How I make the best lattes ever.

I totally didn’t intend for the last 3 posts to have a latte in them lol. So it goes.

One of the questions I get most often is, “How do you make your lattes?”

I should start by saying, I make lattes all wrong.  I hear you are supposed to use espresso, but I don’t do that.

Here’s what I do:

ONE: I get some coffee beans (my absolute favorite coffee beans are Cuvee!).  I measure out one cup of beans and coarsely grind them just before brewing.

how i make the most delicious latte at home! |

TWO: I put my coarsely ground coffee beans into my32oz french press.  Then I add in enough filtered water to fill up the press.

how i make the most delicious latte at home! |

THREE: Then I let the coffee sit overnight in the fridge.

how i make the most delicious latte at home! |

FOUR: In the morning, I press the coffee grounds away from the cold-brewed coffee. 

FIVE: Assemble.  I use 3 ingredients for my lattes: coffee-mate creamer, 2% milk and cold-brew coffee.  I tend to favor iced lattes, so I serve mine over ice.


SIX: All together now!  It’s perfect.

how i make the most delicious latte at home! |



  1. I love how you make your own cold brew because that stuff is expensive, didn’t know it was that easy! I would love to use some homemade pumpkin spice creamer in this for the perfect seasonal treat, thanks for sharing :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE the Bliss creamer, and I’m so happy you use it in your lattes too! I also need to get on board with cold brew!

  3. Whooaaaa I had no idea this is how you did your lattes! What a brilliant way of doing an easy at home cold brew coffee! I need my lattes hot so I’d be giving it a good nuke. Definitely trying this!

  4. Genius! Your lattes always look amazing. I will have to try this using Matt’s French press soon. =D

  5. Yum! I love pouring the milk/cream into a mason jar and shaking it up first, then pouring cold brew on top and drinking it right out of the jar. The extra frothy/foamy milk makes it feel extra latte-ey. ?

  6. Dude, I love this! Have you ever tried cold brew + Fairlife chocolate milk + cinnamon? Shake that bottle of liquid chocolate joy for a good 30 secs and pour it over the coffee…its frothy and chocolatey and holy crap, it sounds so simple, but it’s something you have to experience.

  7. You’ve turned me into an iced latte convert! I was so happy when I started seeing them on our local chain coffee store menu! They are just perfect at any time of day and so refreshing without making me sleepy like a warm, milk cappuccino does :) Now I’m going to have to try making them at home! Thanks Kylie :)

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  9. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve always been so curious about how you make your iced lattes–can’t wait to try this. It’s still so hot here in Austin, so I have a feeling I’ll be sticking with iced for a while. :)

  10. um wait that’s so smart that you throw a little creamer in there!!!! genius. thanks for sharing – always been a huge fan of your blog :)

  11. Yeeessss for STUMPTOWN COFFEE!!!!!LOVE IT=)

  12. I think you may have just changed my life ;)

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