The holiday party season begins!

Last night we had our holiday dinner party at Nundini for the private practice I work part-time at.  Marco (aka sister’s Italian husband) had mentioned this place was rather authentic Italian, but the only downside is that the owner wasn’t very delightful lol.


An hour before we left for the dinner I was super hunger.  The dinner didn’t start until 7:30pm and Andrew and I are such early dinner eaters (hello, 6pm).  So I had some of an apple + an oreo ball I’ll be sharing the recipe for next week for Cookie Week.  Took the edge off the hunger.  Extreme hunger doesn’t feel nice.  Extreme fullness doesn’t feel nice.  But hanging out in between those totally does feel nice.


We started dinner with appetizers.  Fried calamari + fried artichoke + endive with burrata + a tasty (unpictured) slice of a crispy thin focaccia of sorts dipped in olive oil.


For dinner I ordered a sage & pancetta wrapped scallop dish with risotto + veggies.


My friend/coworker got sea bass that came with beet risotto.  Look at that pink color!! So pretty! LOL about the blurry photo…I wasn’t paying much attention I guess.


For dessert I had hazelnut gelato.

christmas-party-6 christmas-party-7

Then we came home late-ish and one of our neighbors has a rebellious teenage daughter who is constantly acting out.  I’m hoping the family moves before Andrew and I decide to have children because I’m getting tired of them.  So I’m currently typing up this post as I watch the drama unfold across the street. #HappyHolidays

Do you have any themed parties planned or annual traditions for the holiday season?  

Last year I attended a cookie exchange and then we hosted an ugly sweater + gingerbread house making competition party.  So much fun.  Will definitely be building and decorating a gingerbread house soon.


  1. We are early dinner eaters too. All those apps look incredible- especially the endive. I want to do a cookie exchange with my friends this year… may have to throw that idea out for our Christmas party. I love all the get togethers/celebrations- Christmas season is the best!

  2. Holiday tradition: ice skating + hot chocolate downtown and pictures with Santa on Christmas Eve. Um but I love your idea! I want to host an ugly sweater, cookie decorating/exchange party this year

  3. That beet risotto {insert heart eye emoji} The ugly sweater party and gingerbread house contest + cookie exchange sound so fun. Wish I could join! :)

  4. I just had my first baby, so I am excited to start some family traditions over the next few years! For now, we’re going to a “cookies with Santa” party at my husband’s work and possibly doing a Jingle Bell 5k this weekend!

  5. My mum totally makes oreo balls every christmas and they are the best thing!

  6. Those scallops are calling my name ? Definitely one of my fave seafoods
    Just had two holiday parties in the past two days. I have a gingerbread house competition coming up too! I’ve never participated in one so I’m excited!! WOO

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