dinners lately.

Monday night I ran by Whole Foods and got some Alaskan Seafood for dinner.  Alaska Seafood had sent me a giftcard so I could get some alaskan goodness.  It is HIGH on my bucket list to catch a salmon in Alaska.  From the store I ended up going with a wild caught salmon.

alaskan seafood |

For dinner I turned it into a polenta dish.  I made creamy-dreamy parmesan polenta.  Then toasted brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and tomatoes in olive oil + balsamic and roasted them.  Then I sautéed pears in coconut oil and brown sugar.  I sautéed the salmon and added it on top.  This was a great dinner.  I ended up topping mine with some more grated parmesan and herbs de provence. 

alaskan seafood |

Alaska Seafood also sent a bottle of Charles Smith Vino to serve along with our fish.

alaskan seafood |

Tuesday night I ended up getting a migraine as soon as I got home from work.  Actually I was driving home and lost my peripheral vision as I turned on our street.  Do you get migraines? I think I’ve talked about mine before.  They suck.  I lose my peripheral vision, I start slurring my words, and then the entire left side of my body goes numb (even just the left side of my tongue!).  I have a neurologist and we’ve done scans of my brain…but nothing was found.  I think the migraines are a survival mechanism for my body.  When I get too stressed my body is like, “you need to slow down so we are going to make you slow down…BOOM…vision loss.  Now you can’t do anything.”  I used to get them a lot (~once a month), but now that I manage my stress better I typically only get them once or twice a year.  I know this migraine was 100% related to a lack of sleep + stress levels.  My skin is also a hot mess right now…which just sucks and adds more stress, which just keeps my skin looking crappy.  Frustrating.  I’m always open to hearing about face cleaners that you love!! Tell me your ways!

So Tuesday night I got home and Andrew had breakfast tacos waiting for dinner (he gave me the one with extra bacon…’tis love).  And shout out to Andrew for being awesome because that night he gave me a forehead and foot massage until I feel asleep.  I was a crying mess (hence why there was no blog post yesterday).  Migraines hurt so freaking bad.  So Wednesday was spent in a post migraine fog.  Gross.


Wednesday night for dinner I attended a Siggi’s event.  I felt pretty terrible post-migraine and considered multiple times not going, but I’m glad I went.  I love Siggi’s yogurt + Siggi’s dietitian (@nutritiontraveler) + Siggi’s PR team…so it’s always good to see them.  

The event involved a cooking class + meal.  We briefly learned how to fillet an entire salmon.  Good life skill to know.

filleting a salmon

After we all broke into teams and got cooking.  Our group was in charge of the salmon.  Topped with a chive yogurt sauce, berries and edible flowers.


Once all the dishes were done, we sat down to eat. 

Salmon + creamy yogurt mashed potatoes + roasted veggies.


For dessert we had sautéed apples (i think they were apples) topped with yogurt + powdered sugar + chocolate.  So yum and perfect for fall.


I’m really glad I went to the Siggi’s event.  It helped pull me out of the stressed out funk I was in.

I hope your week has been migraine free so far ;)


  1. Face care tips: virgin coconut oil. Yes, I know the Internet is crazy over using coconut oil for EVERYTHING, but this one is legit. I’ve been using coconut oil exclusively for mayyyyybe 3 years now and I almost never get a single blemish or feel too dry/oily. I don’t wash my face with anything other than warm water and use a tiny dot of coconut oil to moisturize after. Every time I wash my face (morning, before bed, after exercise or showering, etc), I just rub on a little coconut oil after.
    I store it in a tiny container in my bedroom so I don’t have to run to the kitchen every time I need some. Seriously-try it for a week. It’s so easy and I always feel like I’m glowing (but, not greasy or oily. Important distinction!) 

  2. I am so sorry that you had such a bad day! My sister’s boyfriend has what he calls “silent migraines.” He develops that tunnel vision, and his speech changes some, but the difference is he does not have the excruciating pain like you describe. I wish someone could give you an answer that would allow you to find a way to rid yourself of them. The Siggi’s event looks incredible! I’m glad you went as you deserved a fun time. I wanted to share that I finally scheduled my first appt. for today with a therapist to address my anxiety. I saw a therapist ~4.5 yrs. ago to address my stress + loss of my mom (which occurred in ’06, so it took me a while to seek help), and it was helpful. I appreciated you sharing your need for it as I think it takes away the negative stigma. <3

  3. The Siggis’ dishes look amazing! Huge fan of Siggi’s right here. I would also love to catch an Alaskan salmon some day – it’s on my bucket list. As for facial cleansers, I actually just reviewed one on my blog that my fiance used recently. They use chlorophyll in their skin treatment products and it’s pretty awesome. I hate to sound all “pitchy” but you can read more about BioClarity on my blog.

