Christmas Weekend!

Christmas Eve I took almost zero photos.  I totally was distracted by Christmas cheer, I guess.  We went to church, ate BBQ, and opened presents all with my parents, grandma and lil sis, Quinn.

And the above photo is the only one I took.  Whoops.

Christmas morning we woke up early and headed to the other part of our family.  Andrew and I stopped on the way and picked up some breakfast sandwiches and lattes.

Later at Andrew’s parents house we ate brunch.  I went with a slice of pumpkin roll, egg casserole & berries.

Then we opened presents.

Some of my favorite presents were…

A Rok espresso maker from Andrew’s parents.  I went from having zero espressos to having two espresso makers.  One of my themes of life right now is trying to be less impulsive/more mindful.  This Rok espresso maker is manual so it will make me slow down to make coffee in the morning…which I like.  I can’t wait to start using it this week!

Another gift favorite was this apron my mom sewed for me.  It wraps all around my waist.  I mentioned to my mom that when I’m cooking I always end up with handprints on whatever I’m cooking on my backside.  So she made me an apron that covers everything.  I LOVE IT! I’m gonna wear it all the time (while cooking).

I also LOVED this anthro unicorn mug my sister gave me.

Andrew’s mom made us a delish Christmas dinner.  Cornish hens + blue cheese roasted pears + asparagus + mashed potatoes. 

The day after Christmas Andrew and I met my best friend and her husband for brunch at Hanan’s Cafe.  I got chilaquiles + a vanilla latte.  So good.

Later that day I went and got a sports massage.  I probably get two massages a year and I adore them! I had never tried a sports massage before so I figured why not.  I’ve been taking it mega easy on movement lately because I’ve been having some knee pain, so a sports massage that worked every muscle sounded epic.  I went to Milk + Honey Spa, which is a spa I heard the name of a couple months ago and was like, “omg I wanna go.”

If you are in Houston, my massage therapist’s name was Olga.  She was great! And she gave me some ideas for helping my knee pain.  I’ve already had x-rays done…and they showed nothing.  Ugh. 

After the massage I took a steam shower and it was all just a magical couple of hours.  They also had these dream catchers that were gorgeous.  I forgot about dream catchers.  Annndddd now I want some again.  My mom always had them hanging in our rooms growing up:)

Then I went grocery shopping for the week.  I’ve been craving Salata all the time, so I got the stuff to make us our own Salata salads at home so I don’t have to pay $10+/salad.

I mixed kale + romaine + cabbage for the salad base.  For toppings I got all my favorites: rotisserie chicken, feta, parmesan, I made croutons out of Dave’s Killer Bread, radishes, corn salad, sun-dried tomatoes, carrots, and bell peppers.  Plus an herby salad dressing.

Paired with some Zevia.  I didn’t think I liked the aftertaste of stevia, but this Cream Soda is pretty great. 

And that was some of our Christmas! I hope you had a great holiday with your loved ones:)

What was your favorite part?!


  1. I got an espresso maker too! Now I have to work on some milk frothing skills. My favorite part of Christmas was definitely spending time with my immediate family. Everyone was in town and it was like being a kid again!

  2. I loved this Christmas because it was our first as a married couple. :) We had a lovely time and were greatly spoiled by family! He and I will be traveling to see my parents mid-January, and I’m thankful we get to spread out the holiday cheer. Your weekend looked fabulous, and I love that espresso maker!

    • The first Christmas Andrew and I were married was hard for me…having to spend time with his family and not just my family. I cried so much! It is all good now, but the first year was tough! So glad you two had a great time though!

      • So glad you shared that. This is my first married Christmas and I HATE leaving my family. Glad to hear it gets easier!

        • OMGSH the first Christmas leaving my family was awful. I was crying in my house on Christmas Eve and my dad had to tell to go get in the car with Andrew. It was SO HARD! As I became a part of Andrew’s family it got SO much easier tho!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

    Yeah, it’s really weird splitting Christmas between two families… I had to do that for the first time this year, and Kyle’s family is the total opposite of mine. Mine is totally reserved and quiet, yet always gets their opinions out on what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Kyle’s is loud, rambunctious, in your face, but very much so laid back and “do what feels good for you”. It was two very contrasting Christmases!

    I think my favourite gift I got was my pasta rolling attachments for my kitchenaid mixer… although I got my momma a essential oil diffuser and now after seeing her use it I want to steal it! My favourite parts were the Christmas Eve candlelight church service with my family, and just relaxing with drinks in the afternoon with Kyle’s family.

    PS: I have never seen an espresso maker like that! It looks super cool!

  4. Hi Kylie – really like your blog and pics on IG and FB. I had my first massage ever the day before x-mas eve…therapist said I have lots of knots. Love the apron – homemade gifts are the best aren’t they? I had family over on x-mas eve for dinner…best part is just enjoying the food and visiting with family

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Gosh, so many things can make your knee hurt because everything is connected. IT band is obvious so I assume you checked that out. Tight quads can pull your knee cap up and out of alignment (foam roller for both of those). Tight lower back/side body (triangle pose, side angle, and gate stretch are all great yoga poses and stretches for that). Tight piriformus can also pull on your hips and knees (hello pigeon pose). I hate when my body doesn’t feel 100%. Hope you figure out what’s a causing the pain.

  6. Matt and I began dating July 2005, and in June 2006, my mom passed away unexpectedly. So I’ve celebrated many holidays with Matt’s family as well as have traveled to TX to be with my dad and step-mom. I guess because I’ve felt so much like family already, this year wasn’t hard. I do miss my mom and grandparents terribly, and so holidays have never felt the same to me. I’m glad it wasn’t hard on me to be with Matt’s family, but I do wish they were still here to celebrate with us. I love spreading out the holidays, though, so seeing my family in two weeks is exciting! :)

  7. Looks like such a lovely Christmas!! I love that apron. I don’t know why I don’t wear aprons more often…I’m always wiping my hands on my pants/shirt haha. And I love that homemade salad! It’s so true that all the salad bars are wicked expensive.
    My favorite part of Christmas was the brunch my brother and I cooked for the fam. It involved mini square quiches and cinnamon rolls :)

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