Everything Bagel Breakfast Avocado-wich

I had so much fun shooting these photos.

everything bagel breakfast avocado-wich |

I’d been wanting to make this avocado sandwich of a thing for a while now.  I saw it on pinterest or IG months ago and the idea had stuck in my head, so it was time to make it.

I thought this was best eaten with a couple pieces of toast.  While I really like avocados, I prefer to pair their smooth creaminess with something crunchy like toast.  But you do you.

everything bagel breakfast avocado-wich |

Do you see my whale sponge holder in the above picture? He is one on my favorite things in my house.  He looks like a “Walt”.  Don’t ya think?

Also.  In the above photo…do you see how clean our kitchen is? I’ve talked before about how I don’t see messes and I’m not a tidy person.  But for the past week we’ve had a community of sugar ants move into our kitchen and I’m trying my best to be super clean and hoping they disappear.  Of course I didn’t notice the ants -bc i don’t see messes- but Andrew does see messes so he made me aware of them.

You really didn’t need to know any of that.  All that was to say is YAY CLEAN KITCHEN! I really do love when it’s this clean, but I know I don’t have it in me to be tidy.  It’s just not me.  But for Andrew’s sanity I’m trying!


everything bagel breakfast avocado-wich |

So the everything bagel topping is such a fun topping for many things other than bagels.  I’ve had this idea for awhile to make a pizza with an everything bagel crust.  How yum does that sound? Perhaps that’ll happen one day.

To make this everything bagel topping all the more epic I used truffle salt, which was a great idea…except now I’m out of truffle salt.  But I don’t actually hate that because I’m so on the fence about truffle-y things.  70% of the time I’m like, “yes gimme the truffle things” and 30% of the time I’m like, “no, I hate truffle things.”

I think my tastebuds are trying to help me be less black and white and find the gray more often by confusing me as to if I really like truffle.

So for this recipe you mix together an everything bagel topping with dried minced garlic, truffle salt, onion powder, poppy seeds and sesame seeds.  You don’t have to use truffle salt, because maybe you don’t want your entire kitchen smelling like truffle.  In that case, feel free to just use a coarse salt.

everything bagel breakfast avocado-wich |

I’d love to know what is something you think would be good with an everything bagel topping.  I image an omelet would be insanely delish with said topping.  Or some type of savory muffin.  Like a muffin with an everything bagel streusel.  That idea is worth trying out.

everything bagel breakfast avocado-wich |

Everything Bagel Breakfast Avocado-wich

Yield: makes however much bagel topping you decide to make + one avocado-wich

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes


everything bagel topping
2 parts dried minced garlic 
2 parts onion powder
2 parts poppy seeds
2 parts sesame seeds
1 part truffle sea salt (or another coarse salt)

for the avocado-wich
an avocado
a fried egg
hunk of cheese
bacon galore


In a bowl, combine all ingredients for the everything bagel topping.  Slice an avocado in half and take out the pit.  Peel the skin off the avocado and press it into the everything bagel topping.  If the topping isn't sticking, use a fork to scrape lines into your avocado to help the topping stick.  Top one side of your everything bagel coated avocado with cheese, bacon and an egg.  Add other avocado half and viola!  I like mine best served with toast.

everything bagel breakfast avocado-wich |


  1. This is a cute idea! I love everything bagels but wouldn’t mind the avocado stealing the spotlight for a minute. Everything topping would be good in a creamy chip dip!

  2. omg where is that whale sponge holder from??

  3. totally in love with this avocado-as-the-bread sandwich idea! I think a crab omelet out go so well inbetween the two hunks of avo!

  4. What a creative and fun idea!

  5. This is such an awesome idea Kylie!! LOVE avocados in the morning.

  6. There is a restaurant here in Louisville that makes an awesome “everything muffin” A savory muffin felt weird to me at first, but now I love ordering it on the side of omelets!

  7. I LOVE THIS. So creative. And you should definitely make that everything bagel crust!! How did you get the avocado to stay held up like that?

  8. I had an everything donut once in NYC. Sounds the weirdest but was so good!

  9. I want this in my mouth! I can totally relate to not seeing messes. It drives my husband insane. I don’t try to be a slob, but he’ll nag me about leaving pools of water on the bathroom counter and I genuinely don’t know what he’s talking about.

  10. What a great idea to roll the avocado in the seeds and seasoning…I normally season after I slice in half then season the center or the inside of the fruit. How clever. I will try this approach next time…happy feasting!
    and yes your whale sponge holder is adorable!

  11. This looks so good. I am a huge fan of avocado for breakfast, which means that this is like a Holy Grail recipe for me. Can’t wait to try it! 

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