  4. ugh. Migraines are no fun at all. I used to get them more often, but like you my stress management has improved and has reduced the frequency. Mine are excruciating as well and accompanied my vision loss. My ability to talk is not impaired, however, I have a lot of nausea.

    I hope your week looks up :) And thanks for reminding me of my love for polenta!

  5. I have been using Rodan + Fields skincare regieme for a few months now and CANNOT BELIEVE the improvement. I don’t sell it—but they offer a guarantee that if you don’t see results you get your money back. I had low expectations with my skin and I have been very impressed.

    As far as migraines go, I’ve had them ever since my husband went through cancer treatment. Having your husband (and sole provider) deal with life changing surgery and chemotherapy while caring for 3 small children will give anyone migraines. Remarkably, my seeking help for them led to an unexpected career path for me. I had some very painful but very effective massage therapy and then went to massage school myself so I could help others. I’m in the Austin area if you ever come this way. I’ve had a lot of success working on migraine sufferers. Otherwise–sometimes those headaches are just gonna happen even when we identify and avoid our individual triggers. I think you are spot on when you said that it’s your body’s way of asking for a full stop. If nothing else it keeps us mindful of the self-care we know we need.

    • Thanks for the recommendations, Nancy. I’ll look into Rodan + Fields. And thank you for the guidance on the migraines. I’ve never thought about a massage to help them. If they become more regular again, I’m gonna have to look into that. Thanks :)

  6. Oh my gosh, I totally know how you feel with the migraines. They are the WORST. For a while last year I was getting them every single day for over 2 months straight. It seemed like I tried everything to manage them. I finally decided to quit my job working part time at a grocery store and that helped me a little. My neurologist thought they might be linked to the way I was standing on the hard floors and the fluorescent lighting. And of course the stresses of work + school (seems like everything is always linked to stress)
    But the thing that has helped me the most is going to the chiropractor! If you haven’t tried that I highly recommend it.

  7. stress and skin is a major issue of mine too..i use cetaphil cleanser (the blue one) and it seems to help alot. also, i have started to use coconut oil (from trader joes) instead of my regular moisturizer. i dont know if it has made my skin 100% better but it has gotten better for sure.

    i went to siggi’s event as well..and had the salmon station :)

  8. You’re going to think this is bizarre but go with it for a minute…

    1) Wash your face with nothing but hot water. Soaps take away natural oils and then your face ends up more oily because your body produces more to make up for it.

    2) I use Burt’s anti-blemish daily moisturizing lotion. I’ve tried SO MANY and this one works the best for me… plus it’s all natural which my skin loves! You only need a tiny little bit which is awesome, and I use it in the morning. Sometimes if I’m having a bit more of a breakout (yay periods!) I use it at night too… but that’s super rare. BECAUSE I normally use… get ready….

    3) BANANA PEELS! for targeted spot treatment. If I have a bad zit, I save my banana peel from breakfast. You only need a small square… enough to rub. Then I rub it on the spot after washing at night… I do it until the moisture/inner layer of peel is pretty much gone. Then leave it on overnight. I find it doesn’t make them disappear, but each time you do it it does get noticeably smaller each day.

    4) And for a regular night routine, besides washing in hot water, I use the Burt’s rosewater toner… it smells amazing, and totally gets rid of any redness and irritation.

    Hope that helps some! <3

  9. Im sorry to hear about your migraines! I suffered with them for years until I found some foods that triggered them :(
    Concerning your skin, I started making face clay mask, just mix aztec clay (which is super cheap!) with water or a little apple cider vinegar. I do it about 1-2x a week and it helps so much!

  10. My skin had always been fine til this past summer and I got terrible acne. Vivant skin care literally saved my skin. I’m an aesthetician and I’ve tried everything. It’s expensive but you can find deals on eBay etc. They will do a personalized regimen for you on their website. Good luck!!

  11. Migraines are the worst!! Oil cleansing saved my skin. I used to get regular acne and horrible pms acne and oil cleansing changed all that. Google it, there are tutorials everywhere, but basically you massage your face with castor oil and steam it off with a hot, damp washcloth. Easy-peasy and removes even stubborn mascara. Good luck; I completely understand the frustrations and anxiety of skin issues!

    Also, a thousand a heartfelt thank you’s for the content of your blog! I found you while looking for a cookie recipe, and I’ve been reading ever since. You are a breath of fresh air and I completely resonate with your thoughts on food, body image and cultural pressure. You’re speaking words of life to me, girl! God bless you.

    • Thanks for the skin care tip, Charis! I’ll have to try!! And thanks for the sweet comment about the blog. I so love hearing when others resonate with what I write<3<3

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