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cinnamon rolls^^^i wanna make my 30-minute cinnamon rolls soon<3

We went and voted early yesterday. There were these annoying people standing in the parking lot waving campaign signs in our face as we walked in telling us who to vote for on a local level. Umm. That actually makes me not want to vote for that person. I was also ready for dinner and just annoyed with everything at that moment.

this bread is asking to be french toast’ed.  This one too!

I’m hooked on This is Us.  I just like having a show to watch that I can’t watch on Netflix.  I haven’t had “a show” since 2010 when I was SO into Grey’s Anatomy.  I love realizing at random times during the day “oh it’s Tuesday! It’s on tonight!” 

i have such mixed feelings about mushrooms, but these look insanely good.

a fun idea for moving your body.


  1. Agreed on This is Us! Years after only watching Netflix, I look forward to having “my show” each week. It reminds me of my all time fav, Parenthood.
    How annoying about your voting experience. People ‘s ideas of good tactics can be interesting.

  2. I love having a show to look forward to! Matt reminded me on Monday that there was a new episode of Elementary, which always immediately makes Mondays better. I’m with you on the voting scenario and politics in general. Very annoying!

  3. My “show” right now is Friday Night Lights. Cannot get enough.
    And your comment about being ready for dinner and annoyed at everything could not be more relatable. :)

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