5 things I’m liking lately.

1. Robyn’s thoughts on movement.  Instead of looking around at what other people are doing…look in to YO’SELF!

2. Iced latte + fried cheese toast with eggs.  My grandma always made this.  You just grease a pan with a bit of oil, add a couple slices of cheese and place a piece of bread on top.  Once the cheese has gone from cold –> melted –> crispy.  It’s done.

fried cheese toast + eggs |

3. Our Christmas Tree.  I should probably invest in a tree skirt.  I don’t care though.  It smells SO GOOD regardless.

christmas tree

4. Answering your questions via video format!  I’m posting these to Facebook.  If you don’t follow me on Facebook, here are the two I’ve done so far…

(also I’m just really proud of myself for not ending up wearing the same shirt in these videos so far lol.)

5. A taco/nacho/tex-mex place opened near our house.  It’s great for an easy Thursday night dinner when I get home late from seeing clients.  Nachos for me!


What are some of your favorite things lately?

(pssst. I’m posting a Saturday post tomorrow! Stay tuned!)


  1. Love the videos! Your blog is my fav :)

  2. Ah so happy you posted the links to those videos! I follow on FB but did not see the second one.. ill be watching today! Thanks Kylie <3

  3. I’m loving turning on the Christmas tree when I get home from work. Also, reading my national park book like 5,000 times trying to decide where vacation will be this summer. :)

  4. Nachos for the win always. So convenient to have a tex mex place close by. Happy weekend!

  5. Love these types of posts!

    1) Turning on the Christmas tree when I wake up, when I get in… pretty much if I’m home, it needs to be on
    2) Diner breakfasts – trying out a new one each weekend
    3) Mindful Medidation at my favourite yoga studio
    4) The Nutcracker Suite – it’s December now, I’m allowed to play it on repeat

  6. We have a tree skirt, but to be honest it’s mostly to attract the kitties so we can take cute photos of them with the tree!

  7. 1.) Yoga. Always, but especially now that I’m getting close to finishing up my 200-hour teacher training. It’s been a LOT, but it’s been transformative and made me appreciate stillness and strength so much.
    2.) New boots!
    3.) It’s almost winter break – just a week of finals left :)
    4.) Smoked salmon. It’s not cheap, but it’s something I love and savor.
    5.) Super dark chocolate. How else am I getting through exams? ;)

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