weekend recap

Hi, you all! Ya’ll! You guys!

After an incredibly rough week last week, Andrew and I made no plans for this weekend and focused on taking it easy.

Saturday I got up and went to a boot camp in the morning. I’m still using ClassPass and still loving it.


I got home and made breakfast for Andrew and me. 

Eggs + chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I had made the night before + an iced vanilla latte.


Then I spent some time reading.  I’m getting some new ARFID clients.  ARFID stands for “avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder”, and since this is a newer diagnosis I haven’t had the chance to learn much about it and know how to best help parents of these kiddos who are described as extreme picky eaters.  ARFID is different than other eating disorders in that there isn’t a fear of weight gain or body image issues that are present.

If you have any extreme picky eaters, I recommend the below book and this podcast.


Later Andrew was working on finishing remodeling our half bathroom so I biked over to our neighborhood farmers market.  I wanted to spend time outside this weekend and a bike ride sounded nice.  


 Houston has a rather pretentious farmers market in the city that I volunteered at several year ago, but I wasn’t feeling all the people with their bamboo baskets and lululemon.  Our neighborhood farmers market is pretty much the opposite of that one.  It’s very cozy and small.


I ended up getting eggs, long beans and purslane (<– which I googled when I got home to see if it was toxic to humans lol. I had never heard of it before.)


For lunch Andrew and I went to Chipotle.  I got my usual, 2 crispy chicken tacos.


Then I did a DIY project.  Sharing soon.


And then we sat down to watch some Netflix and ended up starting (and watching 3 episodes) of Bates Motel.  It’s pretty disturbing.  I’m not sure if I’m a fan…but I’m hooked for now.  Have you watched it?


For dinner I told Andrew I wanted Smashburger so…


Then we went grocery shopping for the week and came home to watch more Bates Motel.  And I had some cookies + milk before bed.

Sunday morning I woke up and got ready for church.  Andrew was feeling sick, so I ventured to church on my own.  I hate going to church alone…or really going anywhere alone on the weekend.  I married Andrew so I could spend time with him…it was really hard to get out the door.  Someone is a bit codependent (Me! I’m actually working on being better alone.).  So I bribed myself by taking myself on a date before church started to a new cafe in Houston, Cafeza.  It was a gorgeous space!  I loved the vibe.


For breakfast I got a vanilla latte + a chorizo & egg empanada.  


inside yumminess…


Then church + volunteering with the kids ministry.  Look at this chair that’s in the kiddos space at church.  I’m tempted to sit in it every time I volunteer, but then remind myself it’s for the children.  It’s pretty small (not sure if you can tell from the photo).


After church I came home and made a egg + cheese + chive croissant sandwich for lunch.  Then hung out with Andrew for the rest of the day while working on some blog content.

Ate some point I ate some cantaloupe with a melon baller.  And then made this video.


I took an evening stroll around the neighborhood after dinner while listening to podcasts.  I love doing that on Sunday evenings.  It helps me feel calm going into the week.  I just had some La Croix mixed with cranberry juice (yum.) + some chocolate covered almond (Andrew bought us a jumbo pack of dark chocolate almonds that I’m trying to get through.  I’m more of a milk chocolate almond person.)

I hope you had a rejuvenating and restful weekend!


  1. I love that you got purslane at the farmer’s market! In the Midwest, purslane is a weed (like dandelions) that takes over our yards. We eat it sometimes, but I’m not a big fan of raw greens. 

  2. Your breakfast at Cafeza looks so good! When I was completing my Public Health Nutrition Internship summer of 2013, I was fortunate to get to stay with my parents in TX while I worked at the food bank. I went on a few lunches/brunches by myself because they were at work, and I felt that some people thought it was weird. I was happy I did it as it helped to strengthen my independence. I love going out with Matt, my sister, and others on different dates, but sometimes going by yourself is nice too. Good for you, and I hope you have a much better week!

  3. Your photography always makes me want to move to Texas. You’re really talented at capturing appealing environments and atmospheres.
    I love how oatmeal-y your cookies are! I can never get mine quite right.

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