Rainbow Croissant Sandwiches

This post was sponsored by Sabra.

oh, hayyyy colors.


I’m coloring my life via doors and food.  It’s fabulous.  Also great is that I’m sitting here typing up this post while watching The Mindy Project.  I just watched the first 3 episodes back-to-back.  I love it so far.  It’s like Grey’s Anatomy meets The Shopaholic book series.   It’s ridiculous.  I like ridiculous.  

Like making ridiculous sandwiches with all the colors.  I like that.  For this recipe, I basically walked around the produce section at the grocery store saying, “ROY G. BIV,” until I found a vegetable in every color.  LOOK!


Can we talk about croissants for a sec? They have been my sandwich bread go-to lately.  

When I was little my sisters and I used to stay at our grandparents during the day.  My favorite meals were: 1) roast beef + mustard + cheese sandwiches on white bread (crust-less) OR 2) ham + swiss cheese + dijon mustard croissant sandwich. Then we would spend all afternoon snacking on limeade, skittles and ice cream.  Then we’d go to Blockbuster, watch a movie and then spend all afternoon swimming in their pool. Then repeat ALL SUMMER.  My grandpa was always fearful of us drowning, so he taught us how to tread water for several minutes.  And then he taught us how to float.  If I ever get stuck out in the ocean, I will totally be able to float for hours thanks to my grandpa.  

All that to say, croissant sandwiches are where it’s at.

So in these sandwiches there are a lot of colors AND there is Sabra’s new fresh tasting, wholesome, refrigerated hummus spread.  I’ve been putting the garlic herb flavor on sandwiches and using it in place of pizza sauce on pizza crusts.  I like hummus and I like it in this new form.    It’s totally worth trying.  Mainly because 1) it really is delicious and 2) I find a spread made of hummus to be super creative and I like creative.  Plus, it comes in a squeeze bottle and we all know squeeze bottles make life more fun.


Rainbow Croissant Sandwiches


orange & yellow bell peppers, cut into lil' matchsticks
tomatoes, thinly sliced
multi-color olives
fresh basil


Slice your croissant open.  Top with your mozzarella and parmesan.  Place under the broiler until cheese is melted.  Add toppings to make into a sandwich.  You got this.