Crepes + Night Yoga

Yesterday was a fun one.  I start seeing clients on Thursdays between 1-3pm, so I have mornings free.  

I started the day with a work/new friend meeting at Flo Paris.  I had been wanting to try this place ever since a client told me about it.  The restaurant was located in a really interested (read: ugly) shopping center.  I put on Stories that I was bummed it was smooshed beside a Weight Loss Surgery facility.  


It was cute inside though!


And the crepe I ordered was great.  It’s my favorite savory crepe I’ve found in Houston.  It was filled with eggs, cheese, chorizo and bacon.  I’m not the biggest fan of chorizo (i think it just tastes messy, if that makes sense), I was going to tell them to leave it off, but I forgot to.  It was actually really yummy.  I’m glad I forgot haha.


The vanilla latte was nothing special, but I’d go back!  Some of their croissants looked incredible.


Then I finished charting on some clients + responded to emails.

Right before lunch I had a supervision call with a CEDRD (certified eating disorder registered dietitian).  For me to become a CEDRD I have to have a certain number of hours I talk through cases with a current CEDRD.  So once a week I have a supervision call.

For lunch I went with leftover skillet lasagna (recipe can be found in my How to grocery shop when I don’t have a plan post + bell peppers + chocolate covered almonds.  I’ve found that if I cut up my bell peppers at the beginning of the week, they actually get eaten rather than rotting away in my fridge.  So that is good.


Then I sent a photo of Maggie drinking a beer to Andrew.  Because that is what you do when you are married and you don’t have kids.  (right?)  The best story of my life was in 3rd grade my mom accidentally packed a beer in my lunchbox because she thought it was a Ginger Ale.  My 3rd grade self knew I wasn’t supposed to drink it and I left it in my lunchbox.  Too funny.  Of course my mom was horrified.


Then I saw clients from 2-8:30pm.

For snacks + dinner I packed a PB & banana waffle sandwich + blueberries.  An oatmega bar.  And a latte with vanilla creamer. 


After my clients I rushed over to night yoga! One of my very good friends had sent me a facebook invite for this and I had been excited about it for weeks! 


Me + Donika.  She is the sparkle and giggle of my life.  (pssst. wish you were there, Kalyn!)


I didn’t get home until 10:20ish, but I made a breakfast taco with eggs, feta and hummus for a snack.


I just typed up this post and I’m feeling like some tea (this one is my current fav), so I’m gonna make some and then off to bed.  Well.  I should go to bed after, but I see myself ending up reading some Girl on the Train.  Happy Friday!


  1. I don’t know how you do it, but somehow I always feel inspired after reading these kinds of posts from you. Thank you! :)

  2. That restaurant is quite literally smooshed! It does look super cute inside though. I don’t think I’ve ever actually had a true crepe, but yours always look so yummy. There’s gotta be a crepe place somewhere around me…
    So cool that you’re working on your CEDRD- dreams!
    That story about your mom though… so funny.

  3. That story about you and the beer is adorable. My aunt was always mortified that my uncle taught my baby cousin to go to the fridge and get his beers as a party trick. Night yoga sounds like a blast!

  4. Night yoga is the perfect way to end the day! I have never had a crepe but you always make me crave them. I need to try one some day!

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