Vacay-ing in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!!!

Popping in with some vacation highlights.  We are here for the week with Andrew’s family and have rented an epic house that i’m in love with.  Andrew’s dad actually grew up in Rehoboth, so their family has spent a lot of time here over the years.  This is my third time visiting the gorgeous town with them.

rehoboth vacation |

Here’s our view from the house…I’m loving it.

rehoboth vacation |

I’ve started my first two mornings with boardwalk strolls to local coffeeshops.

rehoboth vacation |

It’s still odd to me to have sunrises over the ocean.  I’m so used to the West Coast that I expect the beach to be shady in the morning and sunny in the evenings.  But on the East Coast it’s flipped and it just feels all wrong.  I’m slowly but surely coming around to the East Coast though :) 

rehoboth vacation |

The first morning I found the cutest coffee shop (with the most expensive latte + an Italian barista that was such a charmer lol).

rehoboth vacation |

Since the weather has been chilly here, I’ve been craving hot lattes.  I was gonna make a latte at home this morning, but then I saw the cups they were serving coffee in and omgosh I knew I needed one.

rehoboth vacation |

The next morning involved another walk to a new coffee shop.  (I added my own stickers that I found in my planner<3)

rehoboth vacation |

Then I walk back home and sit on the porch with whoever is awake at this point and slowly drink my latte.  Gosh.  Life is such a dreamworld this week.

rehoboth vacation |

Then I’ll continue easing into my morning by taking my sweet time to make breakfast.

For breakfast everyone just throws together what they want.  I’ve done…

parmesan eggs + piece of toast + blueberries + a banana

rehoboth vacation | immaEATthat.comrehoboth vacation |

Another morning I did an egg + bacon + provolone sandwich + yogurt.

rehoboth vacation | rehoboth vacation |

Yesterday after breakfast Andrew + me + Andrew’s sister + her husband headed out on a biking adventure.

rehoboth vacation | immaEATthat.comrehoboth vacation | rehoboth vacation |

Lunches have included…

everything bagel sandwich with turkey + ham + provolone + cheddar + olives

rehoboth vacation |

Another day we ate out.  I got a caprese salad (that was unfortunaly drowning in dressing.  I’m pro dressing, but not when the thing is overloaded so much that it’s hard to taste the mozzarella) + sweet potato fries.

rehoboth vacation |

One afternoon we hit up the beach.


rehoboth vacation |

at the beach.

rehoboth vacation |

…and then to the hot tub at the house. (or what I’m referring to as the “warm” tub lol.  It doesn’t get very hot.  BOO!)

rehoboth vacation |

Another afternoon we did some shopping.  I got the coolest pants covered in elephants.  I’m sure i’ll be sharing them with you soon.  Because obviously want to see my elephant pants ;)

rehoboth vacation |

OHHH.  And look at this fantastic journal I got.

rehoboth vacation |

One day we headed down to the beach before dinner to take some family photos.  This will not be our Christmas card photo lol.  But it’s a fun one.  Andrew’s mom is one of my biggest supporters of the blog<3

rehoboth vacation |

Family photo!

rehoboth vacation |

Afternoon snacks have been…

Kohr’s brothers! I told Andrew his was too ugly for THE photo haha.

rehoboth vacation |

cheese + crackers.

rehoboth vacation |

Dinners have been…

Grotto’s Bianca Pizza!

rehoboth vacation |

Another night Andrew’s mom made a delish Casear salad + shrimp pasta + La Croix.

rehoboth vacation |

Another night we did rotisserie chicken + broccoli + garlic-butter rice.


Now all I need to do is get my hands on some crab cakes ASAP!

rehoboth vacation |

Would love to hear if you like this type of post! I’m happy to do another one later this week if you’re up for it.  


  1. This does look like a dream! I’m east coast gal, but I’ve never been to the northern beaches. I’ve lived in SC my whole life so we have our own beaches, but I’d love to see where you’re at.
    So smart to take family photos too, those will be precious!

  2. First time commenter, long time reader. ;) I LOVE these posts of vacation photos and what yall are doing and eating and buying! Can’t wait to see the elephant pants. (I also love your posts on normal eating philosophy and non-diet mentality – you are a saint, we need more of this in our crazy diet obsessed culture, so keep fighting the good fight!!!).

  3. I love these types of posts! The beach there is so pretty! I’ve only ever been to North Carolina beaches. Trying to convince my fiancè to tale me to the West Coast for a vacation!

