Day in the Life

7:06 am: Wake up. Anytime I sleep in until after 7am I wake up feeling like I can conquer the world. Sleep is so glorious.

7:07 am: Move my car for Andrew (our driveway is one car wide and we always seem to be parked in the wrong order for who is leaving first).

7:15 am: I’ve learned that if I have things to get done that I don’t really want do, I will always manage to run out of time to do them.  So I’ve got to do them first thing.  Therefore I starting prepping dinner for that night.  I was making that mexican brunch salad and needed to get the sweet potatoes into the oven.  Since I work late on Thursdays, I like having dinner waiting for Andrew when he gets home around 5pm and for me when I get home late.  (YES.  He is capable of making his own dinner, but his hours are far less flexible than mine, so I like to have dinner ready for him or at least a frozen pizza in the freezer for him.  Plus, one of the things I like about being a wife is making dinner for us most nights.)  

Typically on Thursdays the time usually gets away from me and I end up running out of time to prep dinner before I start seeing clients.  It happens and it’s fine, but I prefer to have something rtg when I get home.

day in the life 8-26

7:30 am: Make breakfast.  Today I had this pancake + an iced vanilla latte.

day in the life 8-26-2 day in the life 8-26-3

7:45 am: Onto task two that I didn’t want to do…call AT&T to figure out why our internet keeps cutting in and out.  It happens at night and that is when I’m trying to finish the blog post for the next day and I’ll lose an entire blog post because it can’t save.  SO ANNOYING.  I spent an hour on the phone with them trying to figure it out.  They were helpful, it just took awhile.

8:45 am: Laundry

day in the life 8-26-6

9:20 am: Work on my exercise obsession post.  I’m writing this for ClassPass (not compensated) and need to have the draft to them by the next day.  I use the pomodoro technique when writing.  I wish I would’ve known about this technique in college…it would’ve helped my studying!  Basically you set a timer and work for 25ish minutes.  Then take a 5 minute break where you step away from your work area to do something else.

first 5 minute break: fold laundry
second 5 minute break: put laundry up

day in the life 8-26-4

10:40 am: head to pilates + eat snack on the way.  OMG. Have you tried the nut butter filled CLIFbars? I’m a fan.  

day in the life 8-26-7

11 am: pilates class

day in the life 8-26-8

noon: Home for lunch.  Today I had a bowl of things…roasted sweet potatoes, chicken topped with blue cheese and mozzarella cheese, bell peppers, grapes.  

day in the life 8-26-9

12:30-1 pm: Finished prepping dinner.  I realized we were out of olive oil, so I found a random bottle of almond oil in our cabinet and used it instead.  

day in the life 8-26-10

1-2 pm: Shower, grab snacks for later, drive to the office.  I ended up eating the banana and KIND bar between clients.  At work my boss keeps us stocked with satisfying snacks, so I decided chocolate covered almonds sounded better than the yogurt and I ended up bringing the yogurt back home.  There is no way I can know what my body is craving until I get hungry, so I like having snack options:)

day in the life 8-26-11

2-8:30 pm: See clients + lead an eating disorder support group.

9 pm: Home.  I’ve had to experiment with what works best for my body when I work late on Thursdays.  In the beginning I would bring a dinner with me, but I didn’t like have to rush to eat it in between client sessions.  I’ve found that bringing multiple snacks to the office and waiting until I get home to have dinner works best for me.  

Last night for dinner I melted cheese on a flour tortilla and topped it with an egg + some of the brunch salad from earlier.  Served with a Yerba Mate, which is basically carbonated sweet tea.  So FRESH for summer.  Love it<3

day in the life 8-26-12

9:30-10:30 pm: Hear about Andrew’s day.  Tell him about a breakthrough I’ve had in understanding myself (this is a daily occurrence with me lol). Cuddle with Maggie…anytime I’m typing on the computer she feels like she should be sitting in my lap.  Finish typing up this post.

day in the life 8-26-13

10:45pm: Shower.  Bed.

The end.


  1. I love these posts, and you really fit in a lot of awesome eats and activities into your day!

  2. nut butter filled CLIFbars? whaaat. I need.

    I have only tried mat Pilates before and I honestly hated it, but i’m really interested in trying it with the reformer.. Sounds fun!

    I also prefer to just eat multiple snacks and then eat late at home when I work nights. It’s not ideal, but I don’t like being rushed either.
    have a good weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Can you recommend a few brands of bread to try that’s not gluten free or sprouted that can be had once in a while? Thanks

  4. Busy Bee!!! Oh, Gosh I wonder if you were able to fall asleep after drinking Yerba Mate at 9pm?!!!! So, I know a lot about this tea because I grew up drinking “terere” which is a traditional drink back home (and by back home I mean PARAGUAY!). To make it easier, I found this info on Wiki and is as close as what I would describe it to people: “Yerba mate contains three xanthines (or components): caffeine, theobromine (wich is also found in stimulants) and theophylline, the main one being caffeine”- So there you go. You learned about Yerba Mate today+)
    p.s: I also have days at work that push dinner at around 9pm or so;/

    • Quite honestly, I don’t sleep the best on Thursday nights after working so late regardless of what I drink. I’m trying to adjust my schedule so I get home earlier and have more time to unwind. Getting home at 9pm is rough:/ I don’t know how people do it! Thanks for the Yerba Mate education!:)

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