Date Night

Last night Andrew and I headed to Tiny Boxwood’s for a dinner date.  I had told him the day before that I was taking us on a date tomorrow night and he agreed:)  

date night

We had only been to Tiny’s for dinner together once and that was before we were married (2 1/2 years ago!).  I will occasionally pop in there for a latte during the week, but (last time a checked) they do not have wifi.  So it’s not an option for a working coffee outing.

date night-3

I LOVE the atmosphere at Tiny Boxwoods, which is what keeps pulling me back.  I think it is easily the most gorgeous restaurant in Houston, but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder so maybe some would disagree.  The restaurant is connected to a nursery filled with gazebos, red wagons, & succulents.  Love it love it love it.

Weather-wise it was pleasant enough outside (and we didn’t make a reservation for inside and all the tables were reserved haha), so we ate outside.  

date night-2

Dinner started with some teas + waters.  The water cups were miniature.  LOOK! (I guess I should’ve put my hand in for reference.)

date night-4

For dinner I got the burger and Andrew got a risotto dish.

date night-7

It was a lamb burger with smoky goat cheese and aioli.  I learned that I don’t like lamb! I actually really disliked the burger and would never ever ever order it again.  I’m a Smashburger burger person.  The fries were epic tho.  It was like they had been peeled off the potato with a potato peeler.  All of them were so crispy.

date night-5

Andrew’s dish was a bison filet + blue cheese risotto + cherries.  The verdict from him was…”it’s really rich and really good.”  This is why neither Andrew or I could be food writers…we don’t have fancy adjectives to describe food!

date night-6

For dessert I ordered a decaf latte + one of their famous chocolate chip cookies.  I really like their cookies, BUT for my Houston people…i think I may like the Common Bond chocolate chip cookie better.  Thoughts? If only the Common Bond one would come without walnuts.

date night-8

Tiny’s now has a new location in Houston called Tiny’s Milk & Cookies, which (as you guessed) just serves milk + cookies.  I’m looking forward to stopping by soonish.

After dinner we wandered around the nursery a bit.  Or at least I did while Andrew patiently waited for me to stop oooing and ahhing at things.


date night-10

the restaurant.

date night-13

the nursery. 

date night-12


date night-11

Today I don’t start seeing clients until 2 in the afternoon, so I’m planning on sleeping in a wee-bit later than usual before knocking out some blog work.  

Happy almost Friday, everyone!

date night-9


  1. I used to live in houston and miss that place!! It’s like a secret garden hidden in the city. I can’t believe you were able to eat outside in houston in August – a rare treat.

  2. I’d be in awe of the grounds and the succulents are goooorgeous. I so love your dress, and you look beautiful!

  3. I love that they out your cookie on a wood board. So fancy!

  4. This might just be me, but I love the walnuts in Common Bond’s chocolate chip cookie! Haven’t tried Tiny’s yet, though. It looks delish!

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