3 new things i’m trying.

I came across the below image on pinterest several months ago…

last time you did something for the first time |

Ever since seeing it, I started to embark on a mission to try some things for the first time.  I’ve been working on this post for 3ish months and here’s what I’ve been up to…

New thing #1:

Houston is filled with bayous that help drain rain water and keep the city from flooding.  They are basically like rivers through the city (some are natural streams and some are man-made).  Anyways, I heard you could kayak in them so I figured why not! 

kayak adventure |

Andrew is a good sport and is up for very nearly anything I suggest (after some persuading), so he came along on this one.  This ended up being one of the nastiest experiences of my life lol.  While some parts of the bayou can be pretty, at this time of year the water level was low so there was no current and the water was stagnant and nasty.  There was a lot of trash and 40% of the time everything reeked of bat poop (if you’ve never smelt bat poop, it smells just like cat urine…i know you wanted to know).  I think in the below photo Andrew was already smelling the bats.

kayak adventure |

Andrew and I got a tandem kayak and quickly got super annoyed with each other trying to tell the other the “right” way to paddle.  After 20 minutes or so we finally found a paddling rhythm that we were both happy with.  When we got done, I wanted to burn the clothes I was wearing! I’m lucky to have such unconditional love for Houston.  Because if anything was going to change that, it would’ve been this disgusting experience.  This was a first and last time for bayou kayaking!

kayak adventure |

(pssst. it is quite possible I am a total wimp and you may love kayaking the bayous.  In my defense, 1) I grew up fishing and can still clean/filet a fish and 2) I thought I was going to go to vet school for 3 years so I’ve seen and smelt some nasty smells…and all that said I still found this gross.)

New thing #2:

A couple months ago I was driving down one of my favorite streets in Houston, Shepherd, and saw a sign for a new cafe opening called, Honey Art Cafe

trying new things...Watercolor class at Honey Art Cafe! |

They have food + coffee + art lessons and I had been eagerly waiting for them to open.  I’ve been trying to find a new hobby for myself lately since I realized my last hobby (aka blogging) became my career.  So I’ve been painting some trying to see if that is something I could also enjoy.  I saw Honey Art Cafe offered an ‘Intro to Watercolors’ class, so I signed up.  I laugh that I took an art class because I have a mom who taught me that no one can teach you how to create art…but I really liked learning some watercoloring basics.

We learned about fading watercolors, how adding salt to watercolors creates spots, and about wet-to-wet vs. wet-to-dry watercolor painting. 

I loved this class and will definitely be back soon to try the coffee.

trying new things...Watercolor class at Honey Art Cafe! |

Then I drew a plump lil cactus.  I love him.

trying new things...Watercolor class at Honey Art Cafe! |

New thing #3:

So you know of my undying love for vanilla lattes, right? So it’s funny that I’ve never owned an espresso maker.  I’m 99.9% sure Santa is bringing me the most gorgeous, art piece of an espresso maker for Christmas, which I’m PUMPED about! But last week Andrew won an espresso maker at his work Christmas party.  I don’t think the espresso maker I’m getting has a milk steam, but this one does! That’ll come in handy.

So I’ve been playing around with latte art lately and I’m completely horrible at it haha! I watched some videos, but it didn’t really help me much.  I’d love to take a latte art class in the future.

I shook around the steamed milk as fast as I could and it randomly made a heart.  I’ll take it!

Is there anything you would like to try for the first time? TELL ME!


  1. Love this idea! the kayaking story is pretty funny- love that you and Andrew are still smiling though, haha.
    I’d really love to take a themed cooking class and go outdoor ice skating.

  2. Love this post- so fun! Can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but you’ve definitely inspired me to look for more new experiences

  3. Oh my gosh, I’ve tried my hand at painting too and I honestly just CAN’T. Haha that’s why I dance! This is a stretch, but I really want to go to England and tour the castle of the show “Downton Abbey”. It’s one of my favorite shows ever and I want to go sooooo badddd!

  4. I get so comfortable in my daily routines that shaking it up can sometimes be a healthy thing to do! A few months ago I started doing one personal training session a week with a friend of mine, and I love it! I love the way I never know what I’ll be doing each week and she keeps it so fun :) I also tried dragon boating with my neighbour a few weeks ago (she competed in China this year!). I wasn’t the best in the boat, but the coach said I had potential and it was beautiful being out on the river and using my body in a new way!

  5. I’d been hinting around about wanting to take swimming lessons so I could learn the right way to swim and improve my stroke (all for fun, I don’t do triathlons or anything). I got six private lessons for my birthday this fall and they were awesome! I’m still not great but I learned two new strokes. I love learning new things. The next thing on my list is to try out some meditation classes/sessions to see if I will hate meditation as much as I think I will.

    • My parents encouraged/forced-me-lovingly into swim team every summer growing up. While I wasn’t always a fan of it then, I am grateful I know how to swim! Love the ideas of trying some meditation classes! I use ClassPass and I always see meditation classes offered but have yet to go to one yet! I’d love to tho!!

  6. I have SO many new things I’ve been wanting to try!!  I started off with a goal this year to try one new thing per month, and I did get close, but I got so busy the later months that I couldn’t focus as much on that as I wanted.  But I started a note in my Notes app that I add to whenever I discover something I want to do.  So far some of the highest priority things I want to get to are roller/ice skating, zip lining, an urban scavenger hunt and rock climbing!  BTW, you crack me up…you’re so funny!! 😜  Love the cross-pollination of ideas too!

  7. Such a fun list! You’re definitely the adventurous one to inspire us all :) Similar to your coffee-art cafe, there’s a wine-art studio that we have been wanting to try out! I wish that there was a coffee-art cafe like yours so that I could go to it more often ;) hehe

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