4 Adventures in my Life.

1. I’m seeing a therapist.  

I’ve been seeing her for about a month now.  Andrew and I have been talking about me seeing a therapist ever since I choose the career path I choose (–>eating disorders).  I work with so many therapists when collaborating on clients, so it was interesting choosing a therapist that doesn’t see EDs (bc I didn’t want personal and professional life mixing), but would still be open to listening about my past with an ED.  We spent the first several sessions with me telling my ED story and her just listening.  She had me create a timeline to help me better understand how I got out of my harmful eating/exercising behaviors.  I think the timeline could be helpful for many struggling if I shared it on the blog, so I will likely do that in the future.  Now we’re moving on to what I wanted to go to therapy for…discussing anxiety, self-esteem and procrastination.  

Therapy is strange.  I hate going.  I hate talking about my feelings.  I really just hate talking.  It feels like a lot of work.  And I 100% know that I need to keep going, because the things we talk about now are things I wouldn’t bring up with anyone other than Andrew.  I want to get better at opening up to people.  Forcing myself to talk about things I struggle with helps me process through struggles that I usually just don’t let my brain think about…and I’ve learned that not letting myself think about something gets me nowhere.  The more I try to push down and not think about what I’m overwhelmed about, the more that situation/feeling rips me apart.  Does that make sense? It’s hard to be productive if you feel like you’re being ripped apart by your emotions.  Sooooo therapy it is.  

I’m a happy person.  I love my life.  But there are still things I struggle with that are keeping me from fully enjoying my life.

lil sis & me | immaEATthat.comlaguna beach |
{not my therapist…but it is my favorite little sister<3}

2. Pops of color.

I painted the inside of our front door yellow. The color was from Behr and it’s called “Sunny Side Up.” I’ve wanted to paint our door yellow ever since seeing this photo on pinterest.  I absolutely love how it looks.  The paint we got ended up being a bit low quality, so we will probably have to repaint it soon.  For now it’s good though.

new yellow door |

3. Planning vacations I’ll never take.  

Is that weird?  I do it all the time.  I research hotels/resorts, imagine when we could go & what we would do.  Occasionally I’ll want to go someplace bad enough that we make it happen (that’s how our San Francisco Trip & Oahu Adventure happened), but honestly I’m not that big on traveling.  I do enjoy it when we’re on the trip(!), but I really like my life at home with Maggie and Andrew…one of the perks of being an introvert, I guess.  Regardless, I’m currently swooning over Korakia and want to go soon-ish.

korkia{photo via here.}

4. Going to new coffee shops and cafes.

This isn’t a new one (I mention it all the time), but I love trying new coffee shops.  A while ago a friend sent me this list of America’s Best Coffee Cities and I think a fabulous vacation would be going to any of those cities and venturing to the many coffee shops they have to offer.  It’s not so much the coffee (I do love a good latte!), but it’s more the coffee shop vibes I’m after.  I love that Houston has so many coffee shop gems and creative cafes to stumble upon.  I love anything that makes an ordinary day seems special…and coffee shops do that for me.

Cafeza | Houston, TX |

If you have any current or upcoming adventures in your life, I’d love to hear.  Whether they’re big or small adventures, I’d still love to hear…and then incorporate your good ideas into my life :)


  1. I used to see a therapist for my ED in the past and that was helpful. Last year though I used a therapist for anxiety and other things. I couldn’t believe how helpful it was to voice things that I couldn’t say to other people. It was so freeing. I think everyone should see a therapist at some point. The timeline thing is a cool idea.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. My husband and I go to a new coffee shop early on Saturday mornings to sip coffee and read! It’s one of my favorite things to do. It’s just a great way to start the weekend.

  3. I’m a social worker and I work with clients with an array of mental health disorders and limited access to resources. I’ve seen a therapist several times throughout my career and will probably continue to do so. I remember my professors shared that they went to see a therapist too. It helped normalize the process. Most people can benefit from therapy, especially helping professionals. It’s self-care and preservation. It prevents burnout and increases our effectiveness. Glad to know you are taking care of yourself as you support others!!

