AB&J Smoothie

So. You make an almond butter & jelly sandwich and blend it up.

AB&J Smoothie |

Wait. No. That’s not write. That’s not right either.

A month or so ago I bought a bag of frozen cherries and then I promptly forgot about them. But I rediscovered them.  And here we are.

AB&J Smoothie |

My life lately: i made these brownies this weekend. I figured if they were a Martha recipes, then they must be great. But neither me or Andrew was really impressed. Do you have a favorite brownie recipe? Tell me. I need a go-to brownie recipe.

Also in our life.  At our grocery store this weekend all their “healthy living” items were 20% off.  They classify “healthy living” as any protein powder, anything from their bulk bin section, and any bars (lara, KIND, clif, etc.).  So we loaded up on KIND bars and chocolate covered almonds.  YAY.

Once I finish this post, Andrew says we’re watching another episode of Stranger Things.  I’m over it.  I’m super easily creeped out…not to much when I’m watching, it’s when I’m alone and my brain starts thinking about creepy sci-fi things.  Eww.

Other news.  I recently decided that I need a hobby.  Blogging was my hobby for a while, but since blogging has turned into this totally wonderful thing…I want a new hobby that I can do just for me.  Does that make sense? Sooooo I just bought $80 worth of painting supplies from Amazon.  New hobby here I come.

AB&J Smoothie |

So.  This smoothie.  It’s like those Bloody Mary’s everyone keeps making with the crazy toppings (–>that entire post grosses me out).  It’s like those in the sense that I added a mini almond butter & jelly sandwich topping.  That is fo sho optional.  But if you’re not adding a mini sandwich, you should add some granola for a bit of CRUNCH.  I’m all about texture mixing.

AB&J Smoothie |

AB&J Smoothie

Yield: serves 1

Total Time: 5 minutes (if fruit is already frozen)


1 1/2 frozen bananas
1/2 cup frozen cherries
4 strawberries
heaping tablespoon almond butter
enough milk to blend


Blend it up.  Serve adorned with an AB&J.

AB&J Smoothie |

the above photo is for the boho-ness in you.  ALL THE PATTERNS.


  1. These brownies are the ONLY brownies baked in my house and it was that way growing up too. They are, hands down, the best brownies. They couldn’t be simpler too since you just stir them together in one bowl. I’ve even sold these brownies as a fund raiser before and people go nuts over them!

  2. I love anything pb/ab & j flavored!
    My favorite brownie recipe is a Martha Stewart on, but it’s called “deep, dark chocolate brownies.” Gets me every time.

  3. I love the last photo – so bright and fun! Recipe is awesome, and I agree that differing textures is a must. :)

  4. HEB, right? Ohmygoodness they had the best special ever. I wanted all the Larabars. And I tried a Power Crunch bar for the first time. The salted caramel was fantastic. My go-to brownie recipe for the longest time was this recipe from a Kids Cooking book. It had 4 eggs in it and a lot of sugar so it was super indulgent. I think the book was called Kid’s Cooking? It had a couple bears cooking on the front cover.

  5. I don’t trust many newer Martha recipes.  There, I said it.  I don’t think they test much.  That said,

    • Good to know! I feel the same…but hadn’t realized it’s just the newer ones I’ve got to watch out for. Thanks for the Smitten Kitchen recipe! Her recipes are gold!

  6. I’ve been making the “Fudgy Brownies” from the Food Network “50 Brownie” pamphlet  for the past five years, and they’re the fudgiest and richest brownies I’ve ever had.

  7. OK…I have been OBSESSED with making brownies since you posted this! The only thing keeping me from it, is deciding which brownie recipe to use!!! Like chocolate chip cookie recipes, I love trying new ones. On the other hand, I don’t want them to be less than stellar!!! Oh, the baking conundrum :)  P.S. Sometime try Max Brenner’s Fudge Brownie recipe. It’s very different, but super good! Thanks for being such a unique, fun, honest & all around wonderful blogger!!!

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