston! Our trip will be in December and I imagine Charleston would a good option since it’s warmer than more northern states:)

  3. My brother just moved to Seattle so I visited him out there. I’m more of a mountain person but love the cool breeze that comes from being on the water so Seattle did just that for me. The food + coffee was epic — no shortage of small cute coffee shops and places to eat the freshest salmon you’ve ever tasted. Must have seen salmon and chips / salmon tacos / salmon hash on a million menus. It was a very active city too so people bike everywhere and kayak on all the different lakes. So fun.

    • Man. Sounds awesome. Seattle is HIGH on my list of places to visit. Since the trip is at the end of December, I’d be worried about too cold/rainy weather! I’d love to visit Seattle in summer/fall!

  4. i’m enjoying ipsy more than i liked birchbox (getting more products that i would use in real life). plus, you get a cute makeup bag, which reminds me of the old school clinique bags my friends and i used to covet. :)

    LOVE tiny boxwoods. favorite chocolate chip cookie in HTown.

  5. I’ve never heard of Ipsy, but it sounds great! Plus you can pass on what you don’t like to friends to try. I recently tried Stitch Fix, similar concept, just clothes/accessories instead and I loved it. 1. I didn’t have to pick clothes out 2. I love getting mail 3. my box was filled with brands I have never heard of and the pieces were unique. I say try Ipsy! 

    PS-just made your cheese baked falafel naan-wich except paired the falafel with hummus and salads for lunch…the hubby and I love it! 

  6. Oh, jumpsuits. I love them because like you said, they are one-stop-shopping easy. My boyfriend literally cringes when I wear them. He calls them onesies and thinks they are the most horrible thing on earth. Needless to say, I wear them just to torture him :)

  7. Our favorite location for vacation is Colorado! We love Denver/Fort Collins/Boulder and all of the little mountain towns. In fact, we leave for there next weekend!

    • ooo have fun! Andrew went to school in Colorado and we have yet to be back since his graduation. I would love to go during a non-snowy time…I don’t do well in the cold haha

  8. Fun food and outdoor activities are definitely a must, but for me mountains > ocean. Some of my favorite places to travel have been Asheville, NC and Denver, CO.

  9. Portland, OR is my favorite city! And close enough to the coast that you could spend some time near water! The Stephanie Inn in Cannon Beach is supposed to be lovely. 

  10. PS – I bought the Anthro romper after seeing it on you and LOVE it. So comfy. Although, saddest news, one of the straps broke when I got in the car the first time I wore it! I guess I fidget too much in the car. Nothing a sturdy knot couldn’t fix!

  11. Come to San Diego! I’ll take you and Andrew on a tour of lovely eats! If you did visit S.D. You must eat at Cucina Urbana, amazing food chill atmosphere. I’ve done a couple anniversary dinners there with my husband! Many cool foodie things to do plus the beach! I know you guys take your annual Laguna trip, so I feel the beach is necessary for your anniversary trip! <3

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