We spent all day Saturday decorating the inside of the house for Christmas.  I haven’t put up lights outside, but I’m looking forward to doing that throughout this week.


christmas time! YAY!

Stockings! I’m gonna need to find a more secure way to hang them other than underneath a stack of books.  Maybe some Command strips could work.


Saturday night we went out to eat Mexican food – chips + salsa + shrimp quesadillas.  Then we went couch shopping.  Our couch was in pretty bad shape because when Maggie was a puppy she used it as a chew toy.  New puppy parent fail.  Also, that other couch was the couch I had through college and I chose it for style over comfort.  It was NOT comfortable AT ALL.

But now that she is out of her teething phase and we (unfortunately) have no plans of getting another puppy, it seemed like a good time to do some Black Friday weekend couch shopping.  The couch we ended up with is SUPER comfy.  Plus, we bought it Saturday night at 8:30pm and the furniture store delivered it that night at 10:30pm.  The furniture store is Gallery Furniture and their motto is, “Buy today, get it today.”  And we got it that day.  SO FAST!

couch shopping

I’ve never had a single cushion sofa before.  I love it.  It’s like a mattress.  I’m ready to some couch sitting + Christmas movie watching.  We’re planning to watch a Christmas movie every night until Christmas (or I’m planning to and Andrew is just going along with it bc he’s a good sport).  Saturday night we watched a cartoon movie called, “Saving Santa.” It was cute.

Sunday I made us bowls of creamy oats for breakfast.  I cooked oats in milk and whisked in bananas that had been sautéed in coconut oil.  I whisked in cinnamon, vanilla, and maple syrup too.  We loved it.  I added peanut butter and chocolate to mine.

creamy bowl of oats

Then I went to church by myself.  I hate going to church by myself.  I ended up not seeing anyone I knew so I sat by myself…not my favorite thing.  Andrew was going to a football game with his dad that morning, which was why I was flying solo.

Then I met my sisters for brunch + working/studying at Tout Suite.

brunch at Tout Suite | Houston, TX

The menu…

Tout Suite menu

I knew I wanted savory and was leaning towards ‘The Classic’, but when I saw the pastry counter and the sausage + cheese croissant-kolache was calling to me.

Tout Suite | Houston, TX

I ended up getting that + a vanilla latte and, since we were going to be there for awhile, I just planned to go back and get more food when I got hungry.

Tout Suite pasty + vanilla latte

It was just Layne & me for awhile.  While we planned to work (me) and study (her…she’s in PA school), we ended up just talking for 2 hours about life.


Later Quinn got there.


And that was right around the time that I started getting hungry again.  I really wanted another sausage + cheese croissant…so that is exactly what I did:)

croissant from Tout Suite in Houston, TX

I got some final touches done on my course for a couple hours (it’ll be all ready to go mid-December), then we headed out.  I went and got the grocery shopping done for the week…


Then came home and made us an early dinner.  Salad with a mustard-vinegar-olive oil dressing filled with kale, carrots, chickpeas, blueberries, blue cheese, olives stuffed with blue cheese (lol I was craving the blue cheese).  Served with a chunk of bread on the side.

Eaten on the couch while watching the Christmas movie of the evening…Christmas with the Kranks.

salad + bread = dinner

While watching the movie I whipped up some Oreo balls…LOVE THOSE THINGS, especially around the holidays!

oreo balls for the holidays oreo balls for the holidays

I ate 3 + a glass of milk and ended up giving myself a stomach ache.  Whoops.  Curiosity around that eating experience, rather than judgement, allows me to see that 3 made me feel like junk and maybe 2 would be a better amount for me in the future.  Judgement would’ve led me to feel guilty about that eating experience and emotionally eat 3, 4, 5 at one time in the future.  Curiosity > judgement :)

Now we are winding down for the evening.  I’m planning on doing some light stretching + TV watching.  And I have an assignment from my therapist to finish.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Would love to hear about your favorite weekend activity or most satisfying meal:)

Question: What is your favorite Christmas movie?