    • I remember hearing that when in school to become a therapist, therapy students are encouraged to see a therapist. I so wish that was encouraging/talked about/required for dietitians in the ED field. I guess everyone is different, but there are so many RDs working in the ED field who have been through an ED themselves and could benefit with some sessions with a therapist. I’m glad I’m going. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. I 100% feel you on vacations. I enjoy them while I’m there, but I love being home with my husband or visiting my family so much, I never really want to go away. I guess that’s what they mean when they say “build a life you love”, right?
    My recent adventures all involve hiking/finding waterfalls. Hiking is so therapeutic for me, and I love spending time outside.
    Other awesome things I love doing is volunteering at a dog shelter to be a dog walker once a week (or month). Bonus if they have puppies or kittens for me to snuggle.

  5. I am SO proud of you!! After my mom passed away unexpectedly in 2006 right after high school graduation, I was at a loss. My twin and I were thrown into a whirlwind of responsibilty. Other things happened that I chose to bury rather than address. I suppressed my emotions and went on with college and life. Fast forward to spring 2012, and I had my breaking point. My sister had been seeing a therapist after starting her first FT job post-graduation (she just celebrated 5 yrs in August!), and with her push, I scheduled with a therapist. It was the best decision! I needed an unbiased person to listen to me, to allow me to cry, to vent, to discuss my past experiences. Even now, there are times I can see when a therapist would be helpful because as much as I love to go to by twin or my fiance, there are instances when that unbiased person would be better. One day I’m sure I’ll go back because life is full of challenges and positive experiences alike. Anywho, I love your door!! Maybe we’ll do this with our first home one day. I commend you on your bravery to share this and for helping so many people!

  6. I really love this because it feels like we are similar and I always feel like the only one out there!  I saw a therapist a year or so ago for several months just to work through post-ED anxiety, depression (from anxiety), self-esteem, over-thinking, etc. :)  I felt the exact same way you describe after every session.  I was literally SO exhausted.  Then I felt like never talking again, ever..haha.  I don’t know if there is a stigma behind being a dietitian but having some deeply rooted food-related and then non-food related issues to deal with but I feel like it’s there and is maybe one of the downsides to being in the field (for me personally). 

    I also randomly painted one wall in my living room a deep purple just because I love it!  AND I plan trips we usually never take.  Love just being home with my husband and pets.  

  7. I always feel/know I should go see someone for things.  I don’t think I live my life wrong exactly – but I keep myself locked up in my house with my husband and dogs and never ever want to be social.  Maybe that’s normal, but with a past with a severe ED, depression, and OCD symptoms that have affected me physically I think all of them play into each other.  I’m just so uncomfortable going to someone and figuring out/talking about it I still haven’t made the move.  I love your blog for it’s honesty and thoughtfulness – thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I’m OBSESSED with your door. Yellow has always been my favorite color for a reason!

  9. I’m so glad you found a therapist you feel comfortable with. I have had several different bouts of therapy in my life as I struggle with depressive episodes and a few other things that stop me from enjoying my life to the fullest all the time. I am fortunate that my Dad has been through similar problems so I grew up with the feeling that it was okay to talk about these things with people. I think when you do open up you find out that so many other people are struggling with the same anxieties/fears/sadness that you are. And a therapist is a great place to start learning to open up.
    Also, yellow doors, fantasy holidays, and coffee shops help too :)
    When I was living at home I painted my bedroom yellow and it made me so happy to wake up to my sunshine filled room every morning!

  10. Long time reader, 1st time commenter but I just wanted to thank you for your openness about therapy and how tough but worthwhile it can be. As someone who has gone through similar things, I finally realized I needed the consistent help and started seeing a therapist about a year ago and still go about every 4 weeks. I view it now as my mental and emotional health maintenance and I really have noticed a difference. I feel passionate that it’s something we should talk about and think it’s wonderful that you choose to use your platform to do so! Also love the yellow door!

  11. Are there any coffee shops in Houston that you recommend?

    • Omgsh. I live for this questions haha. If I had to pick my top 5 I’d say:
      -Catalina Coffee (one of the least expensive, but still delicious lattes in town)
      -Cafeza (bc it’s new & pretty)
      -Inversion (great lattes)
      -Morningstar (their donuts suck tho)
      -Tout Suite (it’s just a pretty atmosphere & it’s good.)

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  13. You should write a post with your 5 top coffee shops in Houston! I love discovering new ones myself but have a bad habit of going to the same ones over and over again. Some new coffee shop suggestions would be wonderful!

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