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This day in the life is from Tuesday this week! I haven’t shared a time break down one of these in awhile! 

6:45am: wake-up + breakfast

I made a batch of my pumpkin snickerdoodle baked oatmeal this weekend and have been having it for breakfast topped with almond butter and maple syrup.  Served along with an iced vanilla latte.  I’m still making my lattes with cold coffee + milk + Coffeemate Simply Bliss vanilla creamer.

Tuesday in the life |

7am: Respond to some blog comments.  That was the day I posted this post and I was loving the comments I was getting so far.  Thanks, guys :)

8am: Went to a jump board class at a pilates studio.  I never had heard of jump board classes until a couple months ago. I think that are INSANELY fun.

Tuesday in the life |

9am: drive home, give maggie a couch-shaped treat for not eating the actual couch when I was out, quick shower

Tuesday in the life |

9:20am: ate an oatmega bar for a snack.  Now that I’m able to look at my eating with curiosity and not judgement, I realize that I really don’t eat differently on days I do more movement than days I do less movement.  I’m always a 3 meals + 3-4 snacks kind of person.

9:30am: left for work.

Tuesday in the life |

10am: saw my first client of the day.

11am: chart on client, ate lunch, talked with coworker.  This was one of those days that I felt bloated all day.  Not really sure why.  I still felt slight hunger, but it was under a layer of bloated-ness.  Not ideal, but so it goes.

For lunch that day I had packed an Amy’s Tortilla Casserole Bowl.  I hadn’t tried this Amy’s meal before…LOVED IT! 

Tuesday in the life |

Some days it’s easy for me to switch between seeing clients and working on the blog, this was NOT one of those days.  I couldn’t get in the groove. 

noon: saw my next client

1pm: chart on client, call a client’s therapist to coordinate care.  Before starting this job I didn’t realize how important collaborating with therapists was.

Responded to some more comments.

Ate my blueberries.

Tuesday in the life |

2pm: saw next client

3pm: needed a break, so went on a very short walk around our parking garage.

Ate my chocolate covered almonds + chocolate covered dried cherries I had brought for a snack.  

Tuesday in the life |

3:30pm: next client

4:30pm: last client of the day

5:15pm: head home from the office

5:45 pm: We had invited over our friends for chili + cornbread, so I prepped the cornbread.  I loosely followed this brown butter cornbread recipe.  I had made the chili the night before so I just had to heat it up.

Tuesday in the life |

I busted out our, “let it snow” napkins because I wanted to pretend it was colder than it was outside haha.

Tuesday in the life |

7pm-9pm: dinner + hanging out + drinking wine.  I’m all about making weekdays feel more like weekends, so having friends over on a Tuesday does just that.  Andrew and I are lucky to have two sets of really great couples friends in Houston.

Tuesday in the life |

9pm: put together and scheduled the Body Image Challenge for the next day (Are you getting it? If you are I hope you enjoy!)

9:30pm: put together the next day’s blog post (while watching The Mindy Project<3)

10:30: made a mug of hot chocolate using this recipe (I doubled the amount of chopped chocolate!)

11pm: bed.


  1. Oatmega bars are delish! Especially the vanilla almond flavor
    “making weekdays feel more like weekends” <<< I need this mindset in my life for sure!

  2. I just picked up that Amy’s bowl! Can’t wait to try it now!

  3. I am in love with your Dutch Oven (le Creuset?). I’m also digging your use of the word “curiosity.” It makes me realize maybe I should start paying attention to my own hunger patterns more! I sometimes get frustrated that I always feel like I could snack, buuuut…maybe that’s just what works for me personally. Which is fine with me :)

    • It is Le Creuset! I worked in a kitchen in high school to earn enough money to buy it. It was my first expensive and luxurious kitchen tool. It’s my favorite :) AND curiosity > judgement all day everrrday.

  4. you have the most refreshing wellness/food blog I’ve been to. I signed up for your body challenge & now I know I will start reading your blog religiously! you have no idea how powerful and inspiring your posts are and how much they resonate with me. thank you:)

    • YAY, Soph! I’m trying to be different than the majority of “healthy” living bloggers you see out there. I feel like a lot of them can do more harm than good. Thanks for stopping by:) I hope to see your name pop up in the comments section again soon!

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