a Saturday in the life.

Saturday Andrew and I had plans to hang out with each other.  

date day

(Do you think we look like siblings? We get that a lot lol.)

We got up when we got up (alarm free!), fed Maggie and jumped on our bikes to head to breakfast.


I totally forgot I owned these pants! They were hiding in the back of my closet.  I now plan to wear them non-stop:)

Anyways…we recently got bikes! We had borrowed my parents’ bikes earlier this year, but had returned them months ago.  I’m glad we finally have our own.  It’s so nice when Andrew and I both get home from work around the same time and we can jump on the bikes and slowly meander around our neighborhood on them while catching each other up on our days.

Saturday morning we biked over to Kraftsman Cafe for breakfast.


I was gonna get this yummy looking chocolate hazelnut scone + a vanilla latte, but then at the last minute I saw this written on a chalkboard…

stuffed waffle |

It was a stuffed waffle! So fun! I got mine stuffed with bacon and cheddar.  I can’t wait to go back and eat this again.

I ended up adding maple syrup after taking a couple bites and then it was perfect.  Obviously paired with a latte.  I’ve been getting my lattes with one pump vanilla and 1/2 pump hazelnut.  PERFECT for me.

stuffed waffle |

We biked home and I headed to Target to get some ingredients I needed for some recipe shoots later that weekend.

Then we worked on some blog projects until lunch.

For lunch I whipped up a tofu-filled lunch that I highly recommend.

I started by sautéing crumbled tofu, chopped spinach and yellow bell pepper together.  Then I added in some enchilada sauce.


Then added in whatever cheeses were in my fridge (goat cheddar + yellow cheddar + parmesan).


Then into a dish I added a layer of refried beans.


Heated it up in the microwave and then topped it with the cheesy tofu-spinach mix.  


We ate this dip-style with sweet potato tortilla chips.


Served with pomegranate juice mixed with a lemon La Croix. Yum.

la croix mocktail

We sat around for a while.  Then I went to a yoga class.  I’m on the fence with this yoga studio.  I like the flows, but the classes are a wee-bit too hot for me.

big yoga |

Afternoon snack was some chocolate covered cherries.  LOVE Cherry Republic!


Then I tested out some recipes for a video shoot we were doing the next day.  Of course Maggie helped.


For dinner we were going to try out a new taco place by us, but neither one of us felt like driving or getting ready to go out…soooo we just made quesadillas + chips + salsa.  I was in the mood for a mixed drink so Andrew made me one with gingerale, tequila, grand marnier, and orange peel.  We ended up nicknaming this drink something completely hilarious, yet totally inappropriate.


At some point in the night I decided we should waffle cookie dough.  So that happened.


And we watched a lot of Mindy.


I ended the day reading in bed.  Liking this book so far.  Have you read it?


What was the highlight of your weekend?


  1. OMG, you look so cute together ? I love waffles but never have it to a home. I need waffle maker asap.

  2. YESSSS to cookie dough waffle. Absolutely brilliant!

  3. ah, I love love love weekends like this where I just get to hang out with my husband. We tried waffling cookie dough before… did not go so well.But it’s cookie dough so that’s hard to mess up anyways. A stuffed waffle is genius!

  4. I was just telling Matt how everything is being turned into waffles these days! We have tons of leftover cornbread from our wedding. We froze it and have been slowly incorporating it into our meals. I told him it would be interesting to mash it into a waffle maker. :) Your Saturday looks like it was so fun! My highlights were going to our lake house on Saturday and making our epic brunch yesterday, complete with your Chocolate Butternut Loaf.

  5. I discovered your blog a few months ago and have been reading every single blog post! I love what you have to say…you have inspired me to love myself and given me the courage to not quit on my journey to find a healthy relationship with food and exercise.
    Thank you for being so brave and sharing your wisdom!

  6. Clearly I need to get a waffle maker. I have been desperately trying to resist temptation (small kitchen cupboards already overflowing…) but I think this time resistance is futile. I mean…waffled cookie dough? That’s screaming my name!

  7. Aww this sounds like such a lovely day. And now I want a waffle maker. Is it weird that I think a lot of couples start to look like family/siblings over time? I’m aware that’s not how it works (um at all), but… I still always see it.

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