Fun (at-home) double date idea

Saturday night my big sister, Layne, had a fun idea for a double date.  Her and Marco (her husband) came over to our house with 6 beers and we created our own beer tasting between the 4 of us.  Marco is moving to Maryland Monday (gonna miss him a lot).  Layne is finishing up P.A. school, so she will be in Houston until August.  It was our last hurrah with all 4 of us until Christmas:/  

Fun double date home beer tasting |

We started with the light beers and moved to the dark ones.  I skipped the coffee porter because GROSS.  I tasted a sip of Andrews.  Eww.

My favs were the Pumpkick and the Full Sail Amber! I thought this was SUCH a great double date idea.  I hope to do it again with friends soon.  Maybe an all pumpkin beer tasting would be appropriate for the season!

Fun double date home beer tasting | immaEATthat.comFun double date home beer tasting |

Layne and Marco brought the beers, so Andrew and I did the cooking.  I planned a lot of appetizer-type dishes for us.

We made Damn Delicious’ Parmesan Tortellini Bites with marinara.  SO GOOD.

Fun double date home beer tasting |

Also made sausage + cheesy polenta rounds inspired by these mini polenta grilled cheese bites from The Kitchn.

Fun double date home beer tasting |

And I made a big salad with spinach, blanched broccoli + cauliflower, dried cherries, sunflower seeds and a combo of multiple dressings that were in my fridge lol.

Fun double date home beer tasting |

My plate!

Fun double date home beer tasting |

Our little sister had gone on a date that day, so we sent a funny photo to her of all of us asking how the date went:)

Fun double date home beer tasting |

After dinner, we made Annie’s sugar cookies.  We rolled some in cinnamon-sugar and some in cocoa powder-sugar.  

Fun double date home beer tasting |

(under) baked.

Fun double date home beer tasting |

Such a good night. 

Fun double date home beer tasting |

What was the high of your weekend??!


  1. I love any sort of taste testing party. We did one with pizza a few months ago and that was a blast. I want to do one with cheese next.
    The highlight of my weekend was co-hosting a halloween party for my small group of friends.

  2. So much fun- my friends and I have done blind beer tastings (IPAs, pumpkin, etc.) and voted for our favs so this definitely looks like a perfect double date to me! Thumbs up to underbaked cookies-yum.

  3. That sounds like such a fun, stay at home date idea! I love trying new craft beers. Echoing Jess above, blind tastings have been really fun! I want to do an ice cream taste testing party, I think that would be fun. Always have to have my cookies underbaked, nice and chewy, and melt in your mouth. Yummm

  4. You & your sister look scary alike! All the yums to those snickerdoodle-like cookies! Better underbaked than over ?
    I want to try a wine tasting night one time but beer sounds like an awesome idea too. Have a lovely week ahead Kylie!

  5. Woah! Those tortellini bites sound amazing! High of my weekend was definately watching my litte boy paint his pumpkin (well himself more than the pumpkin) and just laugh and laugh. 

  6. Love this idea! We’ve done some at home wine tastings and it’s so much more fun than going out!

    High of the weekend: My friend’s Halloween party! Dressed my puppy up as a lobster and I went as a chef :)

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