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Friday we headed over to our friend’s place for pizza + salad + wine + cookies + good tv-less conversations.  I took zero photos haha.  Saturday morning Maggie woke us up and wouldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up and took her on a quick walk.

weekend fun |

Soon after we headed over to meet Layne & Marco for breakfast.  They will be moving out of Houston soon, so we’re trying to soak up as much family time as possible before they leave.

weekend fun at Morningstar in Houston, TX |

We went to Morningstar.  The first time I tried their donuts, I wasn’t a fan.  BUT I gave their donuts another try and got their nutella stuffed donut annnnddd…I LOVED it. 

dating yourself. |

They didn’t skimp on the nutella either, which was awesome! I would definitely order this donut again!

Nutellla donut. Weekend fun at Morningstar in Houston, TX |

After breakfast we headed home and did yard work for the rest of the morning.  I had a tough day at work Wednesday and my mom had stopped by and dropped me off some snapdragon flowers + a pumpkin + gorgeous plant.


So I planted the snapdragons in our planter box :)

flower planting

Then I started pulling weeds and immediately got stung by a wasp.  HOLY CRAP.  IT HURT! My thigh is still swollen.

So I took a break and ate lunch.  I went with a salad with roasted sweet potatoes + dried cranberries + chicken + goat cheese + cheddar cheese + asparagus.

fall salad - cranberries, goat cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, chicken |

Then some strawberries…


Later I went to yoga…

Black Swan Yoga | Houston, TX Black Swan Yoga | Houston, TX

Afterwards I hung out outside and called to talk to my best and oldest friend for awhile.  We live in separate states and do our best to not go too long without talking.

THEN I had heard that fat cat creamery had two new soft serve flavors for fall that I was super excited to try.  

Fat Cat Creamery | Houston, TX

Last month their soft serve flavors were english breakfast tea + lemon peel.  This month they have brown sugar cinnamon + butternut squash.  They were so good! I got a swirl of the two flavors.

Fat Cat Creamery | Houston, TX

Then we hung out at the house for the rest of the afternoon/evening with some Mindy Project watching paired with a handful of peanuts + chocolate chips.

peanut + chocolate snack |

Later for dinner I made homemade arepas filled with black beans, cilantro, chile powder, cumin and cheddar cheese.  Paired with a super lime-filled sparkling water.


Before bed I had two more of the leftover arepas for a savory snack.

Sunday morning I woke up and made us crepes using an Alton Brown crepe recipe.  I wish the batter was a bit more sweet, but other than that they were yummy.  I filled mine with peanut butter, chocolate chips, nutella and maple syrup.

homemade crepe + latte |

After church we grocery shopped.  I got home and took Maggie on a walk (that wasn’t very enjoyable because she tries to chase and eat all the squirrels she sees and nearly rips my arm off in the process).

The weather was incredible outside, so later I brought a blanket and my pouf into our backyard and listened + took notes on an audiobook. 

dreamy fall weather |

For lunch I had more arepas + a broccoli-blue cheese dressing salad.

lunch with arepas + broccoli salad |

After lunch we headed to see Mamma Mia! with my family.  It’s one of my favorite musicals.  I know all the songs and I’ve seen the show a couple times and never get tired of it.  We ended up having an extra ticket so one of my good friends was able to come along with us.

Mamma Mia!Mamma Mia with the family!

After we went to dinner as a family.  I took an evening walk.  Had some Ben & Jerry’s + chocolate pretzels.  Watched the debate.  Practiced my handstands.

Inspiration for the week includes…

sheet pan dinners…

inspiration for the week

THIS crescent bacon breakfast ring.inspiration for the week

And omgsh this wall @erinireland posted to Stories.

inspiration for the week |

What was the best part of your weekend?? TELL ME.


  1. Best part was the pumpkin old fashioned donut I (begrudgingly) shared with my three kids. It was AHMAZING!!! Donuts are such great weekend treats at our house and pumpkin ones are only around for a short time.
    Your Nutella filled one looked pretty yummy, too! 

  2. The best part of my weekend was watching the sunset alone last night. It was a good time to just be with myself and Gods creation.

    I have to try making some arapas!

  3. It sounds like you had a great weekend! Just what you needed after your rough Wednesday.
    My fiance and I had a five day weekend because I had a medical procedure on Thursday and we had leave on Friday and Monday! It was a great little stay-cation and we watched movies, spent time with my family, and I made a killer biscotti recipe – and we spent hours loving on our little puppy too :)

  4. A handful of nuts and chocolate chips is always the best snack!

  5. Sorry if life has been stressful lately :( Sending good vibes your way. I love that since I am in college, my sorority sisters and I get a lot of activities on the weekends! It is so fun :)

  6. The best part of my weekend was
    1. Fried dough + maple cream (seriously-have you had maple cream? Its like liquid gold.)
    2. Watching the sunset in my fav spot.

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