Incredible Mayo-free Potato Salad with Basil Chimichurri

LOOK! A recipe without cheese!

crispy potatoes with basil chimichurri sauce |

In my life yesterday: I told Andrew I wanted a real-life alive chicken to keep in our backyard to give us eggs. He said no. Probably because he hates fun. That’s not true.  He just doesn’t want a chicken.  I think the best part of having a chicken would be getting to name her.

Anyways. This weekend we spent time with both my parents and Andrew’s parents at the lake. We SUPed and swam and ate a lot of eggs + bacon.  I really like stand-up paddleboarding.  I find it super peaceful on the lake vs. on the ocean.  When I’ve SUPed before on the ocean (when on our Oahu Adventure), I spent the entire time thinking about if I was going to get eaten by a shark.  On the lake my greatest concern would be getting bite by a turtle, which is rather terrifying, but not as terrifying as a shark.  (I did seek out sharks on Oahu Part 2.  I find sharks fascinating.  I just don’t want to get eaten by one.)

I hope your Labor Day Weekend was fabulous as well.

crispy potatoes with basil chimichurri sauce |

(those are not sausages in the pictures below. They look like hot dogs to me, but they are totally potatoes.)

crispy potatoes with basil chimichurri sauce |

In wonderful news, when grocery shopping yesterday, for the above potatoes, they were playing Britney Spears’ (sing it with me now–>) “i’m not a girl, not yet a woman.  All I need is time, a moment that is mine, while I’m in between.” It’s been stuck in my head for 4 hours now…and I don’t hate it.  My entire childhood was Brittney-filled.

And this recipe is potato-filled.  I’m not sure how those two things relate…and I’m okay with that.

crispy potatoes with basil chimichurri sauce |

On to the recipe! Hot dang we loved this meal.  One night we paired it with soft-boiled, runny eggs and another night we paired it with rotisserie chicken.  Gosh.  Rotisserie chicken makes my life so easy.  I wanna do a post on the bestest ideas I have for using a rotisserie chicken.    

For the potatoes in this recipe, I roasted the daylights out of them so they came out tasting like uber crispy breakfast potatoes, which is great if you are the kind of person who likes good things, which I’m sure you are.

crispy potatoes with basil chimichurri sauce |

You mix up the crispy potatoes with a basil chimichurri + some sun-dried tomatoes.  Top it with some protein and BOOM.  It’s dinner and epic lunch leftovers.  I had to make a basil chimichurri because I detest parsley.  I think all the parsley in the world should be thrown away.  Is that dramatic? Perhaps.  Is it necessary? Yes.  Operation ‘Rid The World of Parsley’ starts NOW with this chimichurri.

Oh.  And I don’t love traditional potato salad with all it’s mayo-ness.  I can handle mayo in sauces and what not, but tossed into a potato salad isn’t my cup of tea.  So this is a mayo-less potato salad.  All is right in the world with this recipe because 1) no parsley and 2) mayo-less potato salad.

Crispy Potato Salad with Basil Chimichurri


potato salad
16 oz fingerling potatoes, chopped into ~1" pieces
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/3 cup sun-dried tomatoes

basil chimichurri
1 bunch cilantro, roughly chopped
2 scallions (green & white part), sliced into 1/4" pieces 
3 tablespoons basil, finely minced
teeny tiny pinch red pepper flakes
1 small lemon, juiced
3 tablespoons red wine vinegar
3 tablespoons olive oil


Preheat oven to 400ºF.  On a baking sheet, toss together cut potatoes with a drizzle of olive oil + salt + pepper.  Bake for an hour, stirring potatoes every 20 minutes.  Cook until potato outsides are crisp and golden.  

In a bowl, combine all chimichurri ingredients.  Store in the fridge until potatoes are done roasting.  Toss roasted potatoes and sun-dried tomatoes in chimichurri sauce.  Serve hot or cold topped with your protein of choice: roasted chickpeas, chicken, soft boiled egg.

crispy potatoes with basil chimichurri sauce |

what is the white thing on my thumb? (annoying.)


  1. WOW girl, this potato salad looks like the!  I actually despise mayo, so I’m glad there is none in this recipe!  I need to find all those colorful potatoes, so pretty!

  2. Omg this looks so good. Today is the perfect day for a potato recipe I guess!! Also, I would totally get a real chicken with you….

  3. This looks incredibly delicious, especially with that egg! I wish Matt and I had a chicken too. We eat so many eggs that it would be very advantageous to have our own chicken provide them. Ha!

  4. Ohmygosh, YES!  I am the same way about parsley and mayo (although I’m just more iffy on mayo overall)…we have a running joke in my family that you and are secret twins because our tastes are so similar and even some of he things you say about yourself are like me. ?  Also, I have to side with Andrew on the chickens.  We thought the same as you a few years ago and we got 5 chickens, built our own coop, etc.  It was a good learning experience, but we now are 4ish years in, have 3 chickens left, and are SO ready to be done.  The thing is, they don’t give much return for all the work of cleaning out their coop, cleaning the henhouse, cleaning up after broken eggs, making sure they have enough food and water, cleaning up their molted feathers, treating them for insects or other illnesses…the list goes on.  So yeah, fun for maybe the first year or so (especially as they are little chicks…squeee!), but it gets very tiresome and not nearly enough eggs. ?

    • I’m glad to know I have a twin out there!!:)

      And yeah. I really don’t think I’d make a good chicken mother. I get easily distracted. Maybe I just need to become friends with a farmer and go visit his chickens lol. I’m sure he would let me name them;)

  5. I am SO with you on my hate towards parsley – yuck! I seriously do not understand how anyone can eat that stuff. But I do love basil and can you imagine some cilantro chimichurri?! Oh I bet that would be delicious!

  6. I’m with Andrew on the chickens, sorry. They scare me! I’d love to have a duck though. Although I don’t think it would fit in our townhouse backyard. And the dog would probably try to eat it…
    I LOVE this potato salad. I am firmly on the non-mayo train and this luscious herby potato salad is just what my life needs. Gosh, I love potatoes. I’m okay with parsley (has to be the flat kind though, not the weird, curly 80s garnish kind) but I cannot stand tarragon. Ick! Anyway, going to find all sorts of awesome potatoes at the markets next weekend so I can whip this up for the BBQ we are holding! Thanks Kylie!

    • LOL on “i’d love to have a duck though.” In other news, I’ve heard goats are just like dogs…so in addition to a chicken I think a goat would be nice to have ;)

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