Toasted marshmallow rimmed hot chocolate.

The fanciest hot chocolate in all the land!

Whenever I had a slumber party at my friend’s house growing up her grandparents would bring us mugs of hot chocolate with whipped cream in the morning while we sat in bed and watched Disney channel.  It was very much like a fairytale.  As is this toasted marshmallow rimmed hot chocolate.  

Now first things first, you should definitely purchase a creme brûlée torch from Amazon.  I think mine was like fifteen bucks or something.  Cheap.  Everyone needs a fire torch, ya know? Then you can marshmallow rim everything in your life.  You could marshmallow rim your oatmeal bowl (that actually is a really good idea) or your pancake (another fab idea) or really anything.

For this recipe I used my favorite homemade hot chocolate that serves one.  But perhaps you are with family when you make this…and that’s fine because this recipe is super easy to double or triple.  And perhaps your mom has an awesome cabinet of the prettiest mugs.

My mom has a cabinet filled with gorgeous coffee mugs that she’s picked up from here and there.  It is also the same cabinet that housed her dark chocolate that we knew was off limits to us as kids (and honestly I was all about milk chocolate > dark chocolate then…and still now some of the time).  So I borrowed some of her mugs for these photos…they’re all ceramic and stonewear and I love ’em.  Don’t you?!

Hmm what else is going on in my life lately other than hot chocolate drinking?

Did you see that video I posted about me asking Andrew about ice skating? I watched it like 10 times and couldn’t stop laughing.  So my mind is like I should ask him a question every night and have him answer using a snapchat filter and then we could be known as the couple with the cute snapchat videos and people would love us.  I told Andrew this grand plan and he’s like, “what are you talking about?” So we’re not doing that.  Maybe I’ll do it with Maggie.

I also posted another video on Stories slightly annoyed with a particular brand because they regularly send me product expecting I’ll blog about it for free.  Then I got comments from IG people telling me how I should be more grateful for receiving free ingredients in the mail.  I can see where those commenters are coming from, but I can also see where I am coming from.  I can’t pay my bills with cacao nibs.  Can you pay your bills in cacao nibs? End annoyance.  

As I was shooting the above photo my lil sis walked in and was like, “doesn’t marble stain?” And we cleaned up this mess as fast as we could.  I didn’t ruin my parent’s table…so that’s good!

Marshmallow rimmed hot chocolate

Yield: serves 1 (easily doubled, tripled...)


hot chocolate
1 cup milk (I used 2%)
1 tablespoon dark chocolate, chopped
1/2 tablespoon special dark cocoa
1/2 tablespoon maple syrup
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
pinch salt

marshmallow fluff
peppermint sticks
mint leaves (this was my dad's idea!)
finely crushed graham crackers


In a sauce pan (or a mug), combine all hot chocolate ingredients --> heat --> stir until smooth.  Line a mug with marshmallow fluff and find a way to torch it (carefully!).  Add some whipped cream, a peppermint stick, mint leaves and crushed graham crackers.  Serve!


  1. Well that last shot was worth it it is GORGEOUS! (but also glad it didn’t stain the marble) xo

  2. the little sis with “doesn’t marble stain” made me laugh out loud in my office … while I should be working. (whoops.) — all the praise hands for cool aerial food shots and sisters.

  3. This is just incredible!! I love those mugs, and the aerial shot looks amazing. Great job, and congrats again on being recognized for your wine hot chocolate recipe and all that you’ve done to help others!

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