  4. LOVE these types of posts!!!

  5. love these posts too! always interesting to see the IRL eats :) also dying for a kohr bros ice cream now

  6. That house looks sooo dreamy. Like you, I would have to check out the cute coffee shops! Dreamer looks adorbs. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. So many yummy eats!

  7. I enjoy seeing what you are eating and doing!

    I am especially interested in the vacation posts. My interest in intuitive eating started when I went on vacation this summer. Ever since I had my son, I have been trying to lose the pregnancy weight. My body feels so different and unfamiliar. I went on vacation and lost five pounds eating whatever I wanted. That was kind of a light bulb moment for me. If I relaxed, I was fine. But the stress of every day life was leading to me not being healthy, regardless of my weight.  

    • Thanks for the feedback, Korie:)

      I love hearing about positive intuitive eating experiences! I feel like vacation is such a great time to experiment fully with intuitive eating when you’re not stressed.

      I hear ya on the stresses of the everyday getting to you. They get to me too. What I’ve learned for me is that I have to be sure I’m keeping my emotional hunger bucket full even when not on vacation. You may have already seen this post, but I talk about emotional hunger here:

  8. I love this post!! Keep them coming. :)

  9. Love these types of posts! Rehoboth Beach is one of the places my family vacations as well! My favorite place to visit is Dogfish Brewery! They have an awesome brewery about 20-30 minutes away and then two restaurants near the boardwalk.

  10. I did a couple solo coffee walks when I was there in early August (I’m the only early riser in my husbands family) and that Dreamer place was the MOST expensive chai I’ve ever had! One morning I also walked to fractured prune on the highway (that was a really long walk but the donuts were worth it!) Enjoy the rest of your vacation :)

    • LOL we are the same. I’m the only early riser in my husbands family as well:)

      Seriously tho. Dreamer is SO expensive. We are headed to Fractured Prune this morning actually. We rode our bikes there one year and it was too long of a bike ride for us haha, so we will be driving today.

      Hope ya had a great time at Blog Brulee! Robin Plotkin was key in helping me dream big about turning the blog into a business.

  11. I love these posts! Enjoy your vacation! :)

  12. Love these posts – looks like so much fun!

  13. Love this post and would love to read about the rest of the week too :)

  14. Elephant pants?! And you didn’t FedEx me some?! What the heck…

    All these photos make me want to visit east coast US soooo bad! It’s really really different than east coast Canada.

    Have a great rest of your trip! Would LOVE to see another post like this!

    • I know! Elephant pants FTW!

      And I recommend the East Coast! It’s taken me a bit to warm up to it…but I’m a fan now! Especially for a morning person because the sunrises are incredible.

  15. Yes! I am living vicariously through you this week. Love the east coast beaches, especially my hometown beach, OCNJ.Enjoy and totally drooling over that ice cream cone.

    • Oh yeah! You’re from right around here! I forgot. I think I had seen facebook pictures of you on a beach/boardwalk that looked very much like Rehoboth:)

  16. Love it!! Please keep these posts coming :)
    Looks like you’re having an amazing time!

  17. LOVE these posts! I’m a long time follower (ok, ok, lurker..) of your blog and I honestly read them all.. but I like the more natural/daily diary posts! 

    Plus, I’m a Delaware native (the northern part, though) so this post feels like home!

    • LOL on the “lurker” comment. I feel the same with other bloggers lol…I’m totally a lurker!

      I’m glad to hear you like the daily diary posts. Those are actually my favorite to write but sometimes I feel like readers wouldn’t care about the small details of my day. But if you’re a fan, I need to do that type of post more consistently!

  18. Love these posts!

  19. This type is post is always welcome in my book!

  20. I love this post!

    So random, but I vacationed with my family in Rehoboth ages ago as a teenager and have one very distinct food memory–a banana, sour cream, and brown sugar crepe from some sort of outdoor cafe. I have no idea where it was or if that place still exists, but there you go. :)

    • OOOO. I’m intrigued! There is a crepe place down this little alley I saw. Maybe it was there. I’ll have to go by and check it out. Thanks for the rec, Sarah!!

  21. Love these types of posts – my in laws have a house in Lewes, DE so I love seeing these pictures from Rehoboth since we usually go there at least one day when we visit Lewes.

  22. Yes please! These are fun!

  23. My dad grew up in/around Rehoboth, too! Small world!

  24. Oooo fun!! I went to Rehobeth with a friend for the first time this summer. What is the site for that house rental, it’s beautiful!!

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