My answer: I love The Santa Clause with Tim Allen, Serendipity, The Holiday, Arthur Christmas, The Family Stone. I can’t pick one!


  1. I always love your weekend overviews, it’s very inspiring somehow. And now that you put the idea out there, I’m really tempted to watch a christmas movie every day too, but I don’t really have the time… :P

  2. Christmas with the Kranks is a favorite of mine! My very favorite is the Santa Clause, we watched it a billion times growing up. Rudolph is up there too! I freaking love Christmastime.
    I’m very envious of that croissant. You make me want to travel to Houston just for the food!

  3. The Family Stone is my favorite!! And Love Actually:) I am making that oatmeal for breakfast thanks for the inspiration, have a great week!

  4. Ahh, brunches with friends are the best. I always go in to coffee shops with intentions of working but if I go with someone else, that rarely happens! I love Home Alone – it’s such a classic :)

  5. Love Actually and The Holiday.

  6. What on earth is an Oreo ball?! I’ve never heard of or seen it before…

  7. My all time favorite Christmas movie is Christmas Vacation, but Love Actually and Home Alone are close behind! 

  8. Such a fun weekend!! My weekend highlight was getting to help surprise my twin sister after she got engaged. =D Now I get to be the Maid of Honor and her the bride, so our roles have been reversed. Matt and I haven’t thought about decorating yet, and I’m not sure we’ll do much. Sad, I know, but our three cats always have some different plans with the decorations. ;) I love the idea of watching a Christmas movie most nights leading up to Christmas. Some of my favorites are A Charlie Brown Christmas and the classic cartoons like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph.

  9. Do y’all like Zoes Kitchen? It’s my favorite place to eat in Houston, and I’m surprised I never see you post about it!

  10. Yay for sister dates! Those are the best especially when delicious food is involved.

    I’ve actually never seen those holiday movies! And come to think of it, I haven’t seen many holiday movies aside from Love Actually. This def needs to change this year!

  11. You are totally speaking my language with all this Christmas talk. In our house we celebrate the Christmas Quarter (Oct-Dec) and when December hits we are in full Christmas mode, meaning Christmas movies every night! We watch some of the not so great (but still awesome) movies during the week (I have a weird love for the Hallmark cliche collection) and watch the classics on the weekend (i.e. The Santa Clause, Love Actually, Family Stone, The Grinch etc).

    Seriously find it so hard to pick one movie but I think I would have to say Miracle on 34th Street!

    • Love the idea of watching the “not so great ones” during the week and saving the classics for the weekend/closer to Christmas. And lol about celebrating the Christmas Quarter. That’s awesome!


  13. LOOOOOVE all things christmas!
    love actually

    and i would love
    to hear you talk more
    about curiosity vs. judgment.
    (or maybe you have.
    i am a new reader. hi!)
    but i LOVE this idea!

    and want some oreo balls
    in my mouth now.

    uhhhh…that sounds 1000x weirder
    than intended. ?

  14. My favorite Christmas movie is “Christmas In Connecticut” (the 1945 version ONLY!!). I discovered it a few years ago and it’s been my favorite ever since. Funny characters, great fashion, beautiful sets, and handsome Dennis Morgan. It makes me want to live in 1945. :) The remake of the movie is horrible though!

  15. I love your weekend reviews! Sister dates are awesome, as are new couches. We definitely bought for style over comfort this time, and while I love the look of our couch we will definitely be going for comfort next time!
    Your curiousity vs judgement reflection is so interesting, and such a valid way to frame eating experiences. I will tuck that one away to use with patients :)
    Now, favourite Christmas movies: The Family Stone, The Holiday, Santa Clause, White Christmas, Meet Me in St Louis, and Die Hard 1&2 (my Mum and I always watch these ones together at Christmas time ;) )

  16. I also love family stone! And….white Christmas, home alone and the grinch!

  17. I absolutely loved this article! Where is your bag and outfit from in the picture of you pointing to brunch? It is so great getting to see what your weekends are like, and I love the last part about curiosity instead of judgement. My favorite Christmas Movie is Home Alone :) 

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