7 layer tacos.

…because sometimes (read: all the time) you just need some toppings in yo life.

7 layer tacos |

i <3 tacos.  Which is a) why i wrote that post on how to eat tacos for every meal in Houston and 2) why we’re here again talking about tacos. 

Growing up my grandma would make a 7 layer dip and this recipe is pretty much that dip in taco form.  If someone could make a spinach artichoke dip taco, please mail me one because I would very much like to try it.

Also when we were growing up, my family ate Mexican food pretty much every Thursday night.  So pretty much every Thursday night from ages 11 to 18 I had some version of a taco at least once a week.  That is how you know you are living right.

7 layer tacos |

This isn’t really even a recipe.  It’s more of an idea, which is just how I like recipes.  I like recipes for inspiration, but not to follow  Whenever I have to follow a recipe I feel like I’m being suffocated.  Last year I ended up on a media trip for a food company and I was surrounded by Type A dietitians and we had this “fun” activity of being in a culinary school kitchen an preparing recipes together.  I thought I was going to lose my freaking mind.  And I did semi-lose my freaking mind because I ended up walking out of said “fun” activity and driving home early.  I don’t like being told how to make food (omg.  I would be the worst fit for culinary school.) 

In my defense they were VERY diet-y dietitians I was surrounded by and I couldn’t stand to be around them for a millisecond more.  If you were me, you would’ve done the same!

The worst moment was when one of the dietitians mentioned that when she’s pregnant she must let everyone around her know asap because since she’s a dietitian she doesn’t want anyone to think she is “getting fat.” God forbid you gain weight when you’re pregnant or even when you’re not pregnant.  That’s about the moment I lost my mind and walked out.  Diet mentality is EVERYWHERE.  Especially among dietitians, which can suck when I’m at events with other dietitians.  I should carry around copies of how to be okay gaining weight or why not to go on a diet this year.  I’d never actually do that.  I’ll just passive aggressively tell you about things that annoy me.  Sorry if that annoys you.

That was a random story.

Moving on to Tacolandia.

7 layer tacos |

The very best way to heat a tortilla is just like the above photo (i’m sure I learned that heating technique from Jessica).  The tortilla gets warm and puffy and crispy.  I’m telling you, it’s everything you want to pile toppings onto.    

For this I choose 7 toppings that sounded like a good time.  My favorite of these toppings is probably the mashed black beans + cumin + lime juice.  I wanna make some avocado toast with those beans…that would be a dream boat.  Or perhaps just a taco with mashed black beans + guac + queso.  That sounds like a dream boat (erm, taco) too.

7 layer tacos |

When you think about it, tacos are pretty much a topping boat.  What a joyful thought.

If there are other toppings your heart is leading you towards, follow your heart.  The toppings options are SO VAST.

7 layer tacos |

(pssst.  if you can find radishes in your grocery store, you should totally thinly slice them and top the tacos with them.  that would make these the prettiest.  the radishes at my grocery store were MIA this week.)

(psst #2: Also in my life this week –> I tried to set a new bed time of 10:30pm.  It was 10:45, but I’m attempting to move it up a bit.  It’s currently 11:37pm.  I think I’m doing something wrong.  ahhhhh.  someone come move in with me and keep me accountable for doing the things I want to do, but don’t do.)

7 layer tacos |

7 layer tacos.

Yield: some tacos

Total Time: 20 minutes


rotisserie chicken
mashed black beans + dash cumin + squeeze lime juice
thinly sliced onions caramelized in butter
feta cheese
cilantro + chives + tomatoes
1 part greek yogurt + 1 part BBQ sauce + squeeze lime juice


Layer all the layers in a warm tortilla.

7 layer tacos |

^^^color explosion<3.


  1. I seriously was at one time probably very similar to those RD’s, and my gosh I’m so SO thankful I’ve changed for the better!! I cannot stand that mentality and the diet talk. I would’ve been close to screaming and also would’ve walked out as well. That’s absurd. They need a reality check. Ugh. As far as the above inspiration, ohmygosh they look heavenly. We have a local café that I plan to visit as soon as I can to try their breakfast tacos. I’ve had a few other entrees, but those tacos are calling my name after seeing so many of your creations. Thank you for this!

  2. I would have gone crazy too and I think it’s SO great that you just left! I love cooking and food and it’s impossible to find blogs by dietitians that don’t vilify so many foods (seriously, yours is like the only one that doesn’t). Or they NEVER allow themselves a store-bought cookie or white rice and it’s just absurd. Ain’t nobody got the time or energy for that. I’ve had to stop following all of them because they would creep into my brain and create unnecessary guilt way too often.

    Bottom line – thank you for being you!! I’ve said this before but your blog has helped me so much :)

    • Diet talk is so sneaky. I stand by what I’ve said before…the world speaks fluent eating disorder. It’s hard to escape it. I feel like some people don’t even realize the effect diet talk has on them even when they experience just as much guilt over eating a cookie as they do when they hurt someone close to them. So crazy. Nourishing your body shouldn’t involve feelings of guilt. Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  3. oh goodness, that environment with those RD’s would’ve been so tough for me to be around too!! You are seriously one of my fav RD’s ever (and Robyn) bc of the reason you both are so go-with-the flow and carefree around food and with life! :)

    These tacos look so good too. I want to try adding greek yogurt to mine next time!

  4. Girl I feel you… random question, but how many hours of sleep do you get on average?? How many did you get when you were an intern? Currently running on 4-5 hrs of sleep and about to reach my breaking point lol 

    • Oh gosh! 4-5 hours of sleep!! I would be at my breaking point too. I’d say I typically get 7 hours a night. I wasn’t a very good intern…soooo I got plenty of sleep then lol. I tend to rebel when I feel like I’m being controlled. Whoops.

      I hope you start getting more sleep soon!

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