What we’re eating this week!

Since Thanksgiving I’ve been out of the rhythm of grocery shopping and cooking us dinners.  Yesterday Andrew and I had a late lunch, then went and headed to the grocery store.  We sat in the grocery store parking lot for 10ish minutes planning out 4 dinners and this is what we came up with.  Between eating out and leftovers, planning 4 dinners for the week is what works best for us.

Dinner number 1.  Sweet potato fries + salmon.

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Dinner number 2. Broccoli + snap peas + that I plan to sauté in sesame oil.  Sesame seed oil is one of my very favorite ingredients.  LOVE the stuff! I’m gonna serve the sauteed veggies with chicken potstickers + whatever yummy asian-ish sauce they come with.  I’ve so been craving asian/thai-esque food lately!

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Dinner number 3. Gonna make thai chicken enchiladas.  I came across this recipe years ago and haven’t made it in a while.  When we first got married I made this recipe at least twice a month for a while.  I realized I forgot coconut milk, so I’m hoping I have some stashed in the back of my pantry somewhere.

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Dinner number 4. Salad with crispy chickpeas + blue cheese + Wondergrain which I’ve never cooked with before.  Quinoa kills Andrews stomach so I never bring the stuff into the house…I’m wondering if he can tolerate sorghum better.  We shall see.

dinner ideas for ya! |

That’s the plan for some of the meals this week! What are you planning on cooking?

I’ll be posting the finished recipes to IG this week! Stay tuned.

Here’s the first one!


  1. Those sweet potato fries look yummy. I’m super picky about my sweet potato fries and usually make them myself. This may be too personal so feel free not to answer, but do you budget at all when meal planning? I sometimes have a hard time balancing budget and eati the food that I like that tastes good.

    • I don’t sit down and budget everything out, but I am aware of not buying the super pricey stuff. For example, I LOVE peanut butter Perfect Bars and would love to have them several times a week for a snack, but they are a bit too pricey for me to be okay with buying weekly. I try to stay under $100 each week at the grocery store for Andrew and I, but some weeks are more than this and we’re okay with that.

      • Thanks! I think I just have expensive taste :-(. I have to avoid Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods or I just want to buy all of the fun, tasty snacks.

  2. Love this! Would love to see this weekly if you feel like it